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  1. Redrock

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    Good day.

    Anyone here who can tell me how this razor opens for cleaning? In the picture the lower left arrow shows a light arc that the curved "clip spring" appears to have caused The upper right arrow shows a "clip" that appears to hold everything in place. I apologize if I do not have the components accurately named, Thanks much.............'

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  2. jimjo1031

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    They're really not made to open up like early E types. Although you can force it open, without a blade, it can loosen the tension of the spring. I've heard that if it has a very slight scratch from the spring, it was done at the factory during assembly. I wouldn't worry about it, but if you have an ultra sonic cleaner, it'll work great. But if not, don't worry about it as when loading a new blade, it will remove dirt from there.
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  3. Redrock

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    Thanks. The scratch is very light.....not as it had been opened on numerous occasions. The razor is very clean. I will soak it for several hours in an anti-bacterial soap. There is no corrosion.

    BTW. For me, these are excellent razors. I picked this one up off of Ebay for $8.00. Makes a nice companion to the Krona and old Gillettes.
  4. Herm2502

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    Yep, it's not supposed to open. You need to look for an E type. It opens and is much more efficient (aggressive?).

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  5. chevyguy

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    I wouldn't soak it for hours in a cleaning solution, it might damage it. I use lysol disinfectant and a toothbrush. Let the disinfectant solution sit on the razors surface for 10 minutes and then rinse it off with water. Dry it off and load your fresh blade. Enjoy your vintage Schick Injector razor, they give a smooth comfortable shave.

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  6. Redrock

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  7. Screwtape

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    Yeah, I soaked the metal head of a Schick G upright in a cup of solution for hours and noticed the liquid was gettig cloudy. When I pulled the razor out, the plating was gone from the pivot/rivet and it was now slightly corroded. Didn't affect the razor's operation at all, but it sure ruined its looks.
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  8. chevyguy

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    The shiny finish on our vintage razors is very thinly applied and is very easily damaged by over application of cleaning solutions, or boiling in hot water.

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