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  1. blashe

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    Few things to point out:

    I agree, every body deserves a little slack, specially Rockwell considering the way their 2nd version of the 6S turned around and they made it right for all the backers. I personally own the 6S and I'm very happy with the razor, I backed the Model T and would of still be in the game if they didn't changed choice of metals a year a go, that's why I bailed... Since I cant have modern adjustable TTO all brass I settled for Rex Adjustable all 316L SS for $180, double the KS Model T price or $10 less than the released version price of the Model T. I find it hard to believe people will fight over $195 adjustable TTO that's made of 3 different type of metals, to each its own though and final pricing of the razor is Rockwell's problem not of the consumer.

    Question though, this is your very first post here and you made an account here just for the sake of defending Rockwell? just curious are you shilling for them?
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  2. Whistle Pig

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    Nope. Don't own a Rockwell. Have never used one. (I have ordered 6S for my son, based on what I've read from many ... MANY ... of the men on this and other blogs.) Closest I ever got to them ... Rockwell Corp that once abided in Pittsburgh. Among other things, they made rocket parts for NASA.

    Isn't it interesting ... none have asked a soul moaning on this thread if he is "shilling" for Rockwell's many competitors. Or if they worked for the FBI, maybe.

    Reading t
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    Article Team
    2 posts, both in the Rockwell Thread. One of them asking if Rockwell's competition is shilling in this thread. Almost makes a person wonder who the shill really is...

    As a current backer of the Model T, I can positively say I am not shilling for a Rockwell competior in this thread. (Or in any other).

    As far as I know, there are no razors competing against the Model T, since all modern adjustable razors that would compete against it are already in customer's hands, and the Model T would have to be selling in order to be competing against them.

    "The Competition":
    Rex Ambassador
    Parker Variant
    (I suppose I should mention Karve as well, since it is technically an adjustable, but in the style of the 6S @BaylorGator and @clint64 are the only members here who have Karve razors, I think).
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  4. blashe

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    well you can twist my question as you want and try to make me look like I'm conspiring and the actual fact is that you never owned Rockwell as you said and yet signed up on TSD and out of thousands of threads you made your first reply defending Rockwell. If it looks like it, smells like and its brown color then it must be brownie yes? lol
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  5. PLANofMAN

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    Beat you. Lol
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  6. Str8on2

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    Maybe you do know, maybe you don’t. But, something needs to be clarified here. Rockwell Razors and Rockwell Corporation are completely two different entities. Trust me, Rockwell Corporation has NEVER dealt or had any business in the razor manufacturing world. Yes Aerospace, Defense contracts, Automotive and a slew of other industrial divisions that they ventured into successfully.

    The company formally known as Rockwell Corp is no longer and the only surviving remnant is Rockwell Automation based in Edison, NJ. How do I know? The company I work for sells and manufactures components to them via third party contracting.

    I too, as a few others have also stated in this thread am a backer (twice) of the Rockwell Model T. And like many others here and on other forums have been waiting, I have been waiting for 2+ years, on and off and back on again for a finished product that they, Rockwell promised to deliver over a year ago. No delivery as of yet to those that backed it via KS or Indiegogo, just a trickle effect of a small amount released to a very, very small group. Those initial reports, though small have not been very promising. So, there is some cause for concern on a razor that was initially slotted for a $99 price point that jumps up to nearly double at $195. Price is not the concern, as many here and elsewhere will attest to spending good $$$ on modern razors, nos vintage razors and such. It’s Rockwell’s use of inferior components, assemblies and sub assemblies that are at question here. For the premium price that they are asking, the razor should have been manufactured with higher quality materials. Take a look at some of those premium, high quality razors in the higher price range that the Model T will compete with. Stainless Steel 303,304, 316, 17-4, Titanium, Copper, Brass. Premium metals and premium craftsmanship results in a premium product that commands a premium price. Just like with all things in the consumer world, some like the lower end of the price range, some middle and others the upper range. If your going to spend top dollar on a product, you want to at least know that it was well built/manufactured, justifying the extra $$$ outlay.

    Yes, it’s just a damn razor holder and we can all get by with the $2 razor packs sold everywhere. Point is we/I pay the premium price because we know we’re getting a premium, heirloom quality product. The Rockwell Model T, though still early does not carry the premium components to be classified as a premium, high dollar product.

    You should read up here on the many posts and quality threads discussing the process and journey of the Model T razor. And perhaps you have BUT, to come on here and point fingers and state that we are moaners, complainants, curmudgeons with those that have been following the developments of the aforementioned razor (myself included) since it’s inception is downright ballsy. Info, you need to arm yourself with such before you start taking shots across the bow. For every volley you shoot, be prepared to take 3-4 volleys in return. It’s an open forum and gents here don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and getting into a good, heated debate.

    My Old Man told me once “Son, you’re better off letting people think that your stupid, than opening your mouth and removing all doubt”.

    Took me some time but, I live by that statement. Unfortunately, not many do.....
  7. Whistle Pig

    Whistle Pig New Member

    lol ... no, not "shilling" for anyone. Seems a few here struggling with the new kid who might have a different POV, questioning "who's he think he is?" And some old guys then point to their longevity points to the tenderfoot. I'd hope that it is not mandatory to pile on to get along. And who knows, maybe the new kid'll be named rookie of the year.

    Give these guys a break. They're working hard to provide good products for guys like you and me. Piling on is not nice, but it does seem to be a sort of sport for a few. And my guess is nary one among us has gone hungry or unshaven simply because a great pitcher's been put on the disabled list for a few months. And a new razor many have been salivating over isn't ready at the pre-announced meal time. My wife's taught me patience. And in the end, she always comes through as my girth will attest.

    If I might ask, what was your 1st post about?
  8. blashe

    blashe Well-Known Member

    Oh my.... No one here is struggling with new people expressing their thoughts, the reason why I singled you out is because of how you came about: " Gotta say, rarely have I observed such moaning and peeing among grown men. Must be a slew of grumpy, unshaven men out there."

    This thread is not us moaning against Rockwell, don't be lazy and read the whole thread and you will find that majority of us praise their 6S model and recommend it to new folks and no matter how many hiccups the Model T has we all wish Rockwell speedy recovery and hope that they will come trough for their backers even though some of us bailed out from the KS.

    There is a guy on Rockwell KS comments page going by the nick name Bdtry, I think you 2 will make great couple.
  9. Jim Bennett

    Jim Bennett Member

    I was thinking the same thing. They both use the same technique to try and silence anyone who is critical of the Church of Rockwell. They belittle and attack the manhood of anyone who dares to say anything that is less than complimentary about the Rockwell Boondoggle. I think this guy may very well be Bdtry.
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  10. PLANofMAN

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    Bdtry is a well known shaver on another forum (edit: r/wetshing on Reddit). If he were to post here, he would most likely do so under his own identity.
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  11. DesertTime

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    IMO, bdtry is trying to be helpful and is not malicious. But he will respond in kind when attacked, as in a recent exchange. Sometimes folks can get a bit aggressive on both sides of the issue. There are others on the Rockwell KS forum that do attack anyone who asks legitimate questions, but that's rare and for the most part, it's a pretty civil site, especially when you consider how frustrated the backers must be.

    Rockwell could ameliorate the few issues they do have by providing meaningful updates. Most of the updates are fairly useless. They don't explain how far along they are in meeting obligations; they repeatedly refuse to answer an often asked question: how many razors have you shipped? And the updates totally misrepresent future progess. They boast having 24-25 updates, but in something like a status update, quality trumps quanity. An update that is (politely)disingenuous or misleads serves no one but Rockwell.
  12. Jim Bennett

    Jim Bennett Member

    I have read all of the exchanges. If I were Gareth, I would ask Btdry to stay off my page and stop talking for me. The guy is pompous, condescending and quite annoying. Although I never had any personal interaction with him, he is one of the reasons why I jumped ship. I couldn't believe a reputable company would allow someone like that to act as their spokesman, official or not. He has done a lot more damage than good. Backers frustrated by Rockwell's lack of progress and their poor communication should be sweet talked and not insulted by a volunteer spokesman. In simple terms you're either part of the solution or part of the problem. Btdry has made himself part of the problem.
  13. Whistle Pig

    Whistle Pig New Member

    Hey, thanks for the warm welcome! What a swell bunch of fellas. :)
  14. Jim Bennett

    Jim Bennett Member

    Gee, do you think that maybe if your first post wasn't a blanket attack on the membership, you might have received a different welcome? Just a thought.
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    Cool! I love a good sleeve roll up. I am starting to like this place more every day.
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    I didn't knew that typing on keyboard requires rolling up ones sleeves, I guess I learn something new every day :bounce015:
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  17. pvsampson

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    Oh yes.One must ensure that the mood is right before one engages in "heated debate".
    Standing in front of a mirror and calling oneself names may help too.
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  18. blashe

    blashe Well-Known Member

    I have no problem taking it up a notch and bitch slap my self in front of the mirror too haha
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  19. PLANofMAN

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    Sounds kinky.
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  20. blashe

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    Considering the tension, this thread needed a little bit of cooling off
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