REVIEW: Rockwell 6C Rosegold Finish (plus Rockwell accessories)

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    As many of you may have seen, Rockwell have released a new finish for the 6C razor. The newest addition is the gorgeous Rosegold finish!

    As usual, ordering from Rockwell is very easy and with fast shipping!







    The Rosegold is a beautiful finish. Bright, beautiful and very classy to my eyes. It really adds another dimension when sitting amongst many other razors in the den, and of course for those SOTD pics!

    The 6C has for a long time been my travel razor because it’s inexpensive and gives identical shaves to the 6S. I’ve never had an issue with the threading or the finish on any of the 6C versions. I find them well made and very durable.

    As per all 6S and 6C models, this also comes with 3 reversable plates, giving a total of 6 settings. I mostly use plate 6 for the efficiency I require, but I get all the comfort my skin needs. The Rockwell head is just ingenious in its design. The blade is held very rigid due to the big blade bend the top cap achieves. No blade chatter means higher efficiency with high level of comfort for the skin.

    Many people are confused between the 6S and 6C. My advice is always based on two things:

    1- if one has the $100 budget for the 6S, then go for it because it’s built like a tank and nothing is going to happen to it!

    2- if one prefers the shiny finish of the 6C, then that would be the way to go.

    I know ZAMAC gets a lot of negative talk, but I’ve had ZAMAC razors over the years with zero troubles, no corrosion or parts snapping off. The 6C is no exception. I suspect it will be a very long lasting razor, but perhaps not for generations like SS, Brass and Ti razors.

    Value for money, the 6C offers by far the highest level when compared to other ZAMAC razors, which don’t come with 6 settings to use! This is a very enticing price point for newbies given the reasonable price point of $50 and that too, for such a versatile razor that will allow an easy transition to shaving with a DE razor.

    I love the new Rosegold finish and wanted to showcase it for our community here.




    As I was ordering the 6C, I added in the Rockwell brush and grooming kit. Here are my thoughts:

    Grooming Kit:

    This is great! Fully stainless steel with basically everything one would need to take along on travel (or use at home of course).

    I really like the nail clippers in particular! They are sharp and comfortable to use. In the past, I’ve wasted money on $10-15 nail clippers that were blunt and didn’t cut properly. Last year, I finally invested in a good Kai nail clipper. The Rockwell clippers are nearly just as sharp and I am so impressed by this given the entire kit costs just $15, which to me is a grand bargain! The carry case alone is something so handy for travel!

    Shaving Brush:

    The brush is a 20mm Plissoft style knot. The handle is made of a nice black resin and feel good in the hand. The knot is on the smaller side of synthetic brushes but surprisingly held enough lather for 3 passes.

    I have found this to generally be the case with Plissoft style knots as they generally open up more and hold more lather compared to most other synthetic knots. I feel if Rockwell increased the size of the knot to 24mm, this brush would appeal to a broader set of shavers as most guys prefer around the 24mm-26mm range for synthetic knots.

    Overall for $15, you can’t go wrong. It’s a good performer, especially if one wants to carry a smaller brush for the travel kit.

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