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    You should do that!
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    Does the description of the town as Baroque indicate that it originated in the same time period of Baroque music? Just curious. While I am not an avid fan of heavier classical numbers, I do enjoy a good deal of the lighter Baroque music. Beautiful town.
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    I guess the town is much older, but that a lot of buildings have been erected or modernised in the 16th century. Just like in the music, baroque architecture is "visually explosive" for lack of a better term ;)

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    Trompenburg castle


    Pitralon forever - Real pens have a nib - If it doesn't tick, it's not a watch.
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    Lovely structure. Is the small lake around it meant to be defensive or decorative?
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  6. Eeyore

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    Given that it was built in the 17th century, I guess it was mainly decorative. It was built for Cornelis Tromp, son of admiral Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp, 17th century commander of the Dutch fleet.
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    Interesting history. Thanks for sharing.
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  8. BaylorGator

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    Just found this thread. Wow, there are some gorgeous shots here. Nice work guys!
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  10. BaylorGator

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    4691CBAE-A342-4882-B547-313CC277B833.jpeg This was just a quick snapshot taken with my iPhone on my first South Florida hog hunt. It’s not a work of art, but the beauty of my home state sure is!
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    Some pictures from my vacation to Yellowstone National Park. This place is amazing.

    This is Grand Prismatic Springs.

    GPS YNP1.jpg

    This is a pool at the West Thumb Geyser Basin. Beautiful clear blue water and very hot.

    West Thumb YNP1.jpg

    This is the Yellowstone River Falls. The picture can't do it justice. A marvelous site.
    Yfalls YNP1.jpg

    If you ever get a chance to go to Yellowstone National Park, do it.
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  12. BamaT

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    Great pictures! That is such a fabulous place.
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  13. BamaT

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    Nice! Very picturesque, in my opinion. How did the hunt go?
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  14. Pilotcld

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    South of Long Beach

    Not 100% sure I can remember... I want to say this somewhere over Wyoming?

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  15. Douglas Carey

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    Beautiful photographs. Thanks for posting.
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  16. Redrock

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    My wife and I encountered this lady while vacationing in Southwestern Utah, USA. It is not an unusual encounter since Utah has "open range" in many areas. It was pretty cool. Her look was, "What are you doing on my road?"

    Cow Pic.jpg
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  17. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    Speaking of animals and SW Utah, did you pass by the town of Kanab, where Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is?
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  18. Bobcat

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    Spring in Hondo, Texas

    BB 2018 2 800.JPG
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  19. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    Not sure I want to be in an argument with this creature!! ;)
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  20. Boojum1

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    Night Blooming Cactus

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