Razor personalities (a stupid thread, on purpose)

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by gorgo2, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. gorgo2

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    Something @chevyguy said in another thread got this idea going but don't ask me why, it's not his fault. When I think of the Red Tip in terms of what kind of person it'd be if it were a person, I picture an average working guy. He's not huge but he's beefy and pretty strong. He doesn't get along with everyone but he's pleasant enough to work with when you meet him on his terms, so he can be relied upon to do a decent job. Kind of a local mechanic with a strong reputation, the guy everyone else recommends when you need service, but also is occasionally said to be be a jerk by people who don't know him.

    If you had to pin a personality on various razors, what would you come up with? (like I said, stupid...but maybe fun...)
  2. wristwatchb

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    Gillette Fatboy

    Reminds me of a guy that works 60 hours a week in an accounting office, hoping one day to be a senior partner, and drives an Electra 225. He was the first guy on his side of the family to have a car with built-in air conditioning and cloth seats. He has a wife who was on the cheer leading squad all four years of high school, three kids, and a three bedroom ranch with an attached garage that will be paid off in 22 years and 3 months. He's secretly competing with his brother-in-law, an attorney that smokes Kools, drives a Coupe DeVille, wears brown and white oxfords, and shaves with an Executive. Life is good.
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  4. gorgo2

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    Old SEs remind me of the older guy in westerns, the guy who is always the foreman of some crew. He's quiet and tends to keep to himself, always a little sad, like he's longing for days gone by. He looks worn out, washed out and tired but can still keep up with all the hands. The younger, flashier dudes rib him, a little, for being old but he knows his job and they know it. Plus, he can be mean, even brutal, when one of them gets careless. The owner relies on him, all the hands respect him, nobody messes with him.
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    Lol! According to SWMBO, you just described me perfectly!
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  6. brit

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    will have to give this some thought ,cool thread..
  7. wristwatchb

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    Gillette Trac II

    A razor used by a gent that wears hairspray, shirts with big collars, and cuffed bell bottoms. He played golf on his Ivy League college team and still frequently shoots in the 70's when he plays on the weekends. His weeks are busy as a market analyst for a Fortune 50 company, while his wife pursues her own successful career as a museum curator. They both love theater and French cuisine in Times Square. They keep an apartment in the city and a home in the country for weekend getaways with their two Golden Retrievers. Life is just too busy for kids right now...maybe later once they reach their 40s.

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  8. gorgo2

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    Ah, but what kind of handle does this gent use? Stock plastic? High end silver plate?
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  9. brit

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    very cool sir, you are a natural ..
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  10. brit

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    monty-pythons-flying-circus-john-cleeses-personal-best-20060412034952302-1466284.jpg The British Aristocrat..(this is a parody) ..i can imagine a figure like in the Python's "Upper Class Twit of the Year" sketch..smoothest upper lip because it is so up in the air one could shave it with a broadaxe ..red smoking jacket and a drink in his hand..gets a smooth shave because his valet does it for him..to be continued..
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  11. wristwatchb

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  12. brit

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  13. wristwatchb

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    Well... :innocent

    I actually had a couple of 70's vehicles when I first started driving...a 1970 2-door Buick LeSabre with 65,000 miles when I got it (a fun car but very thirsty) and a 1975 Datsun pickup (a piece of junk by the time I got it).
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  14. brit

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    very cool, 69 impala and a 70 dart for me in the early 80s..then came the cooler cars..looking back the 70s had some of the cheesiest car commercials ..thank you youtube..
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  15. Keithmax

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    Mühle 2011 R41 - Sharon Stone in Basic Instict

    My Joris reminds me of Grace Kelley

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  16. wristwatchb

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    Norelco Electric

    Reminiscent of a poly sci professor who finally had to shave his beard when he became the department chair and had to interact with the university president and the trustees. He shaves every four or five days; however, he refuses to cut off his pony tail. He teaches mostly graduate level and the occasional 100 level course just to mess with the freshmen. He uses an alias to blog on liberal social media, he's fluent in Mandarin, he wears skinny jeans that haven't been washed in awhile, and he smells of moth balls, leather, and pipe tobacco. Unbeknownst to his colleagues, his girlfriend in D.C. works for the Republican National Committee, is a lifetime NRA member, and doesn't recycle.
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  17. brit

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    very cool..
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  18. gorgo2

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    Waiting for someone to do the humble base model Tech...
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  19. Macktheknife

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    Tech: Fella is a 46 year old clerk at CVS. Lives in his old room, takes care of his widowed mother. He collects old typewriters. Every Sunday he takes Mom to church.
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    It's hard to decide which of your excellent posts I like best, but I think this one takes it.
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