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    Zamac is the cheapest option and the easiest way to manufacture parts with tight tolerances, but there is no guarantee everything will turn out as planned. Currently CNC and MIM process have the best tolerances results but they are more expensive than manufacturing zamac parts. The most precise manufacturing parts to date is the old Gillette progressive brass stamping, its superior even to CNC but setting up brass stamping line is very expensive and it only pays off if company wants to do mass production million + razors.

    If you look at the pictures above you can see that the rod is brass in color and not SS, I do remember them mentioning that the rod will be SS but the picture shows otherwise. If they implement the fix with the T-bar as they say it will be 1 piece then for sure it will all be zinc, that's fine as long as they do a good job with the plating.[/QUOTE]

    Thanks. I looked more carefully at the source of the quote I used and it was for June, 2017, so almost a year old.
    From what you're saying, does that mean the Fatboy actually has better tolerences than more modern adjustables (or at least the potential for better tolerences)? Though not my favorite shaving razor, the Fatboy is a beautiful razor, both from an engineering and aesthetic perspective.
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    Thanks. I looked more carefully at the source of the quote I used and it was for June, 2017, so almost a year old.
    From what you're saying, does that mean the Fatboy actually has better tolerences than more modern adjustables (or at least the potential for better tolerences)? Though not my favorite shaving razor, the Fatboy is a beautiful razor, both from an engineering and aesthetic perspective.[/QUOTE]
    fatboys,slims, red dots, toggles, bottom dials they all can accept parts of the same model no matter if the part was produced a few years earlier or later than the razor that needs that part. This tells you the tolerances are darn perfect. You can take lets say the Rocnel and Barbaros adjustable razor that is CNC milled and try to exchange parts from the same lets say a spare razor, no guarantees for fitment. Gillette brass stamping on the other hand you can have 2 slims that are 5 years apart that came of the production line and every single part will be interchangeable, there is a reason they called him King Gillette lol

    I personally love mine and never will sell them, and also got them cheap like $20 for the slims each while the Fatboy cost me $35, the Gibbs Adjustable was little bit more and cost me $50
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    Epacket shipping from China usually gets to me in about 10 days

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    I received my shipping notification on May 20th. the razor arrived on May 30th.
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    Update time. This from the KS page posted on June 1st.....

    May Update - One-Piece T-Bar & Shipping Progress


    Dear Backers,

    We’re thrilled to be sharing the progress we’ve made over the last month in correcting the concerns we identified in our last update. We’re working diligently on getting the One-Piece T-Bar solution up and running, so we’ll address that in this update but otherwise endeavour to keep the update short and sweet!

    Assembly and shipping has continued this past month, and we’re certainly seeing that our additional care with the current 2-piece T-Bar assemblies is paying dividends through backers reporting exceptional shaves, with razors exhibiting fantastic blade gaps and symmetry.

    One-Piece T-Bar
    After a test production of the One-Piece T-Bar that met the required tolerances, we’re optimistic about the results of our One-Piece T-Bar test mass production, which we expect to have results on in early June. Pictures of the successful test production of the One-Piece T-Bar are below!


    As mentioned last month, in parallel we are producing a new batch of two-piece T-Bar Heads with a larger diameter in the critical point - this is a design that works and that our manufacturing partner can produce reliably. Once that production is complete, we’re expecting to be able to ramp up the assembly speed for the remaining Model T razors.

    Through June, we will continue to ship White Chrome razors that meet the specifications outlined in the April Update. We’re still expecting that the updated Two-Piece T-Bar and brand new One-Piece T-Bar productions will complete in July and we can fulfill Kickstarter pledges towards the end of August, 2018. We can’t wait to read or watch your reviews as you continue to receive your pledge rewards, and we’re thrilled that so many backers have specifically mentioned that the Model T was absolutely worth the wait!

    As always, thank you for all your ongoing support,

    The Rockwell Razors Team

    Good news, right? Not so fast there Gents. Read that part there about towards the end of August? Yes, delivery for the Kickstarter backers will be set to go in late August. Again, delivery keeps getting reset just a little further back every time there’s an update. We could be looking at September or October for everyone else. Or even further back if these new assemblies don’t pass the mustard.....

    Then the redesign of the T-Bar Heads with a revamped 2 piece design and a 1 piece design. Then get this, still going to ship the 2 piece design that pass their q/c specifications from their original production run? What am I not getting here? Wasn’t the whole purpose of the delay geared to implement a new T-Bar Head 1 piece unit designed to eliminate the closing door and alignment issue in the first place? Confusing really. These guys are inviting a potentially business ending disaster. Why ship units that could potentially fail? Not a sound business decision in my opinion.

    And, last but not least, they went through with it and adjusted the pricing for the Model T to the $195 they promised it would be. Yeah, good luck to them with that one....
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    In the immortal words of Kurt Vonnegut, "Hi ho."
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    Or, 100X the original price of a fatboy...
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    You can still buy a fatboy on Ebay and have it restored to a factory fresh nickel finish for about $100. If you want Rhodium or gold it will cost more but still a lot less than $195. I'd go for the Gillette. They already figured out how to make the parts.

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    I paid 40 something for one nice enough that I have no urge to replate it.
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    I paid about the same for a mint '58 D4 with case and blade pack. I think it's the most I've spent on a vintage Gillette but I think it was worth it.

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    At $195, we are getting close to the price range of the REX which really is an all stainless steel adjustable and currently shipping. OR, we are talking four Parthenon razors which is mostly brass except for the base plate and also already shipping.
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    I just looked at the Rex and read Mantic59's review. Beautiful razor. A bit too expensive for me right now, but who know what the future may bring ;)
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    Virtually all vintage gillette razors have near perfect tolerances. Misalignments on vintage gillette adjustable razors can almost always be attributed to the razor being dropped on a hard surface one or more times from either face or counter height. In some cases, the razor has seen 20+ years of use.

    "Let he who has never dropped a razor cast the first can of edge gel."
    -Jesus Ramirez Hector Salvador

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    Thanks for the informative response. I've learned a lot from you and @blashe about razor tolorences. From Rockwell's use of their extraordinary tolerences as reason for their delay, I was under the impression they were attempting to accomplish something never before seen in razor production. Perhaps I'm missing something?

    Does Edge Gel have another purpose?
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    Unseen in modern TTO DE razor production, perhaps. Modern twist to open razors don't have a good track record when it comes to tolerance or durability.

    Edge gel cans also make fantastic range targets.
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    The exploding goo is fun too!
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    I wouldn't want to polute the environment with that stuff. It even looks like toxic waste. It probably has a half like in excess of plutonium or a twinkie.
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    Good news.
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    I just got an e-mail from the USPS telling me that my new Parthenon will be delivered Monday before 8PM. Tuesday is going to be interesting.
    Has anyone heard from Rockwell lately? :)
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