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Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by cubancigar2000, Jul 25, 2015.

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    I recently purchased the Naniwa Pro 5000K - it is slate grey in color and I like the texture and also the results. My question to those of you who have one or have tried one - I cannot seem to keep it wet. I even soaked it before using it to see if that would help. I can squirt water on it and see it soak in before I can make two passes. Is this normal? Should I soak it over night?
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    Allegedly a spray-n-go hone :D

    Honestly I soak mine for about 10 minutes before I start honing and keep it wet throughout the session with added water as I hone each razor...


    Honing a Knife or Tool is different from honing a Razor (wow I know what a concept) most of the info on most of the Manufactures and Vendors sites come from the Knife & Tools side of the equation, therefore I take it all with a very large grain of salt and forge ahead with learning each hone/stone from a SR point of view...


    Honing a SR is (normally) better accomplished with a "Wetter" "Slicker" surface do what you must to attain that surface :p

    All that being said I would be reluctant to soak the 5k hone overnight, way to expensive to mess up those hones :( I tend to hone with a "Well" of water rather then a Spray bottle next to the hones so it is rather easy to dip my finger in and dribble more water on the surface of the hones it is also easier to dip the razor in and use that to very precisely dilute slurry...

    ie: I like the "Well" of water :p
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    Thx Glen. I learned today that a little dish soap on the hone helped keep it wet but I shall do the pan of water and the fingers thing instead of the squirt bottle
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    I would be VERY careful with the soap..

    I have used soap with naturals in the past but I don't feel comfortable recommending it for anything synthetic..

    The Smith's Honing solution or a drop of Glycerin (Probably similar) would be safer IMHO
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