Schick Injector MEGA sale, type I, J, L and M's, Atra handle.

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by MTgrayling, Jul 13, 2009.

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  4. Hi there,

    I've used those 'I' types in the past and it was pretty good. I remember the handle being a bit short, but the shave wasn't bad at all. Now let me give you a friendly heads up on this(or any) sale. This is nothing against you, since I believe you joined fairly recently. Maybe this will help in the future.

    Normally, most members selling things will price em pretty reasonably. The vast majority of us aren't in this to make money, which is why you rarely ever see offerings similar to eBay pricing. It's the exception, rather than the rule.

    Normally, there's no sense in negotiating price when an item's newly listed. However, for whatever the reason, sometimes an item will not sell right away. That would apply in this case, and maybe the seller(Chris) might be more open to suggestions. I can't speak for what he'd take for the razor, but you could at least ask for a lower number.

    The thing is.........those negotiations are almost always done through private messages. Heh, I guess that's the point it took so long for me to make. Yeah, this type of thing doesn't need to be done in the forum. Besides, I'd hate to see Chris being taken advantage of by posting those messages here(small attempt at sarcasm).

    Good luck in finding a fix for your problem,


    Oh, if you do get in touch with Chris, ask about buying some of his replated vintage Gilettes. Yeah, it's his 'specialty'..........

    WAIT!!!! WAIT............Jimmy? Heh, maybe you shouldn't mention that replating thing.
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    I apologize to the board. I mean it in no disrespect at all. I am truly sorry and this will not happen again. I feel like a fool for doing such a think, but I wasn't quite sure how this porcess worked. Again, Chris, I owe you an apology.

    Please forgive me!
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    I take no offense to anyone making offers on my razors. I prefer email where the storage is much larger than PM's though. No big deal.

    :D I have a feeling I'm just tilting at windmills Martin.
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    The first picture of the Astra Handle......say....I have an exact replica of it made by Gillette.Is there a mix up.
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    I believe the razor is called an ATRA, Gillette slang for Australian Test RAzor.
  9. MTgrayling

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    Still a few nice type I's including a Hydro-Magic, a beautiful adjustable and the Atra handle.
  10. I received the Protector today. It looks good and I can't wait to use it (my first injector).

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    I'm interested in the Atra you have for sale.

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