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    No, originally it was zamak. They upgraded to brass about 4 hours after the Kickstarter launched due to the huge interest. They opened a poll to explore SS, but it was never stated that the model t would be SS. I’m all for holding these guys to account, but important to get the info straight.

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    Yes but, as an option only. The original Model T Razor projection/project was to be made of Stainless, Brass & Zinc/Zamac alloys. Backers asked if an optional SS model was feasible and Rockwell made an announcement that yes, they would persue the venture and produce a "Luxury razor for the true wet shaving enthusiasts". Just paraphrasing as those weren't Gareths exact words.

    Here is an update from April 2017 to clarify the confusion most shavers are dealing with here......

    Update #19

    Apr 3 2017

    March Update - Production On Track, and New Options!

    Dear Backers,

    Everything’s on schedule with the new molds! However, as is the nature with mold-making, I don’t have any interesting visuals to share at this time. It’s looking like I’ll have pictures of the new test production in time for the May update, which I’m really looking forward to sharing with you!

    New Materials & Additional Options

    Thank you all for your feedback on the last update - I understand there was a lot of information in there to process! I wanted to just clear up some of the recurring questions I saw in the comments:

    First off, I wanted to re-iterate Rockwell’s 100% commitment to quality and the satisfaction of every single one of our backers and customers. This means that if you’re not satisfied with the razor you receive for any reason, I will do whatever it takes to make it right. That said, I fully expect that the razor shipping to each of you later this year will blow you away, and continue to exceed your expectations as a durable shaving tool for many, many years.

    I understand there are some seasoned classic shavers who may have had poor experiences with zinc razors in the past, and expressed concern about the now-zinc-alloy parts in the Model T head. I wanted to address the main concern I’ve seen in the comments: the questions around the durability of the chroming. Chromed zinc alloy is by far the most popular material in modern double-edge razors, both in budget, low quality razors, as well as expensive, “luxury” razors. Rusting, corrosion, or other durability concerns with chromed zinc alloy razors arise almost entirely from the budget, low quality razors that are poorly made and poorly chromed. We have been taking great care with our chroming and stress-testing to ensure chrome durability, and we’re sure you’ll see that attention to detail in the longevity of your Rockwell Model T!

    Stainless Steel Model T

    All that being said, I absolutely get that there are some classic shaving enthusiasts who are simply not interested in a razor that includes zinc alloy. Therefore, I’m happy to announce we’ve opened up the manufacturing process for an all-stainless-steel Rockwell Model T! The razor will be manufactured using a combination of machined stainless steel, with MIM stainless steel replacing the cast zinc alloy parts at the head of the razor. We’ve been getting a few requests for this since the launch of the Model T campaign, and after additional encouragement over the last month, I decided it was time to pull the trigger. I can’t provide timelines or precise “upgrade” pricing on this razor until about the end of April, but I wanted to open up a separate email list for backers who want to keep updated on the Stainless Steel Model T project development or want to receive the razor in lieu of the original Model T. You can sign up for that community here!

    As always, thank you all for your support and voracious input - I really appreciate the passion that Rockwell’s backers have for the production of quality shaving tools!

    Co-Founder, Rockwell Razors
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    I guess, this settles it.
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    Yep, updates 1 and 18 are also worthwhile having a read of. 1st update talks about the introduction of brass internals, changed from zamac. Update 18 talks to the review of an all brass razor, and the introduction of some SS internal components.
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    Those updates were going on forever, there are still a few to come. This model T has tested my patience to the fullest and adding insult to injury, I won't have my brushed version until December.
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    Totally agree. You almost need to be some type of auditor or forensic detective to track the long and forever changing updates for this campaign, it's dragged on that long and the stories changed that much.
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    I do hear loud and clear though, the T is a hell of a razor, well worth waiting for.
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    My mistake. Us forgotten about the brass option.
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    TL;DR. I was mistaken.
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    No harm, no foul. All is good......:happy088:
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    This entire zamak thing is so hyped. Most fails are on poorly plated razors and mostly around areas where you can't help having the chrome getting striped which is usually the screw. Anyone who speaks of how they abhor zamak will invariably have one or several Merkur or EJ as a first razor which would still be holding up and giving enjoyable shaves, they won't have a single razor to show the zamak rot in their den. Push them and a single sorry google picture of zamak head thread stripped is posted with has been doing rounds for several years.

    Zamak here is being used for tolerances on the butterfly doors and people have no idea on how hard chrome is and the abuse it can take, which wouldn't be the case on a butterfly door.

    Coupled with the fact that Rockwell is known for superlative customer service which includes product replacement no questions asked.

    Zamak or otherwise I would always do business with such a company.

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  12. Kypros Christodoulides

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    They did stress that the chroming on the Zamak will be superlative.
  13. BigMark83

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    In defense of EJ, they're not a bad company. My first razor was a DE-89. The plating was coming off of the top cap or the bottom plate, I do not exactly remember. I emailed them a photo or two and I got a response that they would replace the defective part. They stand by their products, so even though I dislike Zamak in razors I do respect Edwin Jagger.
  14. PLANofMAN

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    Article Team
    Regarding plating, modern zinc alloys and chrome have improved over the years. All of the arguments for using it are valid. However, plating is only as good as the metal you put it on. Any sharp edge will result in the plating failing. Polishing is the key factor. The better the polish, the longer the razor will last.

    That's why chromed razors like the micromatic and Cooper MonoBilt still look so good, all these years later.

    Well, they shouldn't need to reimburse that many people. I doubt they had a ton of pre-orders.

    *At that price.

    $195 manufacturer suggested retail price set in stone forever. :innocent

    If I remember correctly, the materials it was made of were not intially mentioned on the Kickstarter campaign. It was only when it was mentioned by Gareth that it was made of "stainless steel with zinc parts" (about four hours into the Kickstarter) people started bailing out of the campaign. It was quickly turned into "stainless steel with brass parts," and people started backing it again.
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    Pretty sure on this one mate. See below from the very 1st Update (6 hours into launch). Stainless wasn't mentioned until like update 16.

    "That being said, we do have one upgrade we can already announce! After seeing the demand for the Rockwell Model T, and after speaking with the manufacturers we’re considering, we will be manufacturing the internals of the Rockwell Model T from coated brass, rather than zinc! You gave us your clear feedback, and we love it - that’s what Kickstarter is all about! We could only afford this through the popularity of this campaign. So thank you all so much for your support!

    We’re working on more announcements, stretch goals, and add-ons, and we’ll be keeping you all posted over the coming weeks, as the campaign continues.

    Thank you again!

    Gareth & Morgan Co-Founders, Rockwell Razors"
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    The latest in the seemingly endless series of Rockwell Model T fits, starts and stumbles: The comments section on the Model T KS campaign site is filling with responses from backers who have received shipments and that contain an empty razor box. No kidding. After waiting two and a half years, these backers got a parcel containing a 100 pack of lousy blades , a weird little tin blade bank, a couple of leather head covers that don't fit quite right, and a nice presentation box ... that is empty. Seriously. No razor. This has now been reported multiple times. After all of the missteps and bungling of the past two and a half years, you'd think these guys could get something as basic as fulfillment right. On the other hand, this whole campaign has been so extraordinarily inept that perhaps this should come as no surprise.
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  17. Jim Bennett

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    I'm not a gambler. I got out months ago when I saw things starting to go sour. The guys who hung in there are gamblers. I hope their bet pays off but this is definitely not promising news. Good Luck.
  18. PatrickA51

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    I have wasted more money when I have gone to Reno,NV. than what it's cost me for my Backer Pledge of $175.00, what makes me mad is that they started out saying March 2017,
    So as I have said before I will believe it when I see it in my hand. I backed a couple of other things on Kickstarter, and I never received anything from them, but a couple of things I backed I did get, and they were no where near as good as the had said. Made great gag gifts to people.
    I just hope these Razors and Razor Blades are as good as they say. @Terry Williams posted a good picture of what he got so maybe I will like them. I already backed the Rockwell 6S I have several of them.
    @Norcalnewb great photo!
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    Maybe it’s time, WE ALL should give Rockwell a HUGE FART!! in their faces for two an a half years of extra BULLSH:angry019:T for their Model T

    So who’s going to start the first Farting to receive the message LOUD AND CLEAR!! to Rockwell
  20. PatrickA51

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    Excellent point for the amount of Monet and Bovine excrements that has gone on. :angry019: :angry019::angry021::signs131:

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