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Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by Joe Nobles, Sep 13, 2018.

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    Those of you that have been reading my posts, last month I reviewed two of the six tubes of soap from Russia, well here is my review of soap number three.

    This one is called Знахарь/Wizard. This one has an unusual scent (at least to me), it smells like moss and mushrooms. I don't know, maybe the people responsible for this product associate Wizards with woodland underbrush? Anyway, dispite the unusual scent it is a good preformer, it lathered up well and provided a good shave with both my Gillette Super Speed and my Schick injector razor.

    So if this kind of scent is to your liking give this one a go, I'm not down with it, but hey that's why there's chocolate and vanilla, right?
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    Знахарь has several meanings. (I speak Russian with native fluency because I come from a Russian-speaking family) It can mean sorcerer, witch doctor, or magician. The cream is one of the best from Russia and the small tube can last longer than you think because just a very little dab on the chin blows up into great lather. This cream has terrific skincare.
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