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  1. Norcalnewb

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    Has Safari been reformulated?
  2. Paul Turner

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    From what I've read about Polo, it, along with Drakkar Noir, is being gradually phased out in terms of popularity, with Creed taking over. I think about aftershaves being "phased out" and I argue that Clubman is still going strong(1830), Skin-Bracer(1931), which suggests that one shouldn't be told "No one wears that anymore" when it comes to Polo&Drakkar Noir.
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  3. Norcalnewb

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    OK reading ahead would have been appropriate. Do you like the reformulation?
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    I used Polo green in the late 80s and really liked it, then got away from using cologne for a while. Around 2005 or so I got back into it and was going to buy the green, but sampled Polo Blue which I enjoyed and ended up buying. These days I'm using more AS than colognes.
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