Tutorial Shave Sticking it: DIY Shave Sticks and other stickisms

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by PLANofMAN, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. PaPa K

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    Great write up. I was considering my option for lathering up as I travel frequently and wasn't sure how I wanted to go. Thanks.
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  2. Carbide Mike

    Carbide Mike 9 Lives

    Great write up. Lots of information. Nice job. I have some Williams soap but it's not for. Me. I am going to try some Amish meadowsweet goats milk soap and see how it works. Sometimes I like using a soap stick.. Thanks for the write up, I just found out how much work goes into one.
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  3. Jayaruh

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    I converted my TOBS Lavender to a stick form to finish it off. I just started my fourth week with it. I am doing the use it until it is gone approach right now and enjoying the TOBS. I just rub it on my face and start lathering. My JR#18 silvertip is an awesome brush for this purpose.
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  4. Carbide Mike

    Carbide Mike 9 Lives

    That,is some razor,you got there
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  5. PLAla

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    I had some Arko that was pressed into a mug that wasn't getting much use. The mug was taking up counter space. I recently finished a deodorant container and cleaned it out and saved it for the purposes outlined in this thread. I rehydrated the Arko and pressed it into the container. I printed a label, taped it on, and we have a homemade shave stick!


    It took all of about five minutes to do. I'm going to save my deodorant containers from now on and do this more often!
  6. Jayaruh

    Jayaruh The Cackalacky House Pet

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  7. Str8Edge

    Str8Edge Active Member

    Anybody know of any US stores that sell Arko...or is it pretty much online?
  8. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    I found it in a local Turkish Farmer's Market.
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  9. Str8Edge

    Str8Edge Active Member

    Don't see me running into any Turkish FM here in San Diego. Might be one in LA, but I don't visit LA due to traffic. Actually, can't say I've seen a Turkish market since Iraq.
    But I will keep my eyes open.

    Thanks for the info
  10. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus Staff Member

    Shave Den Shop has it

  11. Mike-R41

    Mike-R41 Well-Known Member

    I think WCS sells shave stick holders( plastic ones) for about $2.50
  12. Mike-R41

    Mike-R41 Well-Known Member

    And thanks plan of man... I’m going to check out “Mamabear’s” Shave Sticks
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  13. Carson West

    Carson West Well-Known Member

    PoM, the world needs a good book on wet-shaving, and you're the guy who should write it. Check out Amazon's self-publishing.
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  14. PLANofMAN

    PLANofMAN Paperboy

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    I think I'd do better with a blog, and for now and the foreseeable future, this forum is the main place I contribute. Besides, there are good books on wet shaving already.

    Leisureguy's book is good, and is a great resource for someone starting out in this hobby.
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  15. brit

    brit in a box

    great book,read mine twice and always check it for reference.you would make a fine blog Ryan,or book,love your contributions here..:)..
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  16. Carson West

    Carson West Well-Known Member

    Well we're grateful for your blog PoM, and thank you for it. Where can I find Leisureguy's book? I don't see it on Amazon. Does he use the pen-name "Leisureguy"?
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  17. PLANofMAN

    PLANofMAN Paperboy

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    Not really. His name is Michael Ham. His forum/blog tag is Leisureguy.

    The book is on the short side, more of a primer than an in-depth look. Experienced wet shavers will find it a bit on the basic side. It's written for someone just learning to wet shave.
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  18. Carson West

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