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  1. Jan Zoethout

    Jan Zoethout Well-Known Member

    SOTD 20190111.


    M Keramiek / APShaveCo SynBad.
    Oatcake "Overgrowth" shaving soap (sample).
    Seygus "Zeppelin" / Stork "Taipan" handle.
    Kai Stainless (4).
    Wars "Classic" EdC.

    Shave with the "aggressive" side (gap 0.5 mm) of the razor:
    This side is not aggressive at all - shaves very comfortably - no risk of damage, one doesn't feel the blade.
    Result: Nice & smooth --> DFS+ == between DFS and BBS (BBS is unrealistic).
  2. Jan Zoethout

    Jan Zoethout Well-Known Member

    SOTD 20190112: same as yesterday, as far as the razor is concerned - so see SOTD 20190111 ... [​IMG]
  3. Jan Zoethout

    Jan Zoethout Well-Known Member

    SOTD 20190121.


    J&T® model "Minimalistic" pear / Tuxedo.
    Cella shaving cream.
    Seygus "Zeppelin" / Stork "Taipan" handle.
    Permasharp Super (4).
    Cella AS Lotion.

    9th shave with the Zeppelin, using the 0.5 mm gap:
    Invariably a comfortable shave with DFS+ result.
    A bigger gap would give an even better result with less effort, I think ....
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  4. Jan Zoethout

    Jan Zoethout Well-Known Member

    My experiences with the Seygus Zeppelin until now.


    This is the first version, with a bladegap of 0.3 mm on one side and a bladegap of 0.5 mm on the other.

    What is immediately striking are the beautiful curved shapes and the sleek, polished appearance-a feast for the eyes.
    The blade's short sides don't protrude - a plus that I've only observed at IKon.

    On Tuesday, 20190108 - almost a month ago - I started to try this razor.
    In that period I used 7 times a different razor than the Zeppelin: Seygus Extrem SB (4x), ATT S2 (1x), Rockwell 6S (R5 plate-1x), Timeless (0.68 - 1x).
    Total of 22 times the Zeppelin: 2x with the 0.3 mm gap, 20x with the 0.5 mm gap.

    With both sides of the razor the shave is very comfortable: one doesn't feel the blade and it is practically impossible to hurt oneself.
    The result is fine: nice smooth, almost BBS (full BBS doesn't exist according to me).
    I think the bladegap is somewhat too small, it may be somewhat less mild - especially the 0.3 mm side is too mild.
    With a larger bladegap probably an even better result is achieved with less effort.

    Meanwhile, the Zeppelin V. 2 has been launched - bladegaps 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm.
    The concept of different bladegaps has been maintained - this is a conscious choice (which I would not have made).

    For further tests (especially for me) 2 custom shaving heads are made: 1 with a bladegap of 0.7 mm on both sides, and 1 with 0.9 mm on both sides.
    More on that later.
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  5. Jan Zoethout

    Jan Zoethout Well-Known Member

    Received this afternoon from Jose Antonio - Seygus:


    Made exclusively for me:
    - a Zeppelin razor head with baseplate 0.7/0.7 mm gap
    - a Zeppelin razor head with baseplate 0.9/0.9 mm gap
    - a pouch to store the razor (not made exclusively for me)


    Nice detail: my name on it ...

    The baseplates are not polished - I am going to do that (carefully).
    Coming weeks I will test these razor heads - will be fun.
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  6. Jan Zoethout

    Jan Zoethout Well-Known Member

    Zeppelin V.2 - modifications:

    Apart from different gap sizes - 0.3/0.5 mm (V.1) and 0.5/0.7 mm (V.2) two more modifications have been made:

    -1- The text at the bottom of the base plate is a bit different:





    -2- The cap has been modified.
    On the V.1, the edges of the blade protude from the short side of the head.
    A very little bit - one can hardly see it, but one can feel it ...


    V.1 cap left, V.2 cap right.
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  7. Jan Zoethout

    Jan Zoethout Well-Known Member

    Seygus Zeppelin - status and conclusion.

    Today I used my Seygus Zeppelin with 0.7 mm blade gap for the 4th time:

    SOTD 20190216.


    J&T® model "Minimalistic" pear / Tuxedo.
    Cibe Fiori & Frutta "Lavender" shaving soap.
    Seygus "Zeppelin" V.2 (gap 0.7 mm) / Stork "Taipan" handle (4).
    Kai Stainless (6).
    Novaya Zarya "Triple by Napoleon" EdC.

    These are the figures of the used blade gaps by me:

    0.3 mm - 2
    0.5 mm - 22
    0.7 mm - 4
    0.9 mm - 2

    Blade gap 0.3 mm is too mild, 0.5 mm is OK - could be better, 0.9 mm is a bit too aggressive for me.
    Leaves us: 0.7 mm - just right, for me (but as always YMMV).

    Now I'm going to enjoy my Zeppelin with 0.7 mm for a while (at least a week), after that my 3 Zeppelin's
    will go "on tour" to a number of my fellow shavers on Shaving Society.
    I expect they will make a little review of their experiences ...

    To be continued.
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  8. Jan Zoethout

    Jan Zoethout Well-Known Member

    Seygus Zeppelin goes "on tour".

    A tin with the following contents will be tested by a number of fellow shavers of Dutch Shaving Society:


    - 3 base plates with gaps 0.3/0.5 mm (V.1) - 0.7/0.7 mm (V.2) - 0.9/0.9 mm (V.2)
    - 3 caps - 1 x V.1 - 2 x V.2

    To be continued ...
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  9. Jan Zoethout

    Jan Zoethout Well-Known Member

    Received yesterday:


    A Zeppelin V2 base plate.


    Together with the spare parts I had ...


    A complete Zeppelin V2 !

    After a testperiod I will start a pass-around on the Dutch Shaving Society.

    To be continued ...
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  10. shaveman

    shaveman Well-Known Member

    Although the original handle is beautiful grip wise not too good. I switched to an iKon Bamboo much better.
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  11. Jan Zoethout

    Jan Zoethout Well-Known Member

    SOTD 20190313.


    J&T® purpleheart / Oumo Brush synth.
    Ariana&Evans "Tertius" shaving soap.
    Seygus "Zeppelin" V2.
    Dorco Titan Stainless (5).
    Floïd Vigoroso.

    Last shave with the Zeppelin for a number of weeks:
    - Three razor heads are "on tour" along a couple of fellow shavers of Shaving Society.
    - This Zeppelin goes to Belarus for testing.
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  12. jmudrick

    jmudrick Well-Known Member

    Seygus Zeppelin v2.0 with .7/.9 head. ATT Windsor handle. Even in this most aggressive configuration this a mild razor, much less blade feel than say a Gamechanger 84. It is however pretty effective and I enjoyed this first shave with it a lot. Some head to head comparisons to come.[​IMG][​IMG]

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