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    Its been a while since I posted a review but felt compelled to share comments on a recently acquired a Rockwell 6S (all stainless steel model). It appears they are selling for $99 these days, but by some stroke of pure luck, I got mine for $78 on Amazon.

    The razor comes in a presentation/gift box and I have to say I think it is at least somewhat appropriate. The 6S is extremely well built, deserving of a nice presentation. It is made in the USA, entirely of stainless steel. Some older boxes were mislabeled as "Made in China". While it is true that some other Rockwell models are, in fact, Made in China, the 6S is made in the USA.

    The adjustment mechanism of the 6S is that it comes with 3 plates, and depending on which side of a plate that is installed facing the blade, there are 6 levels of adjustment, one for each side of the 3 plates, with #1 being the least aggressive, #6 being the most aggressive. I started with a plate setting of #2 and found it to be too mild for my taste and, mid-shave, switched to #3. I stayed on #3 for a few days and decided that the shave was so smooth that I should try taking it up another notch to #4.

    The #4 setting was my favorite for a couple of weeks until, one day, I decided that since the mechanism was so incredibly stable/solid for me, I tried the #5 setting. Found Nirvana. This gave me an incredibly close shave with no irritation. Possibly the best I have ever had!

    Lastly, the purchase of the 6S was, admittedly, fueled by some late night whiskey drinking and access to my Amazon account. ;-) I wondered if I would ever find a razor I considered to be as good, for me, as my Weber stainless steel (no longer in production). But I think my Rockwell 6S has turned out to be my new favorite razor.

    P.S. I have read various comments on the other Rockwell models, the non-stainless steel varieties, that belie the difference in precision that can be achieved in using stainless steel vs. less precisely molded/machined materials. I have no idea how those razors compare with the 6S. YMMV.

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    I have the 6C in gunmetal, and for me, the #5 plate is also my favorite. Going to #6 is also good, but due to my sensitive skin, it can cause some irritation at times.
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