Rolls Razor Picture Thread

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by gregindallas, Nov 3, 2012.

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    Mine. Sadly still to have its maiden voyage. Maybe even more sad as it is completely restored, honed and oiled up.




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    They both look excellent! Your son is one lucky guy!

    Thanks! It's a great set!

    Go, Dark, go! :happy088:

    Just do it on a day you don't have to hurry. Take a leisurely shower, whip up a ton of really slick lather, cover your chin in it and slowly, ever so lightly start to shave. It really isn't that much different than a DE or SE razor. Perhaps a bit more skin stretching is due and a bit more care around the chin (the first few times I made really short strokes). So take your time.

    And enjoy!

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    Bumping up this old thread.

    Ebay seller's pics. Bought it mostly as spare parts for my "good" one. We'll see what shape the hone and strop are in after USPS is done manhandling it. It's the somewhat rarer Imperial 3 stainless steel model. It has a telescopic handle, I think, which is usually frozen beyond salvaging, if I recall my reading on those. One blade is good, the other might be.

    Edit: in 1932, this particular set sold for $20. ($432.57 in purchasing power today. A very expensive razor). In 2022, $14.99 plus shipping. It's absolutely crazy. The Rolls is a good, even great, razor. In it's day, it was a popular razor. A member on another shaving forum once said that he remembered his father telling him that in the 1940's, any hotel he stayed at was filled with the sound of many Rolls razors stropping in the morning.
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    My current user, the Imperial No. 2. It cleaned up very nicely.

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