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  1. Spang

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    As an early KS backer I do have a few, what I think are honest, bitches with the company. First among them is the disingenuous--I will go so far as to say flatly dishonest--way in which Rockwell has communicated with backers. As far back as February, they claimed to be shipping Model Ts "on schedule", but when pressed, declined to define what that meant. When asked during this period in polite but very direct ways by several backers just how many razors had actually shipped, they repeatedly refused to provide any actual numbers. The reason --we now know--is that between February and roughly the end of August, they had shipped only about 250 razors. So, apparently "on schedule" meant something like two to three razors per day, on average, were actually shipped. Though the clear (and intended) implication of Rockwell's "on schedule" assertion was that razors were being assembled and shipped at production scale, this was patently false.

    I had the good ( though perhaps bad) fortune of being a recipient of one of the early production Model Ts. It has the since-replaced 2-piecce T-bar. While the razor shaves beautifully, I am very disappointed that Rockwell chose to fulfill pledges with product built with what they knew to be a potentially defective major structural component. I think this was simply a matter of expediency, to be able say that their claim of actually shipping product was true. I view that as an ethically questionable practice. Never mind that it took them more than two years to figure out that the design of a--perhaps the--key part of the entire razor was inherently flawed.

    Finally, by my count, between the Ks and IGG pledges, Rockwell has more than 4,500 Model Ts left to deliver. For the sake of all fellow backers, I hope I am wrong in being skeptical that they can pull that off by the end of the year.
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    Strangely enough I am still shaving each and every day with the Model T razor I received where the T-bar came apart and I simply superglued the T-bar assembly back together quite a while ago? I wonder why Rockwell doesn't use a dab of some sort of commercial glue to strengthen the bond of the 2 piece T-Bat assembly? On mine the rod is brass and the head is something that's chrome plated. My razor shaves really great----so far. If it ever comes apart again I will look towards finding a better bonding glue of some sort? That's how much I like my model T. I don't want to part with it.
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    I thought I was in the KS campaign but I might be in the early Indiegogo one instead. Must be, since I am receiving Indiegogo updates. What I quoted from was the Indiegogo Update #34, which addressed both the KS shipping schedule and then specifically the Indiegogo shipping schedule.

    I guess maybe the reason I thought I was in KS on this one is because I was in KS on the earlier Rockwell 6S.
  4. jwr3265

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    How do you know which one you have? Two piece or one piece?

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  5. PLANofMAN

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    Article Team
    Pretty sure you have to take the razor apart to confirm.

    ...Or if it falls apart on its own, you have a two piece.

    I don't think the two piece design is inherently flawed. Only the method of assembly appears to be flawed. Rockwell assumed friction fit was good enough, and they should have looked into other options. Pinning it in place probably would have worked just as well.
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  6. Terry Williams

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    A crimp would've worked too, I think. But, good to see the latest news that they are shipping earnest. I'm somewhere in the middle of the 4K KS backers. I'll get it, when I get it. I'm not lacking for razors. I also ordered a couple of extra (for gifts) before the price increase. Would be nice to get those before Christmas. They've reduced their price somewhat and that might attract a few more customers. Time will tell.
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  7. Terry Williams

    Terry Williams Well-Known Member

    BTW... if you order a Model T from the Rockwell website today they are claiming "Estimated ship-date for orders placed today: December 2018." They've missed all of their other ship dates; but, just sayin'. They are giving it go.

    It's also good to hear that it produces quality shaves. I love my 6S. Hoping I will like the Model T just as much.
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  8. Spang

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    I think you will. I've had my Model T for about a month and a half now, and have been using it mostly. It is is truly an outstanding shaver. As trouble plagued as the campaign has been, Rockwell definitely got the geometry of the razor right, at least to my face.
  9. Kypros Christodoulides

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    The problem with me being, I don't remember the finish I chose. I think it was the original picture on the indiegogo, which I don't know what it is. Please anyone, give me a kick in the rear end and please remind me.
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    Take the position...

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  11. DanielB

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    Indiegogo backers can check their order and see/update their address here:
    Kickstarter backers can do the same here:

    In either case, enter the email address you use for the respective crowdfunding site and it will send you an email with a direct link to the order review page.

    I don't know why Rockwell hasn't been including this info as standard practice at the bottom of their monthly updates - they always reply to customer comments on both sites saying "email us at". Can you imagine how much time they must spend dealing with unnecessary emails?
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  12. Kypros Christodoulides

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    Thank you, I ordered the brushed model T.
  13. PLANofMAN

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    Thanks for the link. It reminded me that I needed to update my address, yet again.

    Edit: I also ordered the brushed model.
  14. Terry Williams

    Terry Williams Well-Known Member

    Got mine this last weekend! Used it. Love it. I decided to do a side-by-side comparison with the 6S. I I'll put a pick heavy review in another thread.


  15. luv2shave

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  16. Terry Williams

    Terry Williams Well-Known Member

    I've only used it once, but it seems nearly identical to shaving with the 6S. So, I think that the settings are pretty close, if not the same. I didn't measure, though. I've heard that the Model T might be a tad more aggressive, but I couldn't tell.
  17. Thaipete

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    for those who missed the lower price article :

    In a final piece of related news, we’ve been working diligently to hit better efficiencies in our production and assembly processes. Our goal has been to have the Model T reach a price point that’s more accessible to the vast majority of customers looking to eliminate razor burn, ingrown hairs, and cartridge-cuts, all while getting the most affordable shave of their lives. We knew that the $195 retail price point for the Model T would limit accessibility, but before the successful implementation of the One-Piece T-Bar, there was no way to hit our lower price-point targets. We’re happy to announce that with the One-Piece T-Bar, we’ll be able to adjust the final retail price of the Model T to $119 USD - this means that our backers have still received up to a 34% discount off the retail price of the razor alone, plus the additional bonuses shipping with each razor (who’s excited to not have to buy razors blades for several years?!).

    We’ll also be introducing a special lifetime discount “MVP Program” on all Rockwell products for all Model T backers to thank you for your patience - more details on that to come. In addition to the lifetime discounts, in the future we’ll be offering complimentary product samples in every MVP shipment, first-dibs on beta-testing new products and fragrances as we release them over 2019 (and beyond), and some more perks that we can’t wait to announce to you in a few months!

    To any pre-order customers reading this update that did pre-order at the $195 price point through our website over the last few months, we’ll be sending you a $76 reimbursement over the course of this upcoming week.
  18. Jim Bennett

    Jim Bennett Member

    I'm sorry. It's still not what was originally promised. I can't bring myself to spend $119 for a Zamac razor. I don't care how good it looks now. In a few years it will look like garbage. (That's provided it doesn't break first). No thanks.
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  19. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    Understood and you have every reason to feel and think the way you do.

    But, to be fair the razor was going to be offered pretty much in this configuration. When interest was started via the wet shaving enthusiast forums about an all stainless steel razor and brought it to Rockwells attention, Rockwell looked into it and decided to back off from that as I believe it was not feasible for them at the time. They should have said nothing instead, they prematurely announced that they would produce it for those that wanted an upgraded version of the Model T in SS. When that was a no go, that's when things kind of turned sour for Rockwell.
  20. BigMark83

    BigMark83 [...........] this space intentionally left blank

    I distinctly remember them stating it would be manufactured in ss. They backed out because they couldn't achieve the proper tolerances. So backers could back out.

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