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  1. DentonMajik

    DentonMajik Well-Known Member

    Holy smokes! $12[​IMG]

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  2. cpool222

    cpool222 Well-Known Member

    What size and what scent are these?
  3. 2005xfr

    2005xfr Active Member

    Bummer! Just checked 6/18/20 and now it's $15.99!
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  4. timabababaluka

    timabababaluka No exceptions. Except.....

    Still not a bad deal, but $11.99 was a steal--I should have pulled the trigger on that one :angry032:
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  5. brit

    brit in a box

    they are triple milled? and last awhile.decent soap.blows modern u know what away..:)
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