Schick Krona DE timeline

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    Yes, thanks for digging, but IMHO, the first gen was the best. I prefer the balance.
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    The 67 patent refers only to simplified manufacture and assembly not to razor performance.

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    Not particularly in response to your comment, just sayin the head redesign was about reducing costs.

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    I bought some of the Platinums from a Canadian Ebay seller. They are in the same packaging as in your Canadian ads. The plastic of the razor is Greyish in tone, not the black of the European ones. Not a great shaver, and one of them had the doors break easily.
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    Upon learning you can date L1 and certain other injectors by the changes in the logo on the razor heads I did some more research on the Krona razors and found we can narrow down a date range for the plastic black knob razors doing the same.

    I am going to use the L7 Championship razor as an example here since I know for sure it was produced only in 1972.
    In 1972 they changed the Schick logo on the razors as seen here.
    First is the original logo that was also used on L1 injectors from 1968 - 1972.
    Notice the large lettering.

    Now here is the same razor with newer logo that was introduced in 1972.
    Notice the smaller lettering with the word Schick underlined and lack of triangle.

    Knowing that we can date the black knob razors as long as one of the doors has the Schick logo on it.

    Here is one from 1968 - 1972, this particular one is from 1971.
    71b.jpg 71a.jpg

    Here is one from 1972 - 1977, this particular one is from 1974.
    74a.jpg 74b.jpg 74c.jpg

    As we can see the logo changed exactly as with the Type L injectors.

    What didn't change was the removal of the triangle from the logo on the knobs as seen here with this razor.
    72ua.jpg 72ub.jpg

    With this we also can infer about how many years the Schick Platinum DE razor was made.
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    For the Schick Platinum DE which far as I know was never produced in the US, the earliest date for this razor for sure according to the patent which was filed in the US and the fact I have an ad posted earlier showing it being sold was 1967.


    Knowing this we can infer if the razor was made between 1967 and 1972 or sometime in or after 1972.

    The earlier ones had no logo on the razor doors like this one here.

    Now here is one based on the logos that would have been produced 1972 or later.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Notice it has the smaller lettering and Schick is underlined.

    The only conclusion I can draw is this razor has to have been in made 1972 or later so unless there is more definitive dating methods we know for sure this style razor produced at least from 1967 - 1972 and most likely later than 72.
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    Interesting aside during early 67 Eversharp tried out a whole Eversharp only branded shaving line of razors and blades and not just the Eversharp Eagle DE razor. These were sold along side the Schick branded equivalents. They also had an injector razor and blades for both. The injector razor also had a grey handle like the Eversharp Eagle DE razor. Looks like this only lasted about 3 months in 67 from Jan. - Mar. before they dropped the whole product line and continued on with Schick branded razors and blades.
    Northwest_Arkansas_Times_Mon__Feb_27__1967_rs.jpg esblades67ad.jpg
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    New modern Schick double edge razor to add to the timeline. I don't know when they first started producing these but apparently they are only sold in Japan right now. It is called a Schick classic double edge.
    schick classic1.jpg schick classic2.jpg
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    Well that answers a lot. It is a rebrand and not an original razor design which seems to be par for the course these days for major label brand razors.
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    Some information on a set I purposely left out because I knew jack squat about it at the time and apparently every one else. The only thing that is factually correct about this set is the 76 number associated it with it. The set commonly called a bicentennial set was never made by Schick or in 1976 for the bicentennial. The brand name happens to be '76 and it was called an Executive Travel Case. It was distributed by Tawn Limited which was a division of McKesson who where and still are a giant healthcare company based out of Connecticut. Schick provided a special gold plated razor for the set but that is it like they provided specially made razors for International Silver to distribute. This set as it turns out has to be no later than 1967. There are 2 pieces in the set that confirm this, the razor itself is a short metal knob version along with the old pre-Krona style lifters on the door, the other is the blades themselves, those stainless steel blades were the precursor to the Krona blades which came on the market in 1968. I don't know how many other years this set was produced so it would be based upon the style of razor. If anyone has a gold plated Schick DE which is not a Krona with the long metal knob then we can say that came from a set in 1967. I've never seen gold plated razors with any of the tell tale Krona markings or lifter mechanisms on them so I highly doubt this set made it past 1967 sans proof a razor like that exists and is the original plating.
    76seta.jpg 76setb.jpg 76setc.jpg 76setd.jpg 76sete.jpg 76 case.jpg
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    More updates, company that distributed that 76' traveler set was Tawn Limited.
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