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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by rsquared, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. swarden43

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    As for shopping, antique stores, flea markets, garage sales.
    There are some great vendors who are members here at the Den. Check out the Den's Store (click the link at the top of the page). Phil over at Bullgoose is a great guy to deal with. Many others.
  2. rsquared

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    thanks Etoyoc and PanChango for the stuff guys.. ive shaved twice and i gotta say i love it.. i cant wait to get some more stuff to try out
  3. Kyhunter

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    welcome aboard and I hope that you enjoy our company. The best way to start is with a smattering of everything. The TSD store has samplers available in both creams and blades that will allow you to find what you want. The TSD soaps,creams and aftershaves are wonderful. Just post up if you need anything.
  4. Etoyoc

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    Glad to hear that it arrived and has already been in use. Enjoy!
  5. Dslazar9

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    Welcome RSquared! You've received sound advice so far, but nobody has warned you about AD-acquisition disorders. It may be too late for you, it is for me. Soon creams, soaps, brushes, razors, blades, start taking over your bathroom. My best advice is.....let it take you over and enjoy.

    RABIDMONKEY Active Member

    +1 ON THE EJ89L AND VOSKHODS COMBO !! good performing cream would be spieck shave cream/ it smells awesome and is cheap
  7. Jaymo

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    I think you'll find this to be a very friendly bunch here.
    I started out with a Gillette Tech, then a Gillette Super Adjustable, then a Gillette Slim adjustable, then some Gillette Super Speeds, then an Edwin Jagger DE87. The DE87 is the same razor as the 89, except for the handle material. The 87 has the fake ivory handle. I love it. I love all my razors. I now have about 50 different safety razors and 7 or 8 straight razors.
    I almost bought a Merkur Futur for my first DE, but was talked out of it by someone who has one and told me that it was too aggressive for a first DE.

    I have DE, SE and Injector razors and use them all.

    I started out with Van der Hagen shave soap and brush from Wal Mart and still use them regularly. Arko shave sticks work well for me, too. I have several different shave soaps and creams (in a tube, not goo from a can).

    As far as blades go, I like a lot of different ones. Derby blades and Bic blades work well for me, though some people hate them. Shark blades work well for me, too.
    If you live near a Wal Mart, you can buy German made Wilkinson Sword DE blades for less than 2 dollars/pack of 10 blades. They work well for me, and are locally available.

    You can spend as much or as little as you want for a shaving brush. I have 2 Omega boar brushes, 3 Van der Hagen boar brushes, and a Tweezerman badger brush. All my brushes are affordable. I haven't bought any expensive brushes yet. A good boar brush works as well for me as anything.
    Many people prefer boar brushes over badger. Many people prefer badger brushes over boar.

    If you get a Van der Hagen boar brush, which is a great one for a student on a budget, don't be surprised if it sheds quite a few bristles at first. mine have all done that, and are still great performers. The lost bristles aren't even noticeable.
    Even my Omega brushes have shed a few bristles here and there.

    Don't be surprised if a boar brush smells a little piggy at first.
    Don't be surprised if a badger brush smells skunky at first.
    It seems to be normal and will go away with time, or you can wash them with borax or vinegar and shampoo to help get the smell out.

    Mach 3 and FUsion both gave me horrible ingrown hairs. I looked like I was going through puberty again.
    Shaving with DE/SE/Injector safety razors, in addition to ditching canned shaving cream, has eliminated that problem.
    I rarely get ingrown hairs now. When I do, it's usually because I tried to get too many shaves from a blade instead of replacing it when it started getting dull.

    Often, I shave in the shower using a DE razor, an Injector razor, or an old Gillette Atra and a bar of Ivory soap.
  8. GDCarrington

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    Well, you can start with the Super Speed, Schick Krona, Lord, or the Wilkinson Sword which are all excellent razors to start off with.
    You can get a Super Speed or Schick Krona on ebay or from a willing seller on a shaving forum which would be a better bet to get one in excellent condition.
    The Lord is available at this address: http://www.shoeboxshaveshop.com/lord-tech.html
    Wilkinson Sword is available at this address: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0012Y1FCK/?tag=thshde-20

    I have used all of these except the Lord razor but many of our members will vouch for its quality.

    The one that I think provides the best transition from Cartridge to DE is the Wilkinson Sword since the blade is heavily shielded. Don't let the looks fool you. I have used and enjoyed this razor and it provides and excellent shave.

    Edwin Jagger De89lbl is one of my favorite current production razors and is excellent if you wish to make the next step up from the ones mentioned earlier.

    Good Fortune to you in your search.
  9. Turtledrum

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    I am really enjoying my Voskhods. Wish I would have ordered an additonal sleeve of them back when Jody did his Voskhod VooDoo VanDango...or something like that...
  10. NoobShaver

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    I've used that Lord razor and it's great. A good razor to learn on. I gave away mine but I've thought about buying another to use as a travel razor.

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