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    GEM instructions

    Hey guys, thanks for the GEM instructions. Now I can keep a picture with me for reference!
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    Sure they do, just exchange the item at their Company Headquarters.... in person. ;)
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    Hey, this is a marvellous and very very interestig thread. you have done a great research, and I suppose it took you a long time to frame those.
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    Hello.I am new to this site and have been collecting safety razors for 20 years now.
    Just for the record,my very first and last razor was a Wilkinson "sticky"purchased in 1969,and I am still using it to this day,it shaves perfectly.
    Is this some kind of a record!!!
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    First off, Welcome to The Shave Den! A great community of guys and gals that enjoy wet shaving, I hope you enjoy your stay!

    While its not required, how about you hop over to the Newbies Section and give yourself a proper introduction thread, I'm sure you'll receive many warm welcomes from the friendly folks of this community.

    The Wilkinson Sticky is indeed a fine piece of engineering, and one of my favorite TTO razors.
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    Hello and welcome to TSD! This is the best wet shave board on the planet! Guaranteed!
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    It is interesting that the GEM single edge razors suggested two different approaches to the razor meeting the face. Looking at the instructions above, in some of them, they suggest the razor head to lie flat upon the face (GEM Junior) whereas in others the suggestion is to use a slightly tilted approach.

    Yet, the razors appear very similar if not identical except for the name. For me, the Ever Ready or GEM 1912's scare me if the razor head is held against the face, with the blade essentially parallel to the face and cutting straight down. :eek:

    In the set of directions for the GEM Minute Man, the blade angle is considerably different. This is the one I tend more to use, and even then, care has to be paramount or a nasty wound will occur.
    Comments from GEM or Ever Ready users?

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    This is such a cool thread. Thank you guys.

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    Schick Type C... Images are clickable for larger viewing.


    SchickCinstr2.jpg SchickCinstr3.jpg
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    1930 Foldabrush Shave Kit...

    ...images are clickable for larger viewing.

    FoldABrushInstr1.jpg FoldABrushInstr2.jpg
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    I search instructions for a Wilkinson Sword 7 day set like this.
    Particularly for this part.
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    That looks complicated. :confused:
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    Why? Because the instructions are not to be got or because the stroping tool looks so complicated?
    The tool ist simple. On top you have to put the blade in the holder, on bottom a handle which flip the blade in the right direction.
    But where does the strop come? This is the problem!:confused:
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    Eclipse Red Ring:


  16. IAmTheJody

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    1949/1950 Gillette Executive:


  17. IAmTheJody

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    Lady Gillette:


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    Wow! Great stuff Jody! Thank you for sharing!
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    Christy Razor

    Instructions for a Christy razor I stumbled across...

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    Another Eclipse Red Ring:


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