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  1. Will

    Will Nevermind

    Great Vendor, lousy website.

    If you send him an email and notice his dedication, all is forgiven. :D
  2. DragonBoy

    DragonBoy Team Player

    Charles at QED is a great person to do buisness with, but Im afraid his website is NOT!! Hence the lower score for competitivness and site.
    But the way to do things with QED is via mail of phone, Charles will take good care of you.
    If you havent tried a soap from QED your at a loss - GREAT STUFF!!
  3. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Excellent service for sure, vast product range, everything you could want, and more, but, the website needs to be doctored up.

  4. rick

    rick I'll make ya SCream!

    Charles at QED is one of THE finest Gents youll ever run across.
    His website is one of THE hardest to navigate.
    That said.....

    Call and talk to him directly.
    Absolutely worth the time and money for the info and entertainment he will deliver.
    Top Notch.
  5. hyperwarp

    hyperwarp New Member

    Inversely Proportional Rule

    Charles customer service is inversely proportional to the crumminess of his website. The website is truly crummy & his service is truly marvelous.
    Despite having the suckiest Website ever, I still rated it a 10 cuz it's not fair to bring his overall rating down because of his truly awful website!!!

    His prices are usually the lowest around. For instance his TOBS "tubs" are $4 - $5 less than most etailers. That kind of pricing is "typical" of his good buys.

    Packaging is almost too good !!! When Charles sends you a "bottle" of something it ain't gonna leak !!!! He gets your order out faster than anybody in the business (or any business)...

    If you have questions about anything, Charles has answers that are very helpful. He seems to want to help you make the right choice for you even if that means you buy a less expensive item. For instance, when I got my 1st DE razor, I was unsure of whether to buy a Merk HD or VISION. Charles recommended starting with the HD even though the VISION was 4x as expensive & probably commensurately more "profitable" for him to sell.

    BTW - QED's price on the VISION was rock bottom. Nobody is lower & most are $10 - $35 higher on the WEB & AOS is $50 higher at it's fancy mall shop's.

    I buy from other etailers IF AND ONLY IF QED doesn't carry the product I want (and that's not very often). I'm a totally happy & loyal customer of Charles & QED. He is a FIRST CLASS guy with a FIRST CLASS OPERATION...

    LOL...except his website really sucks, it may be the worst website in the whole WWW!!! But don't be deterred, when you visit his site go to the bottom left & click on "OTHER" products & a whole secret world of great stuff will be revealed to you...

    When you are ready to order call or email him to complete the transaction.

    That's it, I really cannot praise QED enough. Buying from QED is just a great all around experience. If only every other place I shopped treated me with the level of respect & service that QED treats their customers I'd be one happy camper.

    If you've heard of Nordstrom's legendary customer service, believe me (as a 30 year Nordstrom customer) they could learn a whole new level of excellence from QED...

    Nuff said....buy yer stuff from QED 'n you'll be glad'ya did....
  6. The Chebb

    The Chebb New Member

    QED is one of those websites that you love to kinda hate...

    but once you order from Charles, it's ALL uphill. Great customer service, dedication and products that are just 'mazing! I may have to place another order with him here shortly for gifts...yeah gifts..that's the ticket :D
  7. DSB

    DSB New Member

    They make a great product, but have one of the worst websites I have every seen. Hey Charles, my Commodore 64 called, and it wants its technology back.

    I give it an 8 for customer service only because Charles is frequently out of most of his shaving soap scents (at least, according to the website). On the other hand, Charles is one of the best vendors I have dealt with. He is friendly and knowledgeable. I hope he expands his scents to include some more florals. I really miss the QED rose and QED sandalwood.

    I highly recommend you stop reading this thread, and go to QEDusa to buy some QED shaving soap. It's great stuff!
  8. tsmba

    tsmba New Member

    I love QED....and think the complaints about the web site are a bit much. True, its not the greatest, but its not terrible, either. Check out his own products....many aren't listed. His EO shampoos are excellent!

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