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    DE SOTD, April 8th 2021

    Razor: Razorock Game changer .84, MFG 2018> excellent <Mid range, easy to maneuver on the face, results great.
    Blade: Kai SS (2) extra wide blade, sharp & smooth with great longevity, pairs well with my RR GC .84 for extra blade feel.
    Soap: Razorock Don Marco, nice fresh citrus scent, great lather qualities, good post shave feel.
    Brush: Yaqi Sagrada Familia 24 mm tuxedo knot, excellent lather generator, cloud like soft tips, good scrub + great lather painter.
    Pre shave: Brush was whole face with CeraVe hand bar Cleanser + a dollop of clear Aloe Vera gel on the cleaned beard area.
    Prep: Cold water rinse after each pass of 2 + pickups. WTG + ATG + pickups.
    Post shave : Witch hazel + Nivea refreshing aftershave lotion + a dollop of Nivea balm.
    Results: CCS,DFS,BBS + no irrition + 1 blemish weeper = [​IMG]Excellent shave with my RR GC .84 + a Kai SS Blade.

    Have some great shaves! Stay & think safe in these times!
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    A nice ramp up in shave efficiency......

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    A great shave.....


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