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Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by TraderJoe, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. TraderJoe

    TraderJoe Pink Floid

    1. How far would you travel to go to a shave-related store?
    2. What would you want to see there?
    3. Should there be a barber?
    4. Would you be willing to pay more than online stores?
    5. Should it stock "homemade" stuff (TGQ, QED, etc)?

    If you would be interested in this from an investment standpoint, PM me.
  2. moviemaniac

    moviemaniac Tool Time

    1. Not more than ~20km - the nearer the better (being able to ride on my bike there to)
    2. Everything :D Razors, blades, brushes, A/S, creams, soaps...
    3. Depends on the price - I ain't gonna pay the 40 quid the old barbers in London are asking...
    4. If the service is right, yeah, I would
    5. Definitely!
  3. Baloosh

    Baloosh Duder

    Interesting idea. Is Chicago going to have a "TJ's Shave Shack" soon? :D

    1. I'd travel up to 50 miles (already have) to get a piece of shave gear (German Nivea cream tube), but I was able to justify the trip by stopping at a few other (non-shave related) places, so location would be key, from a geographical/logistical standpoint.

    2. As much as possible. The regular mainstays, plus some esoteric/hard to find stuffs as well. Inventory nightmare!! ;)

    3. Definitely.

    4. Definitely. Would knock off the $5 to $8 for shipping (or more), plus you get the immediacy of "impulse" buys. "Hey, I just read about Tabula Rasa, and everyone's going crazy about it! Gotta check it out! While I'm there, I'll pick up some Floid splashes, etc."

    5. Definitely.
  4. qhsdoitall

    qhsdoitall Wilbur

    This concept has some merit for some. You could have the barber try some of the stuff you are thinking of buying on you before purchasing. This is why samples are so appealing. There are shipping costs, VAT but no sales tax for internet purchases. The no sales tax advantage will be going away at some time however. The problem is that shaving by a barber is no longer a standard practice. It costs you time and money and there is just so much disposable income or leisure time to go around. Would I drive to a shave shop? Probably not unless they were allowed to give out samples of the products they had in stock. I have a hard enough time getting to a barber.
  5. rick

    rick I'll make ya SCream!

    1: 30 miles
    2: Hard to find shavery
    ...........There should also be a smoking lounge, big screen TVs, card tables and food and drink.
    Women should NOT be allowed to enter.
    Men's Club Rules !
    3-5...YES !
  6. jnich67

    jnich67 Member

    How far would you travel to go to a shave-related store?
    30 miles or so, but it depends on how exotic the stuff is.

    What would you want to see there?
    Products besides Trumper, TOBS, Proraso, etc. EG. DR Harris, French soaps, vintage blades

    Should there be a barber?
    Nah, I prefer shaving myself

    Would you be willing to pay more than online stores?
    I'd be willing to pay slightly more to have it now

    Should it stock "homemade" stuff (TGQ, QED, etc)?
    That would be very cool

  7. Queen of Blades

    Queen of Blades Mistress of Mischief Staff Member

    Moderator Supporting Vendor
    Just trying to get my attention? :confused:
  8. IsaacRN

    IsaacRN Active Member

    Think you should call it

    He Man Woman Haters Club

    Little Rascals Style
  9. Lucy7

    Lucy7 New Member

    1. I'd proably go 20-30 miles tops
    2. Everything if possible
    3. Would be a plus. I'm sure they'd make great business
    4. I Honestly wouldn't mind paying somewhat more. If it came out to the same price as online (including the shipping) or up to 6-8 bucks more maybe. I can get it right then, and ask a person one on one questions.
    5. Should definately stock homemades
  10. Xert

    Xert New Member

    1. Twenty miles sounds about right.
    2. As much as possible, particularly the French soaps and other international products.
    3. No. But there should be lessons in shaving, both with a DE and straight and a friendly face that's always happy to take a few minutes to show you something new.
    4. Not significantly, but a buck or two more would be fine.
    5. Absolutely.
  11. Tony Miller

    Tony Miller Member

    I think the answers to #4 explain why there are not more brick and mortar shave shops around. We had a chain of Knife and Tool stores here in Baltimore. Cool places but higher than online. Less and less people bought there and they closed. Before they closed they had a huge sale on what was left. Everyone raved about the low prices and was sad to see them go.....the same guys who refused to pay retail.

    My local barber in a little strip mall told me his monthly rent there is $3500. One has to sell a lot of stuff to cover that and still have a profit.

    Substitute Camera Shop for Shave Shop and the same thing happens.

  12. TraderJoe

    TraderJoe Pink Floid

    Yes, that is a big nut to cover every month...and doesn't include all the "other" expenses


    A big thanks to everyone, for your input so far. It is greatly appreciated :happy088
  13. IsaacRN

    IsaacRN Active Member

    Tony does have a point. Unfortunately now in this age of cheaper wins, people will often window show...test...and play..then go on the net and get the thing they want at the price they want.
  14. PalmettoB

    PalmettoB The Old Guard

    I went back and re-read Charles Roberts's interview before I answered. I really wish there were a place closer to me than Atlanta, and the pickin's are pretty slim there.

    But I would definitely:

    1. Be willing to travel, even as far as Atlanta (about 100 miles from me) if there were a real shave shop where I could get...

    2. Most of the traditional items, maybe even some quality vintage items like Gillette razors and straights. But the service and expertise, like Charles mentions, would have to be the key. You'd have to separate yourself from the online retailers. Which leads to...

    3. I think an expert, if not a barber, would be a good addition. So few guys nowadays even get a neck/ears shave from their barber, much less anyone they would want to actually shave them.

    4. With such service, one would want and expect to pay more.

    5. I think as far as homemade products, one might want to "go local" like Whole Foods. For instance, in the Chicago area, Mama Bear's would be a slam dunk! But down here, I might want to see some from Charleston or Savannah.
  15. msandoval858

    msandoval858 Active Member

    I love living in the Austin area :cool:
  16. qhsdoitall

    qhsdoitall Wilbur

    And we know why too. :D
  17. hyperwarp

    hyperwarp New Member

    I live in the TW part of Metro South Florida megalopolis. As far as I know AOS is the only "shavery" oriented retailer in my vicinity. They are in a fancy dancy mall with an undoubtedly astronomical shop rent so their prices are sky high & they don't really have much. For example a "Vision" is $150 there which is quite a premium for "immediate gratification".

    Since I have a long position in Simon Property Group & AOS is in a Simon owned mall I'm glad they're paying astronomical rents but I wouldn't buy nuttin' from'em....LOL, asked for a "sample" of their famed Lavender cream & they kinda looked at me like I must be crazy...No free samples there !!!!

    The Italiano Barbiera is up in West Palm Beach which is quite a ways from me & not sure if it's a brick'n'mortar facility or strictly a cyber operation. If it's brick 'n mortar will certainly swing by when I'm up in that area (that's the United States part of Florida which I like to visit often so I don't forget my English & can eat something besides stinking beans'n'rice 'n cheap tuff flank steaks)....LOL
  18. Zeni

    Zeni New Member

    How far would you travel to go to a shave-related store?
    I travel to Merz on Lincoln to get my stuff, so about 35-40 miles. If MB had a store I'd travel to her too.

    What would you want to see there?
    A little bit of everything From Penhaligon's to Proraso.

    Should there be a barber?
    Would be nice but not necessary.

    Would you be willing to pay more than online stores?
    Yes - Retail or slightly lower

    Should it stock "homemade" stuff (TGQ, QED, etc)?
    Yes MB too.

    "If you would be interested in this from an investment standpoint, PM me."
    Do you accept CC?
  19. Queen of Blades

    Queen of Blades Mistress of Mischief Staff Member

    Moderator Supporting Vendor
    1. How far would you travel to go to a shave-related store?

    Well, let's see. I've driven 145 miles to WV for The Gentleman's Quarter. And I've driven 90 miles to London's Bathecary. So....the rest of you aren't very committed to this little "hobby".

    2. What would you want to see there?

    EVERYTHING!!!!! :rolleyes:

    3. Should there be a barber?

    Doesn't matter to me, but I'm sure the guys would enjoy that.

    4. Would you be willing to pay more than online stores?

    Sure, a little bit more would be acceptable.

    5. Should it stock "homemade" stuff (TGQ, QED, etc)?

    Of course! :D
  20. PalmettoB

    PalmettoB The Old Guard

    That's our sovereign for ya....keep it simple!

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