RazoRock Mamba 70 Verses Mamba 53

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Bill G, Aug 6, 2021.

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    I purchased the Mamba 53 when it first came out. I found it to be a mild and smooth shaver and over all it does a great job. A three pass razor plus a bit of touch up for me with my beard/stubble type.

    I picked up a Mamba 70 with a super knurl handle to compare hoping for a more efficient razor while maintaining a smooth comfortable shave. Much to my surprise as many reviews on this razor say it was exactly that. A smooth really efficient razor without being way aggressive feeling and a nice upgrade to the 53 plate Mamba.

    For my skin type and a sensitive neck area with more of a flat and multiple direction growth around the adam’s apple this razor just worked great. Now a two pass razor pretty much no touch up. I also really liked the super knurl handle another pleasant surprise.

    It will go into the rotation with my Karve B plate razors that I really like a lot replacing the Mamba 53. Yes it’s that good I really like the 70. It’s a super upgrade over the 53 and as said I was pretty pleased with the 53.

    Happy Shaves Everyone,
    Bill G

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    You sir are on a roll!! Awesome!

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    Yes, you’re so right… a little cra cra lately..Lol. Shaving is addictive and quite the hobby for quite a few of us. I really enjoy the whole Whet Shaving thing.

    All The Best,
    Bill G
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