Paradigm Ti SE... Overpriced Hype or Legit?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Str8on2, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    I became the new owner today of this new SE that came into the market a little over 2 weeks ago. Honestly, during the prototype stages I was intrigued by the design and it actually looked pleasing at the time. I had geared up for the past few months and had the green light from the Misses on acquiring one once it was released to the wet shaving public. Unfortunately, big surprise when I saw the actual production version as it did not look similar to the prototype that had been shown during a brief pass around. Huge bummer and ballon of expectations was popped. Yet, I still followed around some of the other forums and read shave reports that it was an excellent shaver that was both smooth and mild but, with very good efficiency. My curiosity was piqued again and I was drawn back in.

    Last week, I contacted the owner of Paradigm, Andrew Andersen and asked a few questions and actually had a very nice conversation about the Ti SE. In the end I was a bit apprehensive in purchasing it as Bullgoose Shaving was the first retailer to offer it but, without a return policy of at least 30 days. Andy from Paradigm does offer a 30 return policy so, I took the chance, forked over the princely sum of $395 and here it sits. I must admit that it actually looks better in person and in hand compared to seeing it over the net. The fit and finish is superb and the weight is just about perfect. The 2 piece razor with a sliding head with dual ball detents holds and locks the top cap like a vice,. Impressive to start but, that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if it can’t shave. It’s maiden voyage comes tomorrow and my 30 day trial starts today to see if it stays in my den or goes back to its creator......

    A few pics below....

    1D3687C2-D85D-47F9-BCE9-FA23BDD84525.jpeg 6A4587D2-C097-4D31-859B-72572D731244.jpeg 57F9C5FF-C49C-4F55-AC95-DF153452AA19.jpeg 1D9D9B10-332C-4A24-B0E9-9485CCF08EE1.jpeg 8B440F7D-7AB1-414E-8578-F704ACB9D031.jpeg
    Can’t wait.....
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  2. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    Gorgeous razor Gus. Congrats.
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  3. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    Thanks partner. I was a little skeptical at the beginning and even questioned my purchase once I made it. Now that it’s in hand, I have no regrets on spending the money. Hopefully it shaves as good as it looks. I’ll soon find out... :kar:
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  4. jluc

    jluc smelling pretty

    Congrats on your new razor! It's a beauty. I hope it works out for you.

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  5. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    Thank you.... :signs001:
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  6. wristwatchb

    wristwatchb wristwatch "danger" b

    Congrats on the new razor! It's an interesting design, fit and finish appear to be top notch, and I'm sure it will shave wonderfully. I just can't see how it would be worth 4 bills with so many quality alternative options available at $100 or less. It makes me wonder where the luxury razor market will be in the next few years. Will demand and prices continue to ramp up like they have in the last 5 years, or will it eventually stabilize?

    I will follow your evaluation of the Paradigm with great interest. :)
  7. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    You have an extremely valid point and you get no argument from me there. I have been very fortunate and blessed to be in the position I’m in now that I can indulge a bit in this hobby. I don’t go after every high end item but, something really has to pique my interest to get me to step up and find out. Yes, 4 bills is a huge layout for a tool that all it does is take hair off your face. I even compared it to a high end kitchen utensil at one point (Emeril Lagasse potatoe peeler) to be truthful. In the end, curiosity got the best of me. First shave in though and I have no regrets. Report coming soon..
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  8. richgem

    richgem suffering from chronic clicker hand cramps

    It's a beautiful razor and I hope you enjoy it immensely. But, it's well out of my budget range.
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  9. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    I’ve completed my initial shave with the Ti SE earlier this morning and these are my early thoughts and impressions of this razor.

    First, the razor has a very nice high quality finish, fit and feel to it. It does not come in a high end box or a package as you would see with say a Timeless, Blackland or Charcoal Goods of this price range but, I’m not going to shave with a box. Packaging is another issue that I will get to later in this initial review. I found it to be not heavy nor light, but just about right in the hands in terms of balance. As you know it’s a 2 piece design with a sliding top cap and 2 spring loading ball ends to assist in clamping and removing the cap for blade insertion, removal and clean up. Very nice design that is simple to use and execute all in one hand. Very precise with an action that delivers a crisp and solid operating mechanism.


    I decided to start off my shave with an ATG pass as Andy from Paradigm had mentioned in a couple of other forums that the razor excelled with that approach. So I loaded a blade, a Kai Captain Mild Pink, lathered up and started it off. I went from South to North from the bottom of my neck to the burns and East to West and vice versa from the bottom of my chin to end of Sir Adam as the hairs here kind of swirl and grow sideways a bit. On the initial stroke the handle felt a bit awkward as a started my pass but, eventually it became a bit easier to use and became more natural as the shave progressed to a completed 2 pass ATG/XTG shave.

    The feel was very smooth and mild on the skin with an excellent feeling glide as if glass was being pressed against my face. The angle was quite easy to find and maintain but, I felt as though it wasn’t shaving as a traditional AC styled razor does. It felt more like a cross between a DE and GEM style type of shave if that makes sense as I actually held the head as if it were a MMOC or Clog Pruf, just not as flat and pushed up against ones face as you would with those two. Blade feel was minimal but, efficient with shorter strokes as I wasn’t sure if it clogged easily with lather and hair. I didn’t have to worry as the shave went on as the lather slot underneath the guard did a very good job of channeling the excess lather and cut hair without having to rinse on every stroke. Like I said, I was done in 2 passes and nearly left me with a BBS finish that was nic, cut and irritation free. It was easy to maneuver around ones face and worked into the corners of the mouth with ease. Not as easy to throw around as say the Vector or a OneBlade but, in the ballpark and similar in execution.

    In a nutshell, it performed very well on it’s first time outing without a single incident from start to finish. Did it give me an amazingly and breathtakingly $400 shave like no other razor has before or at present? No but, again this is the first shave and one really has to get in a few shaves before making a declaration of such magnitude. Is it comparable with some of the better shaves I’ve given myself? Absolutely and it did it with ease and supreme comfort. Though, I will say that I did feel like I got a closer first shave with the Vector the first time I used it as compared to this first shave with the Paradigm Ti. We’ll see on quality and longevity as to where they both stack up as the day progresses.

    As I had mentioned before, I did have an issue with how I had received the razor. Like I have stated, i don’t care if a razor is shipped in an oak finished, polyurethane coated and brass or gold accented presentation box. That is not the point that I’m trying to get here. The razor came in a simple blue box with quality foam inserts that are cut to fit the razor. That is fine and acceptable in my book. My issue comes with the way the item was processed, prepared and packed for shipment to be delivered halfway across the country. See the pics below and judge for yourselves..


    Really? A nearly $400 razor shipped in an air mailer bubble envelope? You have to be joking, Gus? Nope, and I wish I were. Granted, the item made it intact with no damage but the box had 2 dented corners and a corner that had split down the length on both the top and bottom of the box. This and this alone was completely unacceptable in my eyes for a product that is marketed as an ultra high end and luxurious heirloom quality piece. When I saw that split and dented corners, I was like “No way, the razor is done!” For a few seconds I was in panic mode. Fortunately it was good to go. I’ve seen better protection and packaging from The Dollar Shave Club here Gents.

    We have all seen the packaging from the likes of Timeless, Blackland, Charcoal Goods, Wolfman with their very precisely packaged items and the elegantly made presentations that their works are packed in. They all give you the experience of receiving an item that is of high quality and superb craftsmanship that in you’re mind you think this is excellence and luxury at it’s finest. Hell, we don’t even have to go to such heavy hitters when it comes to this topic. Look at Rockwell with their packaging and presentation. Or even Q-Shave with it’s Parthenon razor and a nice elegant presentation. I believe this could have been done immensely better, at least with packaging it properly and securely. Maybe I’m wrong in this whole deal but, I deemed it worthy of bringing this situation to Andy over at Paradigm and I vehemently but, respectfully stated in my email that this was not acceptable for such a high end item to be treated and shipped as an afterthought.

    Well, those are my feelings anyway. Am I right? Or am I over exaggerating and blowing this thing out of proportion? My apologies as I just had to get this out there Gents. Sorry for the late rant.

    Happy shaves to all....
  10. jluc

    jluc smelling pretty

    Sounds like a terrific first shave! Congrats again!

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  11. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    Great review and report Gus. I wish Andy would make it in SS and drop the price a $100 or so. It is certainly gorgeous and the blade locking mechanism is a fresh idea.

    I bought a used Blackland Sabre that was shipped the same damn way. Dented the nice Blackland container. I’m really should not be surprised y people’s laziness or stupidity.

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  12. Frijolero

    Frijolero Well-Known Member

    I have to agree. It really looks like someone decided to take a nap on the one yard line.

    Other than that it look amazing. Out of reach for me me right now, so I'll have to live vicariously through your words. Thank you!
  13. DesertTime

    DesertTime Well-Known Member

    Nice review, as usual.
    I have to agree with you on the shipping and presentation. First impressions are important, and receiving a razor as expensive as this with such little thought given to getting it to a customer in safe, secure packaging would irritate me, as well.
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  14. Smooth Steve

    Smooth Steve Well-Known Member

    Great looking razor and congrats on the acquisition. Too bad about the shipping packaging. I really like the deco style and the sliding cap. She is a beauty. I was shopping for my next premium razor this weekend, and decided for my next SE, I would wait for a polished Vector. The attraction is the small head size. I think if I went with the Paradigm, I still would want the Vector and I would not be satisfied. You already have a Vector so it will be interesting in the long run which design you prefer to shave with. Enjoy.
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  15. wristwatchb

    wristwatchb wristwatch "danger" b

    Great shave and review! I apologize if I came across as overly negative re: pricing in my earlier comments. I have gone down the rabbit hole a few times with high-end watches. In that regard, I also agree that presentation (box, hang tags, papers, etc.) are important aspects of the ownership experience. It also helps with resale and collectability, and for some, that's an important consideration. Damaged containers bug me too, even on basic purchases. I'm also the guy that keeps the original boxes of all the new shaving hardware that I have purchased.

    Cheers and enjoy that beautiful razor. :cool:
  16. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    Not a problem at all. I did not take your comment in a negative way concerning pricing. It's a valid point and concern. No harm done and thank you again for your kind words.....:happy088:
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  17. DesertTime

    DesertTime Well-Known Member

    You make a good point about collectability, especially with Paradigm razors. I read a review with the owner and it was interesting. Apparently, he makes about 250 razors, then he's on to the next idea. His earlier razors are out of production already. It seems to me he's not interested in building a product-based company, but makes a limited number of high-end razors that will only have a niche as collectables. Which makes your points even more relevant.
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  18. wristwatchb

    wristwatchb wristwatch "danger" b

    Thanks for the background information. The limited release on these razors certainly adds to the coolness factor and possibly even to future value.

    If you purchase a high-end watch, you might expect to receive packaging like what's shown in the the video. I recognize that this watch is far more expensive than the Paradigm razor, but it illustrates the general idea that some manufacturers of "luxury" products go to great lengths in packaging and presentation. On the secondary market, pre-owned watches with boxes, hang tags, and papers typically command higher prices...even though the boxes don't tell time or shave facial hair. :)
  19. Enrico

    Enrico Popcorn

    First off .... as pretty as it is, the price make my tummy hurt. :( Secondly, on principle alone; if I receive a razor costing nearly $400 in a bubble wrap postage like a pair tube socks, I'd send it back for a FULL refund.

    I didn't buy it and it makes me angry.

    Please take no offense @Str8on2 I'm glad your happy with your purchase, but I think their customer service needs to be slapped ..... HARD!


    I receive my checks from the bank that way, but they only cost me $20.
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  20. Flyingbald

    Flyingbald Member

    Yes, $400 bills is step. However, perspective is beautiful. Maybe look at the insane price this way... wife or girlfriend gets hair colored every month for $100. 4 months = razor (not including tip). Huge difference here though, you can sell the razor sometimes below purchase price or make a profit. Good luck doing g that with Goldilocks.

    Just a perspective.

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