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  1. Hanspleasure

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    One of my favorites... De Haven

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    Some Gem G Bar love

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    What are the dimensions of those Gillette instructions? I'd like to print some out for completeness sake. At first glance, they're about as tall as Gillette dispenser is wide, and a "page" is about double the height. About 2.625" square. That's close, but not quite, after one try here.
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    Great thread!
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    They aren't all the same, but almost all of them folded up to be the same size as the blade packs, and many were sealed in with the blades.

    This set for example is a front and back scan put in to one image.
    so it is basically folded in half 3 times.

    I have a couple more instructions to post once I have a chance to scan them in.
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    early Doublering:

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    Nice Achim NICE!!!
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    Notice how poor copy's gotten over the years. Compare the prose in these ads to what you see today.
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    1912 gem. 1916 valet ad.

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    Gem Micromatic Clog Pruf

    Gem Micromatic Clog_Instructions2.jpg
    Gem Micromatic Clog_Instructions.jpg
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    WOW,I wanna add this one to my collection....what a beauty!
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    O men this is vary cool staff.:happy096
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    I know this is an old post, but this is a positively fascinating razor.

    Can blades still be found for it? I ask because in the illustration they don't look like any that I've seen before.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the prices on the back of the instructions seem to indicate that it was a fairly expensive razor to own at the time. Do you know when it was produced?
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    Didn't get any with my new one :( Figured it out though :D
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    great stuff - thanks for sharing - I can see that this shaving thing is going to add to my hobby of collecting gadgets!
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    Gem Junior

  18. Dslazar9

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  20. Dridecker

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    Items included in my "Gem Minute Man Model"



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