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Discussion in 'Preshave and Aftershave' started by jbcohen, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. interesting topic ... I have seen many videos on the internet about it, I never tried it, also because 'I do not know the procedure. This video and 'very interesting!
  2. saturnine

    saturnine Member

    It appears that the Lucky Tiger Preshave is no longer available. Have any of you found a suitable replacement? I would rather avoid setting up a chemist's shop in my basement...

    Talking about using all these cooking oils reminds me of a certain Seinfeld episode (oh how I miss that show). Speaking of which, have any of you ever tried using butter at some point in your routine?
  3. chappys4life

    chappys4life Active Member

    Here are two places that have it.

    I have not tried the lucky tiger but I have been using the Neutrogena Razor Defense Shave Lotion as my pre shave (as I already had it). Just wash my face with it in the shower right before I hop out and its been good even mantic59 has mentioned it in videos. Its cheap and I have seen it in target and walmarts so easy to get but if you want to order it
  4. jgkeegan

    jgkeegan Member

    I wet a hand towel, half ring it out, put it in a baggie, put that in the microwafe for 1 minute 50 seconds, then put the baggie on the floor outside my shower. After I apply mt pre-shave, I take the towel out of the bag, shake it out and put it on my face for about 40 seconds.
  5. dock

    dock New Member

    Where to buy a special towel to use before shaving? I mean a reasonable one - there is a vendor for luxury goods who sells towels for about $40 each. I don't believe this is the right price for a hot towel.
  6. Hex

    Hex Member

    I have tried all manner of Pre-Shave until I found my favorite, without exception.

    The ones I went through are:
    Pacific Shave Oil
    Floid Sandalor <---the best of the lot until I tried

    RazoRock Pre-Shave Gel

    There is no doubt as to it being the best for me. I have a tough wiry beard and it really tames it.

    My test for effectiveness is this:
    Without question, a shave immediately following a shower is better than a shave without a shower. So, using the RazoRock, I am able to get an equally excellent shave without the shower. That was not possible before, though the Floid was close.
    RazoRock is amazing stuff though I actually think it's meant to be used as a brushless product.

    Do yourself a favor and try it. If you don't like it, I will buy it from you cause I need some more :D
  7. Merkur Malloy

    Merkur Malloy Member

    I don't find the hot towel necessary if taking a shower prior to shaving.
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  8. Lavachild

    Lavachild Active Member

    Same here, I love a good towel, but showers is usually my way to go.
  9. Lavachild

    Lavachild Active Member

    anyone watch that video and then watch some of the others that followed?

    I watched the Turkish Shave and there were a few things he did where I had no idea what he was doing. What the hell was that string trick?
  10. mwleach58

    mwleach58 Active Member

    Clearly, I will need to befriend the neighbour's dog in order to collect empirical data and verify the veracity of this claim.
  11. SharpSpine

    SharpSpine Well-Known Member

    I wanted to drop a quick thank you to everyone that has contributed in this thread. I am very new to TWS and I'm the proud owner of very wiry & coarse stubble. The information contained in this thread is proving to be invaluable as I get better and better at taming my beard and getting closer and closer to achieving a daily BBS shave.

    :thanks :happy096 :signs107 :1respect :signs001
  12. m0j0j0eman

    m0j0j0eman Active Member

    To me, the preshave ritual or technique can make or break your shave. Obviously, this is for the shavers who know what they are doing when they shave (either safety or straight). Here is my story. Every time I shave with a straight razor (which is quite often now) I will take a hot shower, wash my face with warm/hot water, and use T&H Preshave Oil. Every time I've done this, I've had great shaves, close and smooth, perhaps one cut or two, but not many at all. My last shave that I did(which was tonight) I skipped the hot shower (had taken one earlier in the day) and went straight to the preshave oil (no warm/hot water on my face). Well, wow, I had one of the worst shaving cuts all around my chin, neck, and some spots on my cheeks. I had never had a problem before, because of my preshave technique. So? Lesson learned. I have to warm up my skin, and prepare it thoroughly before I take on my straight razor.
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  13. California Cajun

    California Cajun Active Member

    That's the way I feel, take a shower and just shave. Besides, my face never feels adequately prepped unless I shower.
  14. scott wein

    scott wein Well-Known Member

    I lather up with the soap or cream and then apply a hot towel for 2-3 minutes, wash off, re lather and start my passes. YMMV.

    Can't wait for TSD Wheat Sub Zero+ Xtra Menthol to arrive.
  15. RandDT

    RandDT New Member

    I've tried the microwave idea before, too since I have my water heater turned down and have hard time getting really hot water. It seems to stay hotter this way, too.
  16. Randy Wells

    Randy Wells New Member

    I googled hot towel warmers and the price is prohibitive to me. ($100-700). The microwave thing sounds a bit dangerous, but I may give that a try. The sink I shave in does not have a stopper, so soaking a towel in hot water is out.
  17. GDCarrington

    GDCarrington Burma Shave

    Randy, are you sure?


    Try a small plastic wash basin to fill with a little, note the word little, hot water and a towel.
    It may not look like a lot but it is a starting point and it can alleviate the concerns of the microwave method.
  18. Randy Wells

    Randy Wells New Member

    LOL...well, now...I never thought of that. Great idea.
  19. Jag

    Jag Member

    With my coarse facial hair, the wet heat of the towel does a phenomenal job. For those who are looking for a suitable towel, a square washrag from Target, under the marque Fieldcrest Luxury is actually a decent use of $9. It's soft, holds water pretty well, and is just the right length to fit from sideburn to sideburn while covering the neck. It's great if you're skeptical or on a budget, which was definitely me. For washing before the shave, I picked up the Dove men's shower tool, again about $9 at Target, and the two different scrubby sides do a good job without tearing one's face up. I have yet to find a good preshave scrub... but VDH seems to compensate nicely.
  20. Llyr

    Llyr Stay frosty, my friends!

    Since I head shave along with my face the hot shower is pretty much a must,I also wont do without a preshave balm or creme such as Proraso Pre/Post,Feather preshave or Musco Real Preshave Oil.My favorite is the Proraso,I like the whole Proraso line of shaving products especially the aftershave splash and balm.

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