Revisited the Gillette Sensor

Discussion in 'Cartridge Razors' started by HoosierTrooper, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. dougr

    dougr Well-Known Member

    I used the Atra for many years and still use it sometimes when I travel by air. The Sensor came out later and there are several of these still in my den but do not remember using them. With the pivoting head, it probably would work even better with the wrinkles acquired through the years:(
  2. dougr

    dougr Well-Known Member

    Leo, the Trac II's are the most versatile, widely available cart's, and best value. Probably, my collection includes a dozen or so and the Atra blades also fit the Trac II's for convenience and value.
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  3. Uncle Brian

    Uncle Brian Active Member

    I found this thing online here in NZ a few days ago and from what I can gather it's a twin blade but I'm not sure what cartridges it would use of if the handle is even worth trying out.
    Anyone tried it?

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  4. kingfisher

    kingfisher Active Member

    I liked the Sensor Excel when I used it back in the day. I have no idea why I switched to the Mach3, except that I had to have the latest and "greatest."

    I still have my Sensor Excel handle, but I haven't used it in years and years.

    Interestingly, I picked up a limited edition Sensor Excel handle that was made to commemorate the World Cup Soccer tournament of 1995 or something like that. It is still in its blister pack, brand new, unopened. I don't know what to do with it. Maybe there's somebody out there who collects modern Gillette razors and would buy it off e-bay?

    Or if somebody here is interested, let me know. It's just sitting in a drawer in my house.
  5. kingfisher

    kingfisher Active Member

    Uncle Brian, that razor looks like a cheap clone or knock-off of a Gillette razor, but it's got its lineages mixed up. The handle looks like the old Mach3 handles, but if it's a two-bladed cartridge, that's clearly different.

    Looks really cheap to me, and I'd bet the shave you'd get from it wouldn't be worth the price.
  6. feeltheburn

    feeltheburn Well-Known Member

    I remember using the Sensor for a while but I don't think it was very long. All the Gillette carts up to the Fusion clogged up terribly for me. The lack of clogging was one of the things I did like about the Fusion.
  7. Uncle Brian

    Uncle Brian Active Member

    I love everything about my Fusion except the price of the cartridges.
    I guess that If I was to strop them on a regular basis [which I do ] they last a month and so it ain't all that bad.
    The Fusion Pro-Glide Power could end up being my only razor it's that good.
  8. Neolithium

    Neolithium I am Canadian, eh

    So far, I have to admit I've been very impressed with the Fusion. Gillette's revamp of the blades has done something in the right direction - I'm going to keep with this one for a bit, stropping the blades, to see if they truly can come close to a month for shaving comfortably. If that's the case, I may need to pick up a Jagger handle for these guys.
  9. Uncle Brian

    Uncle Brian Active Member

    Jagger handles looks nice but they are not cheap at all. My Fusion is the powered model so they won't be much use to me ... I believe the power thing makes a positive difference.
    I tried stropping the blade on the Fusion and got 43 shaves before it got uncomfortable even though it was still giving great shaves it tugged a little too much.
    The cartridges are about $5.60 each in the local supermarket and that's ok for a months worth of great shaves.
  10. feeltheburn

    feeltheburn Well-Known Member

    I used a Fusion for many years but the blades tug on my whiskers even when they're new. If they made sharper blades, maybe. Even the vibrating handle doesn't make the blades cut easily for me. I'm glad I can get nice sharp, smooth DE and injector blades.
  11. GlennConti

    GlennConti Well-Known Member

    I used my Sensor Excel again the other day. Darn junk crap NEW cartridge started losing pieces of metal when going ATG. These things are only good for a fast WTG shave - a basic SAS and that's it. Use it if you don't mind walking around all day needing a real shave.
  12. kingfisher

    kingfisher Active Member

    A long time ago I had a powered Mach 3. I experimented with it at least 3 or 4 times, shaving one side of my face with the vibration feature off and the other side with it on. I could NEVER tell the difference, neither in the comfort of the actual shaving process nor in the closeness of the resulting shave. Not one little bit of difference.

    Interestingly, I still preferred it to the non-vibrating razor. The battery added some weight to the handle and I liked the feel of it better with that extra weight.

    I tried the original Fusion when it came out, but I have never tried the new Fusion. I don't really plan on it, either. I've never gotten more than 7 shaves out of any of the Gillette cartridges, so for me they are just way too expensive.
  13. Boojum1

    Boojum1 Valet Parking Available Here

    Hanging on to the Sensor, yes! :happy096:
  14. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    Hanging on to it and using it are two different things. It will probably get tossed before too long. (so says the pack rat)
  15. J_Man

    J_Man right on the Mass border

    I've had my old Sensor handle and some new carts sitting in the closet collecting dust for I don't know how many years, so I decided to try them once again after reading this thread. I found it ok for the WTG & XTG passes, but very uncomfortable on the ATG pass. For me the shave was not as close, nor as smooth as what I get from using a DE blade. I also wound up with terrible irritation and razor burn after doing a 3 pass shave with it.

    I now remember why I switched to a safety razor so many years ago.
  16. Uncle Brian

    Uncle Brian Active Member

    I received a brand new sensor complete with shave gel and aftershave this afternoon. Razor is tiny light and rather pretty, I plan on using it for the rest of the week. Not sure if I will try out the other stuff as a Kilo of Cella arrived at the same time :)
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  17. Bird Lives

    Bird Lives Future Root Beer King of Turkey

    I remember when I discovered the Tack II like it was yesterday....I went right back out and got another one to give to my Pop. I was knocked out...Then when Atra made the scene, samething. I tried it and then copped one for Dad. He always seemed equally impressed.

    I 'm thinking my metal Atra was my last "ah-ha" experiance with shaving til I rediscovered DE shaving, then Injectors...

    Funny....I used Mach3s for many years "just because"...but was never knocked out...One day many years later I was visiting my Pop and asked if he had ever tried a Mach 3 and I was out of carts and was going to see if he had any. He said no....So I asked if he'd like one, since I was making a store run...He said no, I'm happy with my razor.

    So I'm thinking....maybe I needed to revisit the Atra myself. I remembered how we were both knocked out by it. So I asked Dad if I could use his if I grabbed some blades. He said " Sure, in fact you can use one of my new carts, I have two unopened packs...So he went out to feed the horses and I thought I'd go grab his razor and probably find those carts....Well boom!! In the medicine cabinet was a couple old Schicks and an assortment of blades...74's and schick Plats....and in the closet was the Track II and Atra and the 2 packs of extra blades, a piece, I had bought him years ago...Ha,ha..Busted.

    I didn't say anything....years later he fessed up...Said he had tried both when I gave them to him but he couldn't get close to the comfort as with his Schicks and he didn't want to hurt my feelings....I cracked up,.Man....You Dig?!

    But I do think, the Track II and My old metal Atra were first class acts....but my Pop did have style....he was really put out when it became hard to find the Injector blades...and neither he nor I were hip to the underground TWS scene. If he was still around he would love it here...I know he would be a regular...;)

    So a long verbose dissertation to say, I never tried a Sensor, but I bet Tom will get a great shave with that Atra....If I see a metal one, I'm grabbing it....;)
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  18. Uncle Brian

    Uncle Brian Active Member

    After a few shaves with the Sensor it definitely made a good impression. it's easy to use and almost impossible to get any sort of irritation with. Not sure why I went from this to the mach3.
    It's more aggressive than the Mach3 and in a side by side comparison today with my Gillette LC New things came out about equal. The New had a Feather in it.
    Because of the size and lightness of the Sensor I believe it's possible to use too much pressure, the head angle is also very different if compared to the Mach3. Nice little razor & well worth having.
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  19. Uncle Brian

    Uncle Brian Active Member

    Not sure what happened this morning but I definitely had a good burn after my shave with the Sensor. never had anything like it with the Fusion or Mach3 but I have had a similar result from a DE or SE.
    I guess too much pressure or maybe the blade has reached its use by date, not likely after 6 shaves but you never know. I did try a new moisturizer but that can't be the cause of the burn as I put it on after I realized the skin had taken a bit of a beating.
    Looks like the Mach3 is the best bang for my buck so far. This issue with the Sensor has me thinking it might not be an improvement. Just with the Fusion blades were not so expensive as they are the best ever and maybe as I can get at least a month from a cartridge I need to look there again.
    p.s. I love Cella soap :happy108:and my synthetic brush is wonderful :happy093:
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  20. Boojum1

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    Razor burn is a sure sign that the cartridge must go. :mog:
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