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  1. UnklGus

    UnklGus Member

    FYI... when using a DE razor. Watch out for your nose. It hurts when you almost cut if off.

    The other motning I decided to "quickly" shave. Well there was nothing quck about it. I nicked my nose and thus the blood facets turned on. So learn from my mistake. Take your time, and for goodness sakes... watch out for your nose!

  2. TomPike

    TomPike Active Member

    Take care of that schnoz, Gus! Seriously, if you get more that just a teensy nick above the neck, get some neosporin or some such antibacterial on it.

    Hope you heal quickly and thanks for the reminder!
  3. UnklGus

    UnklGus Member

    thanks for the tip!
  4. Billr

    Billr Mix Master Mighty White!

    yep I did that this morning - dang it still hurts! tiny little nick that it is just on the edge of the nostril. Bled like a stuck pig! :eek:
  5. skyfox12

    skyfox12 Active Member

    Yep. I've done that before, more than once, and not just with a DE. I think one of those times it was with a Shick Quattro Power. Worst cut I had shaving was in my early years when I bought a Gillette Sensor when it first came out paired with a can of Barbasol Sensitive Skin (grey stripes back then, now orange) and I was just going along so merrily and happily down my right cheek and then SLICE!! I must have taken a top section of my face, about half the size of a dime off. The right side of my face looked like a candy cane. It was an experience that, strictly speaking about myself here, I had to go through to learn that you can't shave like a child scribbling with a crayon on paper.:shocked002

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