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    Hi — I’m selling off some of my collection to pay off a medical bill (and make some room in the house as well). All items are in good condition with normal amounts of wear and tear commensurate with ages; where damage from age or use is more apparent, I’ve noted this. Happy to send additional photos of different angles, etc. as requested. Requesting payment via Venmo or PayPal F&F. (If buying more than one item, $2.50 each for shipping.). Please note I originally intended to post this on 9-19-2021 but because of forum rules could not… which is the simple reason why all photos are dated 9-19-2021.

    NOTE: due to photo hosting restrictions etc., all photos are here:

    1. Gillette black handle Super Speed R2, $25.00 plus $5 shipping.

    2. Gillette black handle Super Speed R3, $25.00 plus $5 shipping.

    3. Gillette Black Beauty A1 $35.00 + $5 shipping

    4. Gillette Rocket (England) $45 + $5 shipping. Some very minor plating loss on doors.

    5. Gillette Fatboy 1960 F1 (nice, solid “clicks” on dial, mechanism works as it should) $60 + $5 shipping.

    6. 1940s-era Contract Tech $20.00 + $5.00 shipping. Top cap has mottling an 10-15% plating loss spots. (2 photos):

    7. Gem (Junior 1912? Not sure) single edge razor. Scuffing on top cap, some plating loss on front per photos. $8.00 + $5.00 shipping. (2 photos)

    8. Another (undetermined) Gem razor. Light scuffing on top cap, plating loss on sides of top cap. $8.00 + $5 shipping.

    9. Gem Feather Weight flip top single razor, blade catches in front intact and in very good condition. $12.00 + $5 shipping. (There’s another one just like this also for sale below, so I’ll call this one “A”.)

    10. Schick Eversharp injector razor with butterscotch handle, $5.00 + $5.00 shipping.

    11. Schick Eversharp razor set with razor, injector, case. Case and contents in very good condition. $20.00 OBO + $5.00 shipping.

    12. Another Gem razor (Junior?). Plating loss of 95% on top but nice daily driver (I used myself) or candidate for replating. $8.00 + $5.00 shipping.

    13. Gillette Black Tip Super Speed in nice condition. $20.00 + $5.00 shipping.

    (Picture pending)

    14. The “your guess is as good as mine” razor. Seems to be of Eastern European or Russian make. Very heavy handle, what appears to be anodized head. Works well but I feel like I should be shaving in a gulag somewhere with this thing. Not treated, so does have the odor of raw steel with a slight rust odor to it but a fun razor to shave with and a neat conversation piece. I’ll throw this in with another purchase of $20 or more for just the additional shipping cost of $5.00, or buy it alone for whatever you’d like to pay plus $5.00 shipping. (Picture pending)

    15. Gem Feather Weight flip top single razor, blade catches in front intact and in very good condition. $12.00 + $5 shipping. This is just like the one in #9 above, so yeah, I have two of these for sale. Let’s call this one “B”. (Picture pending)

    16. Highly sought-after Milord (Ranger Tech style) (or is it a Ranger Tech? Honestly not sure). Comes with case. Would be a beautiful candidate for replating which is what I had intended to do with it before needing the money to go elsewhere. $45 + $5.00 shipping. The case is not in great shape but the razor shaves like a dream and the TTO mechanism works fine. (Picture pending)

    17. Gem single edge razor w/ ornate handle. Not sure of model, but I used this as a daily driver for a while. Plate loss on top but smooth shaver. Also will throw in two Gem junior handles $12.00 + $5.00 shipping. (Picture pending)

    Thanks for looking!
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