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    The aim of this thread is to categorize the Type E razors in a way that is easier understood for the average collector so as such I will not being using Appleby's designations other than the Type E label to describe them at all. They will presented in chronological order with the variations that differentiate each from the other.

    Before I start we need to establish if black handle Type E razors are their own subset of razors or not. If we go by this advertisement then the answer is clear. They aren't. Magazine Repeater Company sold the black and gold along with the onyx-composition and gold razors as different styles of the same razor.

    Now on to the pictures, First picture has 8 of the 9 styles sold in the order they were made, the last shows the first style of black handle Type E razor.
    Type_e_1.jpg Ebh1.JPG

    Here is a Deluxe set of depending how you want define it as either a 1st variant using this dummies guide or an E5v1 or black handled E1. Notice the box says black handle also.
    se1.jpg se2.jpg

    From left to right
    Movable spring variants
    Column 1, first variants, distinguishing feature is the square spring, missing is the black handle version in the picture. It is featured in it's own separate picture.

    Column 2, second variants, distinguishing feature is the change of the style of spring from squared to round. Came in 2 handle styles.

    Column 3, third variants, distinguishing feature. the lather guard channel is changed. Came in 2 handle styles.

    Fixed spring variants
    Column 4, 4th variant, distinguishing feature is the extra tab on the left to hold the spring in place.

    Column 5, 5th variant, distinguishing feature is the redesign of the spring, tab is now centered to lock the spring in place.

    Column 6, 6th variant, distinguishing feature is the addition of striations on the guard to help stretch skin better.

    Extra pictures.
    Movable spring razors.

    Fixed spring razors.

    5th and 6th variant showing the difference between the safety guards.

    Canadian variants
    To preface the Canadian made versions all shave differently from their American counterparts being more aggressive and unlike American Type E razors they produced Type E razors in Canada in 1946 after Eversharp bought the Schick razor brand. The Canadian versions made after WWII will say Eversharp Schick on the spring. The Canadian injectors will all have Pat. 1937 and made in Canada stamped on them.
    They were produced from either sometime 1937 or 1938 through 1946 and all have fixed springs.

    Canadian Type E3 or 5th variant

    Standard Canadian Type E3 or 6th variant 46 - 47

    Unique .i.e. black handle Canadian Type E3 or 6th variant 46 - 47.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The ones made prior to 1946 will say Schick Injector on the spring and exist as 5th or 6th variants depending the year they were made.
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    Thank you for your efforts. New collectors will greatly benefit from your resource.

    IMHO, the finest razor ever produced. It shaves and allows for dialed in detail work like no other is capable of providing for the man who is a whole face shaver.
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    It's been mentioned that different type E's have different levels of aggressiveness. What's your opinion?
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    Depends the iteration. I can say the 2nd, 3rd and 5th variants are distinctly different shavers. The 3rd variant being the most aggressive and maybe the most aggressive Schick injector ever made. I'll comment more completely once I get to using them all.
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    I see there’s one in the fixed spring picture that looks just like my E razor.
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  6. jmudrick

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    And I had never even noticed the different lather channels on my #2 and #3.

    Great work.

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  7. BBS

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    It is significant for a few reasons. The change is not just functionally cosmetic to keep the razor from clogging as easily and would explain why some people said the E2 movable spring was aggressive and others milder. Both were right just no one documented that there were 2 variants on the E2 moveable spring as the reason why until I did here and originally on the Schick addendum thread. Also and yet to be fully verified until later this week that 2nd variant and first variant are really the same razor with different style springs is all.
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  8. Chuck Naill

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    There is the possibility to easily bend the razor area where it meets the handle. On my first E type that came with the original 1939 case (20 year guarantee on the bottom of the case), the razor had been bent so as to have no angle. I used pictures of eBay auction to determine the intended angle. This correction greatly effected how the razor shaved.

    Regarding aggression, I use the one I have that opens as a daily razor for side burns and for shaving around the nostril area regardless of what other razor I employee. More than one time I have had a nick free shave only to cut myself performing detail work with the Schick.
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    The bending issue is also true of the Type G razors. With that said it shouldn't make a difference from an equipment standpoint as long as the guard wasn't shifted in any way. From a technique standpoint it will since you need to hold the razor differently along with using a different amount of pressure to get the razor to cut the same as it would if it wasn't bent.

    Schick razors regardless of aggression are easier to cut yourself with when doing fine work like that because of the angle they are designed to work at. It is also why they are better at doing edging work than a DE.
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  10. Chuck Naill

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    Yes, with the G, but I do not agree the shave is the same unless you get the alignment correct, or that was my experience.
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    I love the Schicks. If you have a broken or busted handle, I have successfully made wooden replacement handles for them. I got the idea from the Schick E3 I inherited from my Dad.

    This is the razor my Dad made the handle for many years ago.

    Here are some I have made.


    Works for Gs, too.


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  12. Bird Lives

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    Ahh @BBS , veddy veddy nice pictorial on what many consider the quintessential Schick Injector...

    I'll be following this with great interest...I can't wait to see your run down of how the shaves of each variation compares.

    This has long been a point of contention and a very polorizing topic...

    We need a treatise like this to light the path for future Schick-heads...[emoji122

    Good luck and enjoy every stroke.

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  13. BBS

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    Those are nice and would definitely bring some improvement to these razors. It shouldn't take too much work either to adapt that style handle to a later model I, J or L razor head.
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    There are a few other pieces of information concerning these Type E razors which is pretty much cut and dry. First is the date ranges for moveable spring vs fixed spring Type E razors. I know for sure from researching this out that they changed to the fixed spring when they introduced the 20 year guarantee on the sets. Those guarantees also correlate with the later style cases only. That date is 1938 so moveable spring versions were December of 1935 through 1938 and only came in the De luxe and introductory set cases while fixed spring versions were from 1938 - 1946 and they only came in the cases and sets that followed.
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  15. Bird Lives

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    You can't just drop a bomb like this without some explanation...How do they differ? And if the #3 and #5 are drastically different from each does the #4 fit in? More like the #3, more like the #5? Or it's own different kinda thing?

    Also, I've never even been in the same room with an E1...I've heard they are the most aggressive E type. How do you see it?

    Ahh some many questions....I'm sure I'm not 'quivering in anticipation' to see how this treatise unfolds!

    All who love these E types...let whip up some lather and gentleman...Start your shaves...

    Lets get some E-Type chatter over at the Injector and SE Party thread.

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  16. BBS

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    The 3rd variant is like a shavette with training wheels, you can get nothing but blade on the face just can't get enough or the right angle to get optimal performance out of it. That is why it is so aggressive because of the blade feel. The 2nd is more like a Type D but less efficient and the 5th is like a Type G but much more efficient and so far the best shaver of the Type E razors I've used thus far. I also know the black handle razors are same as the non black handle variants since I've used both.
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  17. Bird Lives

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    So what about the #4?

    Is that more like the #5 or #3?

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  18. brit

    brit in a box

    very cool Jim..nice pieces..
  19. brit

    brit in a box

    i am thinking my 1939 canadian e2 is a 5th variant.fixed spring with center tap unlined safety guard..also has the odd shaped channel in the guard. 20200117_115556_edited.jpg 20200117_115636_edited.jpg
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    Haven't used it yet. I still need to use #1, #4 and #6. I'll update the comments when I do.
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