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Discussion in 'Safety Razor Reviews' started by Straight Arrow, May 24, 2007.

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    The Krona is the only Schick double edge model that I know of. It is a TTO design, the head being very similar, mechanically to most Gillette TTOs. The handle, on the other hand, is unique to this razor. Being a ‘70s creation it has the look of that decade. Wide at the bottom where the TTO knob is located, and tapering gradually to a thin connection at the head, it looks like one leg of a pair of bell-bottomed pants. The black plastic handle feels surprisingly good in the hand and the razor is easy to hold and maneuver. It's a very well-balanced design. What it lacks in heft is made up for in ease of use. What about the shave? This device shaves like a dream. Not too aggressive but fully capable of a BBS finish if desired. This reviewer used the Krona for two weeks, one week with a US Personna and the next with a Derby. Consistently good shaves were achieved with both setups using a variety of soaps and creams. This razor could easily become my go-to tool. It's an under-appreciated razor that unfortunately seems to go unnoticed by most DE users.
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    Excellent and very underated rasor, has great balance, easy to use and not expensive at all. almost 4" long. If you find one get it, you will not be sorry.
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    This was the first DE razor that I used. I only stopped using it because I was able to obtain a Fat Boy and really like that it's adjustable and the weight of it.

    However, the Krona gives a great shave, and is really easy to use. It's not very aggressive, and that makes it a great first razor, but I can see that I'll be using it again in the near future, just to mix things up.

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    It is very good razor. I wish it would be more aggressive.
  5. brothers

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    I've still got my original Krona

    Schick Krona: I bought it new many years ago when I got married. Took it into the Army and to war and back, in addition to using it daily, I also shaved my dad with it for 13 years while he was disabled, and just in the last few months stopped using it when the butterflies started binding up a tiny bit, then a bit more, and finally had to stop using it about a year ago. Who could have asked for a better razor? Now that I've gotten into the forums and such, my razors have multiplied dramatically and I seldom see the old Krona anymore. I think I'll go get it and see if I can gently persuade the butterflies to line up a little better and use it for a few days with some good old MWF. Everybody should have a Krona.
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    My favorite TTO razor so far. Gives a great shave; I like it a bit more than my Super Speeds. Very easy to control with the long plastic handle. Not too expensive on eBay. I paid $14.94 shipped for mine, and probably could have done better if I'd waited. Not as pretty as some other razors, and seems a bit lightweight until you realize how well it's balanced.
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