Optical Polarisation

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    I just got my polarising filters. I don’t use them to get more contrasted skies, I mainly use them to get rid of the reflections of light. Example:

    Without polariser:

    With polariser:

    Of course, sometimes you want to keep some of the reflections:

    That post was short and concise. Now you know the advantages of polarising filters and why some fishermen use them.
  2. IsaacRN

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    As always...great post
  3. MTgrayling

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    Yep, I wouldn't fish without a pair. In my experience with sunglasses cheap is just as good as expensive.
  4. rodd

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    cool, I have a filter, maybe I should try it.
  5. JayKay

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    Polarisation filters light so waves entering the lens can only enter in one direction, thus blocking the light rays of the reflection which are at a different angle.
  6. Padron

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    Great info, thanks Yukio!

    I love me some polarized Revos :D :drool :drool I do want to pick up some polarized filters as well :cool:

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