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Discussion in 'The Brush' started by huck1680, May 13, 2023.

  1. huck1680

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    Well, I find I'm really enjoying my new synthetic brushes. The latest is from Top of the Chain here in Canada.
    It's an AP Shave Co brush that's exclusive to TOTC. More expensive than my other synths but I really like the handle and colour. 24mm G5B knot and bowl/mug lathers like a champ with creme soaps. Will try with hard soaps in a day or two. Very comfortable and you can get 3 passes of lather if you need that. I've got another brush coming from AP but that's gonna be a gift. Great brush and two excellent companies with terrific service.
    IMG_2649.jpg IMG_2650.jpeg
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  2. SterFry

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    Excellent knot, if you like high backbone. Can't go wrong with AP Shave Co.

    In my opinion, good modern synthetics just completely out perform natural brushes. I'll still use my natties when I'm feeling traditional, but otherwise I consider them downright obsolete.
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  3. Bill G

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    Sweet looking brush, congrats.
    Bill G
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