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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Sabre, Mar 16, 2018.

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    I can't seem to find any new reviews from all of the people who should now have their Model T's. If Rockwell kept their last promise, they should have shipped and delivered hundreds by now. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I checked Google but it hasn't changed in months.
    By the way, Loctite is an excellent product but it's designed to be used on threaded surfaces. If you try to "glue" two smooth surfaces together with either red or blue, the joint is going to fail. It's only a matter of time. You'd be better off with JBWeld. I've used that to repair engine blocks.
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    Screw Rockwell. I have no respect for a company not willing to risk their own money, and screwing over investors by not only raising the price but also by using inferior materials. Work your butt off like our parents and grandparents generation did!
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    Yes, the lack of reviews, even on the KS and Rockwell sites, is somewhat suspicious. Rockwell has claimed to be shipping product (albeit only units that "passed specs"; presumably a somewhat limited number?) for several months, but there doesn't seem to be much confirmation of that. Rockwell itself has consistently refused to disclose actual numbers of Model Ts shipped; so their claims that product is shipping could mean almost anything. A small handful of razors shipped would make their statement true, as they have been pretty cagey about not disclosing actual numbers.

    For the record, I received my Model T a few weeks ago and I've posted a few times on different sites about it.
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    Come on guys! The vast majority of wet shavers are not on forums, much as we would like people to turn shaving into a hobby, for most people (and wet shavers are no different) it is a chore.

    The number of backers who are already practicing wet shavers is probably half, and of those, the number on forums is probably less than 10%. Call it maybe 50 people out of several thousand backers.

    I also get the feeling that they stopped shipping two piece t bar razors after the second failure. So now we wait...
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    Hey there, as you know I too am a huge aristocrat fan.

    I have had the Rockwell 6s since Jan, and can say without a doubt: very smooth, like 46' aristocrat smooth. Only razor I like as much as my Britsh ones.

    The Rex Ambassador I have had for about a month. It too is fantastic, but as a fellow aristo fan I highly recommend the 6s or 6c, you will love the Rockwell on plate #4.
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    Rockwell will have a winner at the end, they will deliver but if I were on their place I would open my eyes when checking the pieces for quality control. Considering the whole razor is made of zinc and only the screw is in SS and the handle barrel and door knob is made of brass. They should pay close attention to all the zinc parts plating quality before they start the assembly.
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    I received my second Model T yesterday. The first one had some blade gap issues. I'm not sure if it was a first run.

    The second one seemed a bit more solidly put together. Had my first shave today with wonderful results, not a weeper and BBS.

    It's a bit long, not too much. Initially, even at 3, a felt the blade...not like a Rockwell 6S at all, where there's little to no blade feel. The fresh Voskhod did well and I am very happy with the results...time will tell.

    At $89 as an early supporter, I don't regret this purchase. I'll probably sell my Parthenon. At $199 or whatever they plan on selling this for, no way.
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    I’d suggest some of that doesn’t pass the sniff test. People who have not used a safety razor, and think it’s a chore, are not going to wait 2+ years for a razor. There are tens of thousands of members across different forums, and to suggest that a portion of those are the backers is not a ludicrous notion.

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    I wouldn't wait 2+ years myself either.
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  13. PLANofMAN

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  14. PLANofMAN

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    50 is probably a low-ball estimate, but there was signifigant backlash from the wet shaving community for their use of zinc parts. There's what, maybe 10 backers from the shave den? And 10 each from against the grain and the shaving room? Another 50 or so from badger and blade? Not sure if anyone backed it from the shave nook...they tend to be a bit more insular than the average forumite.

    I don't read non-english language forums, so I can't say how many backers there are from the Italian and German forums.
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    Sorry, for those without an account :

    We’ve been hard at work to get your Model T razors shipped out to you over the last month, and we’ve been thrilled to see more positive reviews coming in as more backers receive their razors. We have just a brief update for you this month, with a more substantial update, including final shipping timelines, that we forecast will be ready for publishing at the end of August.

    As mentioned in the last update, we were implementing a number of engineering changes as well as moving all T-Bar production to the One-Piece T-Bar. We’re taking extra care with these One-Piece T-Bars to ensure they arrive in perfect condition, so we produced shipping trays for this critical parts that will protect them all the way into the assembly stage.

    The new parts are en-route for assembly (in the new shipping trays) and once they arrive in the next week and we confirm in assembly that the most recent production has been successful, we’ll issue the order for the final production of One-Piece T-Bars in all three finishes.

    We intend to continue shipping through August, including European and International shipments for the White Chrome Model T units. We intend to further accelerate the assembly and shipping process when the inbound batch of One-Piece T-Bars reaches us shortly. We’ll be able to provide a full shipping timeline in an update that we forecast will be ready for posting in the final days of August.

    We hope this update provides some clarity in the meantime before we provide a substantial final timeline update in the final days of August.

    As always, thank you for all of your ongoing support and please let us know if you have any questions,

    The Rockwell Razors Team
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    Is he talking about reviews that start with "this razor shaves great" and end with "it broke?"

    Because those are the only reviews I've seen lately.
  17. jwr3265

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    Second Model T shave today (my replacement for the flawed first one). I am usually an every other day shaver, but I decided to shave again this morning.

    Lathered up with Valobra, had a nice 3-pass BBS shave. Still quite a bit of blade feel above 3.5. I lowered it to 2 and the blade was barely making contact with my skin. I did crank it up to 6 for touch ups that were very effective and did not get one nick.

    Good for now...
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  18. DesertTime

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    Did you end up getting a razor with the one piece T bar?
  19. jwr3265

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    I’m guessing yes.

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  20. oldjoe

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    I received my Model T replacement razor and it does indeed have the one piece T-bar assembly. Seems to be exactly the same as the first razor I received with the 2 piece T-bar that fell apart. As I said previously I glued the T-bar back together with super glue and I have been shaving with the repaired razor ever since. It has not come apart again or should I say yet. And the repaired razor works remarkably well for me. Smooth adjustment, very smooth, and smooth precise adjustability. This morning with a BIC blade I got probably the closest shave I am capable of achieving with 2 passes and very little touch up. Materials used aside I think the replacement razor will do the same for me without the worry of the T-bar coming apart. I am very satisfied with the Model T and Rockwell's response. The bottom line for me is that the Model T provides as good a shave as I can get anywhere, anytime from any razor with as little effort as possible. You know what they say: "Different Strokes for Different Folks"! True for just about everything in life IMHO!
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