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    I try to make a connection in Denver. Coloring sheets are readily available in COLORado. Besides, the Rocky Mountains are bluetiful.

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  3. Paul Turner

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    I mean...what is one going to do to a pilot with a razor without a blade....bang him on the head with it?
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  4. Keithmax

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    The era of no fun just keeps getting worse. No cigar lighters in check-in bags or carry-ons. Do to the many restrictions and my usually long haul travel I check a bag so I can bring a DE razor. Travel is just more and more difficult. At least inside Korea I can take a train instead of a plane.
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    As far as I'm aware, one can still take "tactical" pens on board aircraft. So yes, my 2 1/2" razor blade is a deadly threat, but a makeshift shiv is perfectly alright.

    Rules just for the sake of rules upset me no end.
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  6. ShaversRUs

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    I was reading recently an article about an ex-con who said prisoners can make stabbing instruments out of paper.

    Rules keep the honest people honest.

    I avoid flying unless it's unavoidable. To me, it's become one of the most unpleasant experiences imaginable. The last flight I took, which was just across the country from east to west, I only used the bathroom once -- it was a disgusting cesspool. On the flight home, I didn't drink any fluids for a few hours before the flight, and used the bathroom at the airport right before boarding.
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    The pandemic has impinged mightily on our travel, and movement in general. We haven’t traveled since August 2019. Then, it was a grueling and unfun experience. I can only imagine how conditions have deteriorated since.
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  8. DaltonGang

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    It started with the Jihadists, who crashed three commercial airliners on 9-11-2001.
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    I won’t dispute this. That wasn’t my point. Frankly, I’m painfully aware. We lost my brother-in-law and two friends of the family on September 11th. We have lived with the awful reality of that day every day since.

    My point was more a Covid/pandemic reference. My wife is a stage four lung cancer patient, diagnosed February 4, 2020. The world shut down March 16, 2020, and since then our ability to enjoy the world at large has become way more difficult and challenging to navigate. (Our last trip was when the world and our personal lives were “normal,” August 2019. We spent two outrageously fun weeks in England, Scotland and Wales.)

    We are aware of the difficulties and issues that people face these days when traveling. Many, many of our friends and family have traveled as the world has opened up, so we live vicariously, and learn of their travel related trials and tribulations.
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  10. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    I am very sorry to hear about your wife's health issues. Like you, the wife and I don't travel abroad since Covid and the ridiculous rules enacted since. We just drive to our vacation locations.
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  11. ShaversRUs

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    Road trips are infinitely more fun. It's not just the destination; it's the journey.

    Depending on the length of the trip -- stopping for a night at a hotel/motel/lodge in a town you might not otherwise have seen -- eating at a small town's luncheonnette -- listening to music on the way, rather than the sounds of soda cans being opened, and other people's kids crying -- etc., etc., etc...
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  12. chevyguy

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    They did this to try to speed up the inspection process. If I do carry-on I take the Norelco, it does the job.

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  13. Terry

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    I carry an all stainless steel Zebra pen.
    It's just as good for an EDC.

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  14. Old School

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    If you were to let me on a plane with a full sleeve of feather blades and my entire DE razor collection, it's my pen that I'd defend myself with lol.
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  15. Paul Turner

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    Yeah, you'd better hide under that chair :)
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  16. brit

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    i carry my zebra ss pen also.
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  17. ShaversRUs

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    When you could carry on liquids, I'd bring Pepto Bismol to defend myself against the farkakte airplane food! Now they usually don't feed you, anyway.
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  18. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    Ah, the "Referee Pen" :).
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  19. Terry

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    I also carry a SS knife with a carbon fiber handle, locking blade (hillbilly), 7 bucks. My led light that uses 1 AAA battery, small, has focus zoom and is very lite, 6 for 15 bucks US.
    Not gonna get the knife on a plane or in a restricted area, but the light and pen follow me everywhere.


    Not the best of EDC, but I won't cry much if I loose one of them.
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  20. Terry

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    Explain that to me please.
    Went over my head. :signs002:


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