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    They are really something else!
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    Their updates get deeper and deeper. Maybe some body will drownd in their BS.
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  3. Hembree

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    I am really disappointed with Rockwell on their Model T. My dog is not in this hunt but I have a 6s and I love it. I have also had great results with their customer service. I just wish they would get this straightened out because I know it is frustrating.
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  4. DesertTime

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    I like it when they embellish their narrative with nonsense in order to deflect from two fundamental facts. One, they continue to miss commitments. Two, they are lying.

    Why would they say something to the effect, "we are now shipping Model T's with the best tolerances ever." Have the tolerances continually changed and improved since they started shipping?

    These guys just cannot stop lying. They contradict themselves in the same paragraph and they are not even smart about it.

    If they had been honest and just struggling through complicated design and production issues, I'd still be with them, even after three years.
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  5. Str8on2

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    Here is a good read to go alongside the good posts here already.

    Yes, I'm an Indiegogo backer and I'm just as dumbfounded & disappointed as the rest in the preorder world.... :angry032::angry021:

    March Update - Shipping For Indiegogo Backers

    Hi Backers,

    Hope everyone is having a great March. We have lots to share so let’s jump right into it.

    We are pleased to announce that we have now shipped the majority of Kickstarter pledge rewards and we are now shipping all remaining White Chrome Model T Razors and addons to Indiegogo backers starting tomorrow - with all remaining White Chrome pledge rewards expected to be shipped by early next week.

    Details regarding delivery timelines for the Gunmetal and Brushed Chrome finishes can be found below.

    Most important to us at Rockwell: we’ve been thrilled to read the very positive emails and feedback from backers who have received their rewards. We are so excited that the comments and reviews have continued to be be so overwhelmingly positive.

    We wanted to begin this update by sharing some of the verified reviews from early Model T backers - we’re hearing 5 star reviews all-around!

    On the production side of things, as was mentioned above, we have now completed production of all White Chrome Model T razors for Indiegogo backers and will be shipping those starting tomorrow and into early next week.

    This week, we’re continuing to assemble the last batch of Model T razors in Gunmetal and Brushed Chrome required to fulfill outstanding Kickstarter and Indiegogo pre-orders. For those of you who have not yet received their shipment warning email, rest assured that we have not missed your pledge. We are packing and shipping as many orders as possible, per our ability to fulfill, and will be sending you your shipping warning approximately one week before we’re ready to ship.

    For those of you that have received your Rockwell Model T and would like to let us know their thoughts, we would love to get your review here! If you’re anything less than completely thrilled with your Model T, (or any addons for that matter - including those that had an issue with their stands) please reach out directly by email at so we can better understand and make it right.

    Timeline for Brushed Chrome Model T Backers

    Due to manufacturing constraints there will be a small additional wait time as we work through the remaining assembly and QC of Brushed Chrome Model T razors before shipping them down to our fulfillment center.

    In the process of final quality assurance we saw that the reject rate for the Brushed Chrome was higher than the other finishes. The root cause of this higher reject rate has been determined to be due to a minute additional thickness in the plating of Brushed Chrome versus White Chrome and Gunmetal. In order to address this variance, we have ordered new Brushed Chrome parts which will arrive in at the end of March. These parts have been adjusted to compensate for the additional chroming thickness and address the root cause of the rejections.

    We anticipate an additional 3-4 weeks before you see your Action Required email, with all remaining Brushed Chrome Model Ts shipping mid-April.
    As you all know from our long journey together, our priority at Rockwell is to manufacture nothing less than an amazing razor that delivers fantastic shaves. This priority has come ahead of all other considerations and has been our guiding light. The Model T is by far our most advanced engineering effort.

    It has taken many, many cycles of continuous quality improvement, but having now finally delivered a large number of Model T razors, we are so pleased to see that our backers (a large portion of whom are shaving enthusiasts who have tried many razors) are praising the design, shave feel and craftsmanship of our finished product.

    Of course, we’re not finished - we will continue implementing continuous quality improvement into all our endeavors and continue to innovate. In backing our Indiegogo campaign, you did not “buy a product” but pledged your support in a complex engineering project and helped bring something new and amazing to the world. We cannot thank you enough for your support through this journey.


    The Rockwell Razors Team

    What?? I got a nice chuckle out of it at least...
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  6. PatrickA51

    PatrickA51 Well-Known Member

    Their bovine excrement gets deeper and deeper.
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  7. Spang

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    You nailed it. The failure to perform is at the least incompetence, which is frustrating, but excusable if honestly owned. But when this failure is repeatedly "explained" away through a continuous onslaught of lies and disinformation, then it becomes malfeasance. Think about it: people lie because they have something to hide. In this case, I think these guys have engaged in this continuous pattern of lies in order to hide the truth about what became of the more than $600,000 they raised from backers.
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  8. Thaipete

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    I tend to agree - they even stop replying to my emails now
  9. PatrickA51

    PatrickA51 Well-Known Member

    They say that my Razors were shipped. They could at least provide a tracking number.
    But I think they are like a Christmas Goose full of excrement.
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  10. PatrickA51

    PatrickA51 Well-Known Member

    I got both of my Razors from Rockwell. I got 2 razor disposal containers and I got 2 boxes of Razor Blades. But I didn't get the stands I paid extra for. What a rip off!


    3 Inkwell Stand - Chromed Brass - Rockwell Inkwell Chrome Stand - Brushed Chrome $29.95
  11. Spang

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    First, congrats on finally getting the razors. Personally I find mine to be an excellent shaver, so I hope you do too. Not that it excuses the deplorable conduct of this campaign, but you take what you can get, right? In the meantime, you should definitely take up the missing stands with Rockwell. Their fulfillment (like virtually everything else in this campaign) has been seriously messed up; lots of reports of incomplete kits being shipped. I gather that Rockwell has been making these problems right, but you'll have to reach out. Given their farmed-put third party fulfillment, they have no idea what's getting shipped, so they need to hear it directly from backers.

    As for the blades, if you're like most of us, you will likely end up tossing them. Definitely don't judge the razor based on using it with the Rockwell blades. Try it the first few times with a blade you know you like for a fair assessment. It's ridiculous that Rockwell ships their excellent razors with these lousy blades; it's like putting a set of recaps on a Ferrari.
  12. PatrickA51

    PatrickA51 Well-Known Member

    I haven't used it will wait a couple of days before I use it. I got 2 Razors two boxes of Razor blades and two Razor disposal containers.
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  13. RyX

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    I'm glad to hear that. After the trials and tribulations getting a razor that works helps dull the pains of waiting so long.
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  14. Jorvaljr

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    I can’t seen to find these on the secondary market yet.
  15. RyX

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    I'm still searching for a sarcasm font, too. ;)
  16. Hembree

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  17. Jorvaljr

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    Lol funny thing is, that I’m serious. There were some that received the first batch with questionable tbars. They received the retrofitted tbar and then received another new revisioned version. Then there are the others that were early backers and got the 2 for the price of one package.
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  18. Str8on2

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    Well, the email notice finally showed up.

    Hi Augustin,

    Exciting news! Your Rockwell Model T and addons have recently shipped out from our facility in Chicago.

    Here is the tracking link for your Rockwell Model T shipment:

    (Deleted the rest of the tracking number)

    We can't wait to hear your first impressions! Thanks again for sticking with us and for supporting the project. Please let us know if you have any issues with the tracking or if there's anything else we can do to help.


    The Rockwell Razors Team

    Is there a silver lining to this immensely tedious and long wait for a razor that was slightly purported to turn the wet shaving world on its ear? I highly doubt it but, at least it's shipping..... We'll soon see.
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  19. Hembree

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    It shipped...............:happy093:
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  20. John Ruschmeyer

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    DHL Global Mail? Sigh. So that means DHL to your local PO and then USPS for the last mile.
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