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  1. Robert1955

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    New to the forum and to shavette shaving, recently I either scraped or grazed my cheek just at my left ear, it was very red and nasty looking but after about of 3 days treating it with savlon I thought it was ok to shave again...big boo boo, it is now slightly worse than the original wound but healing again with savlon cream, I will leave it longer this time or will avoid it if I must shave again, my question is...what is the best way to treat this ?...what have I done...dug too deep ? Or a too aggressive blade, It is a area I find a bit awkward coz it is kinda unsighted by the razor many questions

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  2. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Well, I am no shavette shaver, but from what I know, they are straight razors that take a single edge DE-type blade. VERY SHARP.
    I would let that area completely heal, first and foremost. Then, I would resume with a MUCH lighter touch. Imagine shaving the lather NOT the stubble.
    Don't perform multiple passes over the same area. Be satisfied with a Good shave, don't, as we say in the vernacular, "chase the baby".
    Next suggestion, visit us over at the 30 Day focus forum. You'll get all of your questions answered and some you didn't even know you had.
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    Sounds like you took a little skin off. My best guess as to what you did was that you probably applied some pressure. Pressing the razor into the skin is something you want to avoid. Some people say just let the weight of the razor do the work. I like to use even less pressure than that.
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    I think you are correct, I have 3 shavettes, but my usual one is a Dovo, I bought a Parker srx and it is considerably heavier than my other two, it was this that done the damage, I was probably getting over confident because I was doing well with the dovo, but the srx is a big weight difference, I just dived in with the parker without giving any thought to the weight...but it did obviously feel strange in my hand after using the very lightweight dovo...I will stubbornly stick with it .

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    Just spent the month of January revisiting the shavette. I don't have a Parker SRX - mine's a Luxor and not even the Pro model. I'm guessing it's within 10 grams the same weight as the SRX, much heavier than the Dovo. Since you've found your happy place with the light one it'll take a few shaves to adjust. Joseph @Primotenore offered an invitation, I'll second it. The 30 Day Rule / Focus group is a bunch of new shavers learning vintage razors & vintage shavers learning new gear. We just started a new thread today as happens each month and we're only 260 messages in. It's fast paced with questions and answers flying, coaches and cheerleaders helping folks get their best shaves, and a fair amount of shenanigans.

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