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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by jay_gatz, Mar 9, 2022.

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    It was likely broken down, cleaned, plated, and had any issues addressed.

    Sure it is a lot money for one, but I don't think it is out of line with what RE or others charge for the same service.

    It is more than I would spend on it.
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    Me Too. I was thinking that since it is a UK website, perhaps they are less common than they are here, but then I realized that none of the adjustable were ever made in the UK, correct? That would make them as plentiful there as here? Just wondering aloud...
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    It could be similarly like how in the US we pay a premium for the UK Gillettes.
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    It depends how much chrome plating costs and if the seller did the plating or is adding there profit on top of what they paid to have it plated. The dissassembly and reassembly if they priced that in should only be some where between 15 - 23 UK pounds.
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    So the price in USD is ~$237. Take out the dissassembly / resassembly price of 23 pounds that is ~$206. So the question still is how much does it cost to chrome plate a razor? Sounds high to me since gold plating is not anyhere near as expensive.
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    Correct on they only made the Slim adjustables in the US but they sold lots of them outside the US in all the Anglo markets.
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    in England they spend a pound like we spend a dollar,they don't get more value per pound based on value in u.s dollars.
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    Agreed. I have had many razors replated at Back Roads Gold, they come out beautifully, and there is a flat fee of $65 US for any plating. I believe the choices are Gold, Palladium, and Nickel. That includes disassembly, cleaning, any door alignment, etc... If you pick up a decent slim on the bay, you can be in one for considerably less. I think it is a testament to the wet shaving renaissance that has been building. When I switched to DE back around 2009, it was a very different game. There are many more choices today, especially when you think about all the great artisan soap makers.
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    I imagine we can chalk it up to retail mark-up. It does look pretty spiffy, I must admit.
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    People complain about paying what a re-furbished/re-plated Gillette sells for but won't blink twice when charged the same or more for a modern new adjustable. Granted that most of them in this range are stainless. The Gillettes were made of copper plate while the new ones are Zinc or pot metal. Quality demands higher price. Especially when they are limited due to no new ones are being made. I like my re-furbuished 1967 Slim that I paid $145 for at Razor Emporium. It is like new now and shaves really nice. You can find cheaper on Ebay but, that is a roll of the dice there. I found a 1954 SS Flaretip for $25 on Ebay and got lucky. It only needed minor tweaking to put it in perfect working order. There is a lot of junk there too. I want razors to use, not simply look at. To some, re-plating is a sin. I just wanna shave with razors I remember (I'm almost 66 years old!) The new ones that try to copy Gillette are nice too. I have found a few that are favs. (Parker)

    DSCN4046.JPG DSCN4041.JPG
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    look at how much a restored 57 chevy is worth..;).and the costs involved to restore one..:eatdrink047:
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    Look at how much the Razor Emporium gets for their stainless adjustable. It is about double what I paid for my Slim. They do nice work. It is like new.
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    Not complaining, just an observation.
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    I was looking for any reason to post photo of these ! '62 & '67 (one from a late family member) thumbnail-8.jpg thumbnail-8.jpg
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    I think I paid $40 for my '68 Slim. I did have RE "tune" it up for another $40 but it looks and works like it's brand new...

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