Old Spice Shave Kit.......Part 1 Complete

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    A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away, our grandfathers and great grandfathers shaved with a scent so masculine, so powerful, no other scent would ever match its fame and glory. I built a kit of this old school scent with some vintage stuff.


    Here are the products in my shave kit:
    Fragrance - P&G - Old Spice Cologne
    Aftershave - P&G - Old Spice Aftershave
    Deodorant - P&G - "Classic" Old Spice Deodorant
    Lather - P&G "Original" Old Spice Cream
    Pre-Shave Oil - Lather & Wood "unscented" Pre-Shave Oil
    Post-Shave Balm - Retseliney Hyaluronic Acid Serum as the Aftershave Balm

    First, we have the Gillette Superspeed "Red Tip" Razor (circa 1957-1960) that was "revamped" and newly plated with a "satin nickel" finish by Razor Emporium:


    Here is the Ever Ready Brush, which I bought off of Etsy.com from the small business called "Ye Olde Manly Things":


    Here is the Ever Ready Brush that was "revamped" by Razor Emporium who polished it 'slightly' and added new "Synthetic" 28mm Ubersoft 2 knot from Envy Shave:


    Here is the project "lid" for the circa 1960's "Ship Grand Turk" Shulton Old Spice Shaving Cup using a 3" 'knock out' cap (clickable links):

    3-inch knock out cap

    Rust-Oleum Plastic Paint (Sunrise Red is the color I used and is a perfect match)

    Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear Enamel (Glossy)

    Flex Seal (Red) - for the bottom of the lid


    Flex Seal (Red) on the bottom of the lid:

    Here is the seal test:

    The razor/brush Stand is made by some off brand named "Marconi" and is only sold in Europe. My stand took about 9 days to ship from Britain to the U.S.:

    In order to fit the Ever Ready Brush, I had to use some effort to slightly bend the brush holding bars further apart. So, if you intend to duplicate my setup, understand that the brush won't fit without bending the bars.

    There is my setup and it took quite a bit of research and trouble to find all the resources to pull this off. The lid took some experimentation. I borrowed the idea from google search results I found online. I'm not sure who actually stumbled on to this idea first, as there is more than one resource online showing this project. I will take full credit, however, for the idea to use Flex Seal on the bottom of the lid for a water-tight seal and I will also take credit for using the glossy top coat for that 'bling' effect.

    I love this kit. I have decided to use the Old Spice kit on Sundays. And I even bought a shirt to wear on Sunday to represent:
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    Article Team
    Nice! I have that shirt too! ...but I bought mine at Wal*Mart a couple years ago.
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    :happy096: MOST excellent Old Spice Shave kit!!! :happy088:
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    From an Old Spice junkie, I would like to commend you on your quest! You know, of course, that it will never end!:eatdrink047:
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    Yeah, I have a couple of bottles of 80's Shulton Aftershave and shave soap because of PLANofMaN. I need a bottle of cologne and an older Shulton cup. However, I want to find a lid. So, this next kit may take potentially months before completion. So, I decided to just post "Part 1" of my saga. Part 2 "Shulton Strikes Back" is currently in writing and set production phase.
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    "Seaforth..." :whispers:
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    Your dedicated to OLD SPICE, because i've never used an old spice product, deodorant, cologne or anything else that worked.
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    Trolls be trollin'. :sport026:
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    Well I'm on a quest to find an original Old Spice lid the hard plastic type that fits on the lip...... not the thin crappy ones.
  12. Tim Spencer

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    What is this original Old Spice lid you speak of? I haven't found any info on that. I figured I would have to make my own, especially if I want a sealed cup.
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    If you search Ebay Old Spice mugs every once in awhile you'll see the hard type lid they're very hard to find. The soft plastic lids I think we're mostly meant to just throw away but they did make a hard lid. If I find 2 I'll get you one
  14. gregkw1

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    I just posted a link 4 Old Spice collectibles if you can't find it Google Old Spice collectibles it's a great website
  15. gregkw1

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    Google search Old Spice collectibles check out their website there's a whole section on lids
  16. Tim Spencer

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    I'm gonna need a link posted bro. Can't find what you're talking about on that Old Spice Collectables website. Where are the lids?

    I see a section on paper and plastic "mug covers" but no hard lids.
  17. gregkw1

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    Google search Old Spice collectibles.com on the left hand side click mugs and then mug covers. let me know if you find it I'm not sure how to post a link but I'll try

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    Okay I posted a link to the Forum under shave soaps I can't figure out how to post it here
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    Ok, yeah I saw mug covers but they aren't air tight and they are very fragile. The knock out cap project is much more robust that those lids. Even the Betty Crocker frosting covers are probably a better bet to keep the moisture in the cup.


    http://www.oldspicecollectibles.com/Mugs/Mug Covers.html

    That one is the most promising looking official Old Spice mug cover which 'might' be potentially air tight, but I have my doubts still. In order to get an air tight fit on the 3-inch knock out cap, I had to use the rubberized flex seal, otherwise it just evaporated the water inside of 24 hours within the cup.

    I see what you were thinking though. These projects I've done take a great deal of research, scrutiny and thought. I have been all over sites like these looking for options. The knockout cap was the best option I found and even then, it had to have a special modification to be air tight.

    You would also be surprised how hard it is and how many countless hours of viewing products it took in order to find a matching ivory colored shave stand that goes with the Old Spice theme. And the product I found that best fit my project I had to order from Europe over Ebay and wait more than a week to get the wrong color, then get them to send another item which ultimately was correct. Even then, I had to physically bend the brush holding bars of this steel stand in order to get the brush to fit. Pain in the 'a' is an understatement. lol Getting an ivory colored shave stand to fit that brush has been way harder than it should be.

    The Old Spice project kit took over a month and countless hours to research to put together. And the Shulton setup is going to take much, much longer as they are antiques and not always available to buy....and there are many potential frauds selling phony Shulton AS/colognes.

    This project isn't as easy as it looks. That's why I posted links to everything so that people don't have to take weeks or months to put this together.
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  20. gregkw1

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    Yeah you're right but it would be nice to have an original.

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