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    Many of you know that when getting a similar case, the red paper lining is either torn, faded or both. Along with the exterior of the case having wear down to the cloth pattern underneath. This is just a way to make it look better without a complete restore, which in most cases is good enough. The first three pics showing the condition of the case as I got it today, seller's pics..........

    Basically it involves having two paint colors, red and black. In my case, I used Apple Barrel Tuscan Red. After a little gluing, I rubbed the red in with my finger until I got a pretty even coat, while getting as close as possible to the logo on the top lining. Then I brushed on a thin coat Acrylic Semi-Gloss Polyurethane with a brush to protect the finish. That will also bring out the black color on the logo. On the outside, I glued what loose fabric there was and brushed on a thin coat of black, also adding a thin coat of clear. The last three pics of the finished case and new home for my Canadian Schick E..........
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    Wow! Looks fantastic Jim!
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    very nice Jim..
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    Thanks guys, appreciate it.
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    Great job! Respect!

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