Omega vs Semogue! !

Discussion in 'The Brush' started by Pop Pops Razor, May 27, 2014.

  1. Mouser

    Mouser Well-Known Member

    20140512_161719 (600x800).jpg
    This boar is the best bowl latherer I have, including the $200 badgers.
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  2. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    That's a pretty tall brush. What's the loft on that guy?
  3. Pop Pops Razor

    Pop Pops Razor Active Member

    It should be, you could paint a fence with that monster! ! Lol..
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  4. feeltheburn

    feeltheburn Well-Known Member

    You could call it...Tom Sawyer.
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  5. Pop Pops Razor

    Pop Pops Razor Active Member

    If that's how Semogues get when dry, forget it! I like the way my Omegas bloom, like a crysanthamum ! The Semogues look sloppy and bent out of shape? ? I'll probably get a few more Omegas. One pure badger and another boar. Ash wood handle and gold choker ring on the badger, Ovankol wood with gold choker ring on boar. Both with 55 or 58 mm lofts and 24 mm knots. Pics below...

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  6. LookingGlass

    LookingGlass Well-Known Member

    "Splay" - :angry021:"Bloom" - :happy036: Gotta go with bloom for my Semogue boars.......
  7. Pop Pops Razor

    Pop Pops Razor Active Member

    I'll probably still pick up 2 Semogues anyhow.
  8. Bristle Me

    Bristle Me Insufficient


    Actually, there are a couple of things about some of the Semogue brushes that are just deal breakers for me.
    I don't care for the finer, softer bristles of the Semogue. (mine's a 2000) The 2000 is presented as being constructed
    using choice hand graded bristles, and I believe that it is. But by doing this, it seems that Semogue has created
    a boar brush with badger qualities. I do not believe that the Semogue is a poor quality brush, it surely isn't. It just means
    that it's too soft and floppy for me.
    I also don't care for the wood handle. I don't think that wood & water cohabitate well . (over long periods of time)
    Any time that I've used my Semogue over the past months, I've been very careful about NOT letting the entire brush
    soak in water. For me, it's kind of a pain to stand it up in a mug or cup with just an inch or so water.
    This isn't a problem with the Omega brush, just chuck it into the sink and let it soak. No worries.
  9. Pop Pops Razor

    Pop Pops Razor Active Member

    I know I'm debating now. Maybe I should stick to what I know Omega, but at the same time you look and the Semogues look attractive with an old school quality. Idk, guess I'll flip a coin!
  10. Pop Pops Razor

    Pop Pops Razor Active Member

    Went Omega again! Just placed an order with these two.....

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  11. Timelord

    Timelord I get 12 times the shaves out my blades!

    IMO, those are two of the best-looking brushes Omega makes. Let us know if they lather as well as they look. :happy088:
  12. Pop Pops Razor

    Pop Pops Razor Active Member

    You got it!
    Actually this one is......
    Silvertip too! !
    They have quite a few onlookers. There was one with an emerald jade acrylic handle with a gold choker that was beautiful!

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  13. theunnamed

    theunnamed Well-Known Member

    I'm using a cheap omega that is still shedding hair, but works very fine. Have 1305 and 1520 also. Better than Semogues I guess.
  14. Pop Pops Razor

    Pop Pops Razor Active Member

    I have a cheap pro model, it actually stopped shedding. Only lost about 3 hairs, not bad.
  15. Pop Pops Razor

    Pop Pops Razor Active Member

    It's funny how there is such a fervent love for shave brushes!
  16. entropy1049

    entropy1049 Well-Known Member

    Now with about 6 Semogues and like 10 Omegas (THANKS for the tips Stubbl E!), I can provide my initial opinion (keep in mind not all of these are comfortably broken in...I have a long history with Badgers...:p).

    In general, The handles of the Semogues seem to fit my hand better, and are more comfortable to use (I'm a bowl latherer). Regardless of size, this seems to be the case, the ergonomics just seem to work better for me. I also think they are for the most part, simply nicer looking brushes.

    However. The knots of the Omegas are lovely and as skillfully made as my nicest Kent or Simpson brushes, and I believe, vastly superior to the Semogue knots.

    <dives into foxhole :scared003:>
  17. de.fuller

    de.fuller New Member

    Not funny at all. Be still my beating heart. :)
  18. oscar11

    oscar11 Well-Known Member

    Omega and Semogue are made a little different that's why the Semogue splays more. Here's a Semogue 2000, I don't think the knot looks very wild.
    This is a SOC,again not a wild looking knot, at least, IMO.
    To my taste they're very nice knots (brushes). Generally speaking I prefer Omega knots but what
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  19. Doryferon

    Doryferon Well-Known Member

    I have tested Omega Boar,Pure bristle (the last didn't worked)
    As for Semogue only the SOC Boar.
    The Semogue Boar is more pretty and more expensive but i can not say that gain a "victorious win" against the cheap-simple Omega Boar.
  20. Pop Pops Razor

    Pop Pops Razor Active Member

    Next time I'll get a Semogue or two. I gotta try them myself. Plus I do like how they look.

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