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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Sabre, Mar 16, 2018.

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    I've just received an email from Grigori and they are sending my way free silo doors and T-bar assembly to replace the existing ones with. I hope this fixes it.
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    I hope so too. It's a good razor, and a good company. One thing I've never been able to fault Rockwell on is their customer service. If there's a problem, they fix it.
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    Circling back to the discussion of how the Model T will fare in the current retail market, I noticed in checking the inventory on Maggard's web site, it looks like so far Model Ts are not moving. In the several days that I've been watching none have sold, even during yesterday's sale when they were discounted $21. I know that's just one anecdotal observation, but it's interesting given Maggard's position as a major player in the wet shaving market.

    I think if Rockwell had been able to bring the Model T to market within their original time frame (approximately 1 year after the launch of their KS campaign) the picture would have been very different. There was a lot of buzz generated by their original announcement of the project; heck, they generated over 8,000 pledges and pre-orders. Folks were obviously excited and the project had a lot of early momentum. Unfortunately, the fact that the campaign dragged on for nearly four years killed a lot of that buzz. Also during that time, many other excellent new razors entered the market, including some that compete directly with the Model T concept, but at a much lower price point. I'm thinking here of razors like the Parker Variant and the Vikings Blades Emperor. Also during this time, there has been a seeming flood of new high-quality stainless and brass razors that mostly occupy the same higher price segment of the market that the Model T has landed in.

    It's too bad, because , as @PLANofMAN and others have pointed out, the Model T is a very good razor. But the timing of the Model T's entry into the market and the asking price will, I think, make things tough for Rockwell.
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    Just a quick update and sort of a thread revival/jump. Just a real good shave this evening with the Rockwell Model T. I’ll be coming up on a year with it (received in April ‘19) and still works and operates as the first day that it got into my hands. Works quite well with any blade I throw at it but, my best shaves have come with a Feather. The silo doors open and close as they should as well as the adjuster plate moving through all its dial adjustments. Blade alignment and exposure is spot on at both sides and along its length. Quality of components has been excellent from top to bottom and the shaves have been equally as good.

    I won’t discuss price at depth as that is so subjective with each individual and we would have an equal amount of pros & cons on both sides of the argument. I paid $100 as a supporter and I can honestly say that it was worth the price in investment. Would I pay more for it now after the fact as I believe it’s going for a $150 on their site? Probably not as now at that price the Model T is on the verge of competing with more exotic alloy razors. That being said, none of those razors are adjustable and to acquire one you’d have to cross the $200+ threshold but, you get what your paying for in quality, alloy and craftsmanship. Unfortunately, the Model T I feel is stuck in No Mans Land. Excellent for a low to mid-budget razor but, not quite there to compete with the heavyweights or elite razors that are commanding the higher price and investment. And I think that hurts them. @Spang brings up a very solid point on where it was trying to be marketed in the wet shave segment. That’s tough and a solid dilemma Rockwell has in their hands.

    To bad as it is a very capable razor.....

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    I agree! I preordered mine in Sept 2018 and got it June 2019. I paid $119. Yes, because I get great headshaves and face shaves with it. Would I pay 30 dollars more, I don't think so. If it was stainless steel, then I can see it retailing for a higher price, but it would have to be 175 at the most. Like you stated, there are much better razors starting at the 200+ range that hurt the Model T. Rockwell is trying to recoup their losses that occurred due to many design changes, etc. and that has hurt them in marketing this razor. They are a good company, but they didn't think the Model T project through from the initial stages and onward.
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