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  1. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    Lomg-handled razors would be tough to get the perfect angle, I bet.
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  2. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    There's that Razorock soap you advised me not to by lol.
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  3. Hogie

    Hogie Well-Known Member

    You can buy it just fine. I was saying, be careful with the spelling when you post the shave! LOL
  4. Hogie

    Hogie Well-Known Member

    Long handles are for those who are used to the modern cartridge razors. They have longer handles for the most part.
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  5. GoodShave

    GoodShave Well-Known Member

    Based on recommendations, I switched to a sharper blade and went the a Feather Pro blade. This made a big difference with the Hawk V3. The razor was much more efficient than when using the Kai Captain Titan Mild. I also wanted to do a direct comparison between the standard and the A plate, so for both passes, I used the standard plate on the left half of my face/neck and use the A plate for the right side of my face/neck.

    Did a two pass shave. The three day growth highlighted the differences between the standard and the A plate. The standard plate would get bogged down in my stubble and it was not a comfortable shave on the first pass. In contrast, the A plate did not get stuck in my stubble , was able to clear the stubble more efficiently and it was more comfortable than using the standard plate. I think in general, even on the second pass where the majority of the stubble was knocked way down, the A plate was still more comfortable to use. The A plate gave a little closer shave but the standard plate was more than acceptable. If shaved daily, I am sure I would be fine with the standard plate but since I shave every 2-3 days, the A plate is a better fit for me. No nicks or weepers, but the I had some razor burn on my neck (both sides) and on my face where the standard plate bogged down in my stubble. DFS+/BBS
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  6. GoodShave

    GoodShave Well-Known Member

    Today I tried the Hawk V3 with a Feather Pro Guard blade.

    I would not have considered this razor/blade combination had I not see a post from someone else who did it. The guarded blade definitely tames the OC plate but you still have to watch your angles as the blade can still bite.

    Did a two pass shave. This combination did well in my chin and mustache area (though I still had razor burn in both areas). I had a pair of nicks around my Adams apple and had several nicks on the right side of my neck. I don't think the OC plate is for me, but in general, I have not found an OC razor that works well for me. I would say the A plate works best for me with the Hawk V3. SAS+
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  7. Hogie

    Hogie Well-Known Member

    DSCN9981.JPG Late post! I got bike all washed and tuned so, I went to the sister restaurant to my fav, Little Italy 2. Didn't have the sweet watress there but, good food none the less. 85 mile ride. Sun finally came out when I was almost back home.

    Hawk v3 shave with OC

    Razor - Hawk v3 Open Comb
    Blade - Titan Mild 5th shave & binned
    Pre-shave - Proraso White
    Soap - Captian's Choice "Land Ho"
    Brush - the Perfecto brush that I rescued and brought back to life. It has stopped shedding hairs.
    Post - Thayers Toner "Rose Petal"
    AS - Captain's Choice "Italia"

    Nice 2-pass shave WTG & ATG. I did manage to cut myself twice on my neck under my chin. I guess I got in a hurry wanting to head out on the bike. Alum stopped them and gave minimal feedback. The scent of the Land Ho is very nice. Thirsty soap! Still a very pleasant shave!

    I washed bike this morning and then plugged it into my Super Tuner to set the fuel injection. Take for a 15 minute ride while the tuner records value. Plug back into computer and it makes needed adjustments. Bike was running very nice! A bit cooler today so, I wore full leathers (jacket and my chaps & gloves) They told me that the one I normally go to is closed for renovations for 2 weeks! This one is in Hancock, NY right off interstate 17. Nice having the bike back together
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  8. GoodShave

    GoodShave Well-Known Member

    Today I tried the Feather - Pro Super blade with the standard plate in my Hawk V3.
    It was a very efficient shave without being overly aggressive (at least to me).
    This was the efficiency I have been looking for from this razor.

    I think I will try that blade with the A plate next.
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  9. GoodShave

    GoodShave Well-Known Member

    Today, I shaved with the Hawk V3 using the A plate and the Feather - Pro Super blade.

    I did a two pass shave with with touch ups in the mustache area to get the stubble directly under my nose. I had a few dots in the chin area and had a weeper directly under my nose. I had a little razor burn where the dots were and where the weeper occurred. BBS.

    I think the standard plate works better for me with the Feather - Pro Super blade.

    With the Feather Pro Super blade and the standard plate, the Hawk V3 is about as efficient as the Yates 921 with the H plate though I do think I have to do more work under my nose with the Hawk than with the Yates and probably get more razor burn with the Hawk (but that could be reduced with more practice).
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  10. Hogie

    Hogie Well-Known Member

    I will get back to the hawk after I use up the GEM blade I am using now. Finish the month with it and my vintage SE razors. I plan on using the 1912 Star tomorrow and finish week with Featherweight and my GEM Damaskeene. Maybe I will do the final day of the month with the Hawk v3
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  11. GoodShave

    GoodShave Well-Known Member

    I was trying to decide which AC blades to order for the Hawk after my samples from TryABlade.com are done.
    I still have packs of other AC blades but the Feather Pro and Feather Pro Super sample blades seem to be the best performers so far with the Hawk.
    I decided to do a split shave with those two blades with the base plates that work the best for each one. Below are the details.


    Growth: 1.5 day beard.

    Prep: No shower

    Pre: Washed face with Stirling Glacial unscented pre-shave soap then reapplied before lathering.

    Brush: RV 25 mm STF

    Lather : Declaration Grooming - Taxes.
    Bowl lathered with Dirty Bird Pottery shave bowl.
    Used Dirty Bird Pottery brush scuttle to warm the lather.

    Split shave, different blade and different base plate per side of face.

    Right side:

    Blade: Feather Pro Super (D4)
    Razor: Razorock Hawk V3
    Base Plate: Standard
    Handle: Razorock UFO

    Left side:
    Blade: Feather Pro (D1.5)
    Razor: Razorock Hawk V3
    Base Plate: A
    Handle: Razorock UFO

    Post: unscented Stirling witch hazel and PAA Mysterium Serum

    I did two passes using the same directions on both sides. First pass the Pro Super gave me a weeper in the right corner of my mouth. After two passes, the sides felt identical except the Pro side had more stubble in the mustache area. I then added a W-E and and a S-N pass with the Pro blade to the left side of the mustache area. There still was some stubble so I buffed the left side WTG. The shave yielded the same result on both sides. I had razor burn on both sides of the mustache area. I probably could have avoided the razor burn on the left side of the mustache area if I had used different options on the passes so the extra buffing may not have been needed. The Pro Super with the standard plate definitely had more blade feel. I think I preferred the Pro blade/A plate better for this shave.

    I also learned that without a shower, warming the lather with a scuttle works just as well for shaving as taking a shower before before the shave.
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  12. Hogie

    Hogie Well-Known Member

    I really like my scuttle to warm the lather too. Very nice on cool mornings.
    I try to limit the number of passes and have been rewarded with no burn or feedback from the alum bar.

    If I do miss a little stubble, I simply leave it for the next shave since it normally isn't that bad. I would rather leave it than risk getting the burn!

    Nice testing! Myself, I simply stick with the Feather Professional blade and I am happy with the result. Sometimes I will use a Mild blade (Captain Titan) with the Open Comb base plate.
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  13. GoodShave

    GoodShave Well-Known Member


    I will definitely consider leaving the stubble for the next shave. Since I normally don't shave every day, the A plate works better for me as it doesn't get caught in the stubble like the standard plate does. I tried the Kai Captain Titan Mild blade with the OC plate and maybe I should review my results and try it again.
    I think I will order more Feather Pro blades when my samples run out.

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