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    great news sir, i hope they follow through for you..
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    Patrick, I believe that you will get it very soon. Stay cool!
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    Damn...the level of vitriol in this thread...

    Just popped in to say that I have not yet recieved a shipping notification. I do order stuff from China every once in a while, so I'm used to being surpised by stuff (I forgot I ordered) that I find in the mailbox. This is a new record, though.

    On a side note, I ordered a Nakamichi 7.2 DTS:X refurbished sound bar from the manufacturer on ebay. It came with issues. Started the warranty claim process. I bet it gets fixed/resolved before I see a model T in my mailbox.
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    I received my brushed chrome Model T about a month ago. The blade gap on one side was uneven, and one door was longer than the other, see pictures. I contacted Rockwell and after a bit of a wait they got back to me and said they would send a new brushed chrome razor when the redesigned parts came in. New parts were apparently needed due to a higher reject rate of the brushed chrome models having a thicker plating, so the molds needed to be adjusted. I told them I was not concerned with they type of finish, just that it be mechanically correct. They sent a gunmetal finish razor as the replacement. This one has an even blade gap, and is mechanically acceptable. The doors are still slightly different lengths, and I was disappointed that there were several pits in the edge of one of the doors, see picture. I contacted them about pitting, so we will see what they have to say. I really don't want to have a collection of slightly irregular Model T razors! It is a bit annoying to have these issues after such a long wait, though.
    5.jpg 2.jpg 6.jpg

    Update- Received the following from Rockwell-

    Hi Mark,

    Sorry about the bad luck. This is actually very uncommon to see on the doors. We hope to have individual replacement doors available at our warehouse available to ship before the end of this month, with instructions for backers to perform a replacement themselves. Can we follow up with you towards the end of the month with details on a replacement gunmetal door?

    Thanks again,

    Rockwell Razors
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  5. Str8on2

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    First shave impressions with the Model T. I wrote it up on another shave forum and just copied and pasted it here. I was never contacted by any member from TSD just to be clear concerning the Model T. That was on the other site.....

    Well, I put in the first shave with the Model T yesterday and I was actually pleasantly surprised. Before I get to the inital shave report, I want to touch up real quick on the razor itself concerning the quality, fitment and finish.

    Out of the box, as my previous post with the pics show, the presentation and packaging was flawless. No marks, streaks, loose parts or components on the razor itself. The mechanism for both the tto doors and the dial adjustment knob worked as they both should. That being said, there have been complaints across the shave forums including the KS & Indiegogo Campaign pages of inconsistent packaging and quality issues with the razor itself. Stains, marks, improper blade tray alignment etc, etc. There is a shave member here also, whom I will not mention for respect of his privacy had an issue with how his razor was received in an unusable condition. How this continues to happen with a company that has failed miserably in sticking to its scheduled production and delivery dates is completely unacceptable. We know that delays can happen during manufacturing processes which includes R&D, prototyping, pre-runs and what have you. Even more so with an upstart company that used crowd funding to get their project started. I get it but, to make promises and guarantees and time after time miss those dates and feed your backers/customers cow chips and baloney is down right embarrassing. You would think with all the setbacks and failed attempts for delivery timelines that Rockwell would tighten up their belts and commit to getting their product out the door with the utmost of care and quality control. Obviously that is not happening as product is falling through the cracks at a pretty substantial rate. Listen, the last thing I want is a razor manufacturer to fail and fold while the wet shaving world is in a type of renaissance with traditional old time shaving hardware and software. More manufacturers in the game, the better for us the consumer. Brings better products, higher quality which breeds competition for yours and my hard earned dollar from these producers of these said products. It brings better pricing overall as they fight and earn (try to at least) our business. This could be potentially devastating for Rockwell as they might survive but, will they earn the consumers trust after this debacle? I don't know, I just don't. Only time will tell.....

    Anyways, that's the end of my consumer editorial for the month. On to the shave......

    Unfortunately, this is where the negativity ends in my opinion. How was the shave? Absolutely fantastic. Not a single issue with the Rockwell Model T. Yes, it's only shave one but, honestly I was waiting for the tray to come loose or the tto doors to fall or something that I could harp on. Never happened. The doors opened and closed smoothly over the blade. The blade tray was precise in holding the blade with very little movement and blade alignment and exposure were nearly perfect. The adjustment dial did what it was supposed to do. Open or close the gap to your preference without fear of moving it during ones shave. I started on 2 and finished on 3 for a very satisfying 2 pass DFS. The shave was smooth and efficient with an effortless glide from the razor that was amazing. I only had 24 hours of growth but, the razor and blade went through my stubble effortlessly. I haven't shaved with the Rockwell 6s in ages but, from what I can remember the Model T feels more efficient and yet smoother. I might have to pull out the 6s soon just for comparative purposes just to be sure and compare. I know that on the 6s the plates from R1-R3 were way to mild for me. 2 & 3 on the Model T however felt really nice.

    On a side note, I just finished a weeks worth of shaves with the VB Emperor Augustus and I can tell you with clear certainty that the Model T performed much better in its first go around vs the VB Emperor. I'm going to put in a solid weeks worth of shaves and see where the Model T takes me but, if the start was this good on the lower size ranges I can't wait to bump up the aggression and see what it can deliver. More to follow.....

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    You make valid points. However, this company hurt its credibility by doing the Charlie Brown/ Lucy football routine, time and time again. I preordered my T on Sept 26, 2018 with a tentative ship date of Dec 2018. Now, I knew going in that with their track record that was a pipedream. It is now approaching the 4th month past the original due date. Now, compared to the kickstarter and indiegogo backers, my waiting time is very short, thus far. I recently been on their site and it states that their Model T is not in stock. However, if one chooses to be an idiot, then you can sign on their waiting list to be emailed when you can order one. Their March update stated that they will have delivered all the Model T to the backers and that the preorders will then be processed and delivered in April. Hmm, the model T status of being out of stock does not calm my fears. So, where does that leave me? I know another deadline will be missed and probably many others until I have it in my hand. I am a repeat customer and have the 6C, the stand, the blades, the soap and the blade bank. I like their products and probably will like the T as well. However, because of this abysmal situation, I will never do business with them again!
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  7. Trigger

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    Someone pointed out that I had Sept 26, 2019 and Dec 2019 in my last post. I made the necessary corrections. Thank you!
  8. Str8on2

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    Got an excellent 2nd shave with the Model T. Went for the max setting @6 and it was on. Fantastically good. Excellent blade feel and very nice smoothness on the first pass. Think R7 or R8 on a 6s if it were available but, almost as smooth as the R6 plate. Very, very nice. One thing though that I did notice on my shave is at the max setting, it feels as if the blade can deflect/skip as the blade is not fully supported and held as rigid. It didn’t happen but, I felt as though it potentially could. I mention it because my hair is not particularly coarse or thick and I just adjusted my speed and pace but, for those that do have denser growth or coarser hairs it could be something to look out for. Nonetheless, it was a fantastic shave with one tiny weeper at the corner of my mouth. Cold water rinse and alum, easy enough. The Gillette Spoiler blade paired perfectly with the Model T. Just a great shave......

  9. brit

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    very nice..
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    Well written review thanks for posting it. Maybe one of these days I will try using one of my Rockwell-T Razors. Great photos in your first review and again in your second review. What brand shaving brushes are in the photos, they look great also.
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  11. Str8on2

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    Thanks my friend. Looking forward to your shave thoughts on the T when you have the opportunity.

    The brush was actually a group buy on another shave forum that was done recently. It's a 24mm Timberwolf. A bit small for me but, heck of a lathering brush.

    Happy shaves amigo.... :shaver
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    Do you have a Rex Ambassador? If so, how does this razor compare? Or to any other adjustable razors you have in your stable?
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    Article Team
    It took a while, but i can finally say that i got the Nakamichi issues resolved. It was a combination of a low bandwidth hdmi cable (the one that came with the supposedly 4K ready Xbox One X) router interference, and it needed a hard reset. Daily back and forth emails for two weeks. Now I'm just waiting for the firmware upgrade to make it Dolby Atmos capable. Supposed to release at the end of April but got pushed back to early May.

    ...Still waiting on the Rockwell email for address confirmation.
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  14. brit

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    i am sure with your excellent writing abilities a firmly formal email from you would shake up their tree..:)
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    I have been having so many problems with my Hands going numb, due to a neck and back injury, (don't fall off the top of a Semi Tractor Trailer ) That on good days I fear using my Strat Razors, the last time I used a Straight Razor that was my Grandfathers (I think it was my Aunt had it) I cut my neck very bad. (didn't require stitches) I use a DE Safety but I started using a Gillette Flex-Ball and when my hands are too bad I use the old stand by Panasonic Wet and Dry Rechargeable Razor.
    Gillette Flex-Ball.jpg Panasonic ES-RT47.jpg
  16. Trigger

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    Patrick that's a shame because you are missing out on the fun of straight shaving. Peace out!
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  17. Str8on2

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    Hang in there amigo. It will come back to you. Just give it time and keep doing what you have to do. A good shave is a good shave regardless of the means or tools. It’s the journey, time and satisfaction that counts brother..... :eatdrink047:
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    I got injured in February 1998. Was able to work for 3 years and then 6 years, after I originally got hurt my employer then admitted I had gotten injured, and they allowed me to go out. When you work for the DOD, they do everything they can to not admit that you got hurt on the job. Where I worked they have video cameras for security and I had a friend that found the video. He made a copy and sent it to the HR unit on base. All of a sudden I went out on full disability.:shocked003: But for about 6 years after I went out we had people following us around. When you work for the DOD your Life and Soul Belongs to the company store I think that's how Tennessee Ernie Ford say's it.
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    Keep your blades sharp and your wits sharper. ;)
  20. Str8on2

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    Okay, I’ve put in half a dozen shaves with the T and I have been astonished at how smooth yet deliciously efficient it has performed. No fillers, artificial flavorings or preservatives. Just good, clean excellent shaves. The doors line up perfectly, the tto knob turns buttery smooth and the adjustment dial is steady without fear of accidentally moving it out of position during one’s shave. Blade goes in and out like a breeze with excellent blade alignment, no wiggle or play in the blade tray. I’m seriously impressed with the quality and performance of the T as a whole.

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