Qshave Parthenon - It's here! (quick review)

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by T_I, May 29, 2018.

  1. T_I

    T_I Active Member

    Ok. as promised, some pics and a quick review of the Qshave Parthenon.

    Brand: Qshave
    Model: Parthenon black
    Blade: Feather (yellow box), used, 5th shave on side 1 (9th total)
    Soap: De Vergulde Hand (Dutch)

    Razors used as comparisson
    • Matador De Luxe (very short handle)
    • Gillette Slim Twist (until last week my main razor)
    • Gillette Slim Adjuster (used it since Friday)
    Shipping options
    • Standard: Razor + blades
    • Premium: Standard + stand and leather pouch
    • Luxery: Premium with shaving bowl and brush
    Each option has a chrome or black option. The handle is black, for the rest all other parts are chrome.

    I went for the Black Premium, as a stand sounded like a useful option, and I use a soap in a bowl, so no need for an extra one. The black handle looks good to me. The pictures of the blank version shows vertical lines (don't have one, so no opinion on the handling), the black handle has a fine black 'mesh', making it rough to the touch. (which I like)

    While unpacking the shipment box, inside there are 1 box, 1 tin and 1 leather protection pouch.

    The tin contains the Feather 50 blades, with a black logo.
    And the box contains the razor with goodies
    I was surprised to find a brush for cleaning.

    The razor feels solid and is heavy compared to my Gillette Slim Twist, but not a lot heavier then the Slim Adjuster. The handle is long, from the adjustment ring 77 mm, which I prefer. During adjustment of the level I feel a lighy click, indicating a level, but setting a level in between is possible.

    First shave
    As I was testing the Slim adjuster, I decided to start with the same level I ended up there, 6. I was lazy and switched the Feather blade I've been using for 8 days and did a 5th shave on side 1, which I have to admit was smoother then with the Slim Adjuster 3 days before. The razor is good to use and direct, the weight helps in shaving and for me the long handle offers a tad more control then the Slim Adjuster I have with a short handle.

    With the Slim Adjuster I noticed that the soap/hair buildup would not wash away sometimes, which was solved by loosening the blade. The Parthenon has the same issue, but loosening for rinsing during the shave was needed a bit more often. The massive base prevents easy access with water.

    For me, the Qshave Parthenon is a razor that I shall test a lot more and will probably end up as the main razor. The weight combined with the handle length and shave result makes it a good razor for me.
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  2. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    How does the blade locating accuracy working out? Some adjustable's have one side a little more aggressive than the other side. They also seemed to eliminated the holes for drainage of water and soap (proto types), is there a issue with a lot of soap having a place to go or is it a advantage.
    Great review!:thanks:
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  3. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    Thanks for the view of the unboxing! Looks like the manufacture went the extra to provide a nice presentation.

    Let us know how your shaves go as you figure the ins and outs of this new to the market unit.

    I like the handle design. Reminds me of the Wilkinson Sticky.
  4. DesertTime

    DesertTime Well-Known Member

    Nice review, thanks.
    My DE is a Parker Variant and I'm curious how the Parthenon compares. I didn't get in on the KS, but I did order late. It'll probably be here in a couple of days. I'll post my impressions in this thread when it arrives.
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  5. T_I

    T_I Active Member

    Pure on looks I'd say that locating is good, will test today if during shaving I find a difference.
    The drainage looks tricky, but after rinsing between passes there is no extra water coming out while shaving. Soap and hairs stick a tad better then with the Slim adjust. (needed to open up the razor to clean more then with the Slim, which has batter drainage, but isn't perfect as well. (had no issues with the Slim Twist in that area)

    When I look at the Parker Variant, the structure of the handle is very familiar. It looks like they have been inspired by a few razors.

    Please let us know, I don't have 3 piece razors (traded the only I had for the Schick Krona).
  6. T_I

    T_I Active Member

    Ok, first shave with a fresh blade. I check locating and it's almost perfect, there is slight play, as the blade doesn't have to be forced over the center alignment bar. However, I've seen this amount of play on all razors I have/had where the center guide isn't loose. (even on the 3 piece Matador)

    With the fresh blade shaving is a bit more tricky when you're not used to the razor. I noticed less scraping noise (sharper blade), but was more clumsy with placing the razor. (more cuts :( ) It takes getting used to, as I guess with all razors. I'll have to use it more to get the hang of it. After today's shave I've dialed the setting down to 5.
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  7. DesertTime

    DesertTime Well-Known Member

    Parthenon Review

    My Parthenon arrived this morning and I took it for a one-pass spin this afternoon.

    First impressions are positive. It seems like a well designed and well made razor. It has excellent weight and ballance, though the handle was a bit longer and thinner than I expected. The fact it's the first adjustable, TTO razor made in a very long time (probably since the Murkur Vision) is part of the appeal.

    Mechanically, the Parthenon delivers. The TTO doors open and close evenly and without issue. Blade gap is consistently even across all settings. Blade exposure is perfect on both sides, again across all settings. Adjusting the blade gap works well, even with a blade in and the doors closed (at least I couldn't detect an issue).

    I showered and lathered-up with some Sterling Sandlewood, popped a Derby Extra (I hear your snickers) into the razor and completed a one pass shave, just to get an idea of efficiency and comfort. I set the razor to 3 and kept it there the entire shave (that's the setting I use on my Parker and Futur).

    It was a decent shave. The audible feedback is much less than the Parker or Futur, which isn't important, except it sounds cool. I had a bit more blade feel than the Parker at the same setting. Efficiency was about the same (hair reduction) but it wasn't quite as smooth (comfortable) as the Parker.

    One issue I had was as I shaved, my little finger rubbed against the TTO knob and released the doors. I noticed when the shave became noticeably harsher.

    I need to get some more shaves in with the Parthenon before I can make a definitive judgment, but I'm not disappointed so far. For $49, you can hardly go wrong.


    From left to right: Progress, Variant, Parthenon, Futur, Fatboy


    Blade perfectly aligned in the razor head. This is a big deal to me, for obvious reasons.
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  8. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    Great review for the new product.
    I'm curious, but is the razor brass or Zamic or both materials?
    Good to hear that you have a even cut on both sides that is very important for a quality made adjustable IMO.
    It sure has a long handle, its longest of all your adjustables.(I have a Ming shi 2000 Futur clone and the handle is not a issue for me-about the same length.)
    The workmanship of the TTO barn doors are very good from the birds eye view. So far looks like you received a bargain of a razor.
    From the looks of your harem of adjustables it's fair to say your opinion is what I look forward to.
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  9. DesertTime

    DesertTime Well-Known Member

    I believe the base plate may be ZAMAC, but I'm not sure.
    The Parker Variant is the only DE I've used for over a year. It's really that good (IMO). I'm not much into rotations; I find something that works best and use it, only occasionally trying something different. Before the Parker, I used the Futur exclusively for almost 7 years. I have a weakness for adjustable razors and, over the years, there haven't been that many new ones.
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  10. T_I

    T_I Active Member

    Thanks for the tip. As this is my 2nd adjuster (arrived 3 days after the 1st) I hadn't found the right setting for me yet. Looks like the milder side of the scale is better for me as well. Tried 3 this morning and it shaved a lot better. Reopened a few old cuts (cutting away the scabs), but the shave was even smoother. My skin wasn't that rough after shaving. With the aggressive setting I noticed my beard was regrowing pretty fast. Probably my imaginenation, but it felt a lot less smooth way sooner then with the Slim Twist, which I would now qualify as a mild razor.
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  11. blashe

    blashe Well-Known Member

    the base plate or so called tray is zamac and rightfully so, if you look at the design I don't think CNC or progressive brass stamping can produce that design, the rest of the razor is all brass
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  12. pvsampson

    pvsampson Member

    It is mentioned several times on the Kickstarter page that the entire razor is made from brass.Qshave also stated many times in the comments section that this is so.
  13. blashe

    blashe Well-Known Member

    O really? Here is the messages between me and Q shave, straight from the horses mouth...:


    Hi, the project looks nice and wishing you good luck with it. I would like to know if the whole razor is made of brass or there is mix of other materials to it such as zinc, stainless steel, aluminum etc.

    I see that the handle is made of brass, but please if you don't mind asking the manufacturer regarding all the parts of the razor is they are brass. I would like to know which other parts aren't brass and what material are they made of, thank you


    Hi, the entire structure is made of brass including handle, dials, butterfly open tops etc. except one part - blade tray which is made of zinc alloy. This part has very complicated structure, and can not be manufactured without mold.
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  14. pvsampson

    pvsampson Member

    OK,little bit snippy with your response which is unfounded.
    I was only stating what the Kickstarter site had stated.When the site consistently states that the entire razor is made from brass,then one must assume the entire razor is made from brass.I have never seen your response before and your superior knowledge has put me in my place.Good for you.
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  15. blashe

    blashe Well-Known Member

    I had no such intention, I just copy/paste it their answer so you can see it for yourself.
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  16. pvsampson

    pvsampson Member

    My apologies for misinterpreting your response.
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  17. DesertTime

    DesertTime Well-Known Member

    Shave 2

    I just completed a second shave with the Parthenon. I adjusted the setting down just a tad. On my Futur, I usually keep it around 2 3/4 - 3, depending on how many days growth I'm dealing with. I set the Pathenon between 2-3.

    It was an excellent 2 pass shave that would have, with a little more patience on my part, delivered a full BBS shave. Alas, I rushed my neck a bit because we're expecting company soon. It was the second shave on that Derby Extra and, again, I used Sterling Sandlewood. One area this razor truly shines is handling. Handle length and thickness, along with a sleek, compact head (compared to the Futur and Parker) make it easy to navigate your face.

    To my mind, the Parthenon shares a close kinship with the Futur (see below). Like the Futur, I believe the Parthenon can get quite aggressive as you move up your selection. Similarities would make sense given these are the same guys that gave us the Futur clones. It's almost like a Futur with TTO blade doors.

    One problem, and you can tell from the picture below, is the setting number and setting indicator are not darkened. They're very difficult for me to see. Someone with younger eyes might fare better.


    Note the similarities in the base plate (blade tray) design. They probably share a similar, if not identical, adjustment mechanism design.
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  18. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    Feels pretty good. Nicely balanced with a solid feel. Not feeling as substantial as a Fatboy or Slim as some have stated in other forums I would have to respectfully disagree, as in my hands it feels slightly heavier and robust. Not Brass General or SS like, but it has some grams on it. It does feel a bit slimmer than the FB and Slim, but it has a much longer handle, a la the Black Beauty/Super 109.The movement is very nice and smooth on the TTO doors and the adjustment dial works as it should without a single issue. Blade alignment was spot on from both sides with equal amounts of exposure/reveal as well.

    Got a nice shave in with going from 6,4 and 3 on the adjuster. Good audible feedback on all passes with each of the three settings. The Feather blade felt just a bit rougher on setting 6 on the first pass not unsettling but, once I dialed it down to 4 and 3 on each subsequent pass, it was actually quite smooth and comfortable. Getting the angle only took me a couple of strokes, but once I found it, smooth sailing from there. Just one shave in, but not to shabby. Will get in a full weeks worth of shaves before I make a final assessment and on how it compares to the more “well known” adjustables.

    Pretty nice packaging and effort. Nicely thought out and presented by QShave.....

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  19. T_I

    T_I Active Member

    As I've been shaving with the razor for 9 days now, I have to admit, dialling it down to 2 improved the shave a lot for me. I also noticed that storing it with the blade a tad loose helps in drying and enhanced blade life. (note to self, don't start shaving before fastening the blade again :ashamed001:) 9 days in and the shave is still smooth and comfortable. As a newbie with adjusters (have them 12 whole days, using them 11 days, 9 of those the Parthenon) I'm impressed.

    When you prefer a long handle and some weight, the Parthenon is perfect. I will be my daily for while. (rest will be spare, although the krona will be tested at least once at blade change)
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  20. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    Just a quick update with the Parthenon as I just had my 4th shave with it last night...

    Cranked up the Parthenon and not bad at all. Wide open it’s not as smooth as a Fatboy or Slim, but definitely more aggressive than either of them. The Feather was just a little grabby also around the neck area so it might be its last shave. Once I dialed it down to 7 & 6, the shave was much smoother and comfy on the 2nd and 3rd pass. Overall it competes with the Vintage Gillettes, especially in the lower settings as it feels a bit more efficient and just as smooth. Higher up in the adjustment in my experience it loses some smoothness and comfort against Gillettes best adjustable razors. Still though, the upstart Parthenon can hold its own and shave quite well. Have a great evening and shaves Gents....

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