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Discussion in 'The Brush' started by Razorburne, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. Razorburne

    Razorburne New Member

    Hi all. I am considering getting a new brush...I only have a C&E BBB. I would like a second brush with better hair grade...softer, denser, and a little bigger. I am not a method shaver, but am looking to try out the hydrolast product line...if I like them, I will stick with them...if not, I will stick to traditional creams as I have been using all along. I am sure I CAN use my C&E brush and work it hard to get a good mix, but I am considering picking up the S100 shavemaster, as it is smaller, and more affordable.

    If I don't like the hydrolast products, would this brush still be a good go to everday brush with my traditional creams? Or, if I don't go "method", am I wasting $100.

  2. Queen of Blades

    Queen of Blades Mistress of Mischief Staff Member

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    Welcome to The Shave Den, Razorburne!

    Sorry, I can't recommend a brush for use with Hydrolast products, per se. But a BK8 perhaps if you want a large, but not too large brush. TSD members receive a 20% discount from Kent right now.
  3. Jack Bauer

    Jack Bauer New Member

    Save the $100 and use your C&E. When you decide to upgrade brushes I would recommend a Simpsons but there are plenty of other great brands out there.

    Also, all brushes are overrated IMO. They all get the job done. Some are more luxurious than others but as far as getting the job done a $10 brush will work fine.

  4. Sejanus

    Sejanus New Member

    I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the brush to be honest, a super cheap one will never do nearly as good a job as a quality brush for many reasons.
  5. Scorpio

    Scorpio Big Hitter

    Let me start by saying that not all brushes are created equal. Try to make lather from a soap with a floppy brush and see what you get and how long it takes. But I am not a brush expert.

    To answer the question,

    The Shavemasters are design to work with the method shaving process. The brushes are denser and the hair is cut in a specific manner in order to maximize its the use with the cube and the paste. Having said that, I have a Shavemaster V100 that I use with soaps and creams alike and it works great. I do not think the C&E brush is dense enough to work with method shaving and the shape of the bristle is not quite right. In method shaving if you incorporate to much air into the mix, the mix will be to light and not of the desired density and texture. Of course you will hear from detractors of method shaving but keep in mind most of them have never tried the method.

    Hopefully Mike will chime in with his expertise.

  6. Jack Bauer

    Jack Bauer New Member

    I was merely trying to point out that plenty of brushes can get the job done. I have owned two brushes in my life one (Col Conk) and my current brush a Chubby 1 (which I have used for over a year straight). I gave the Conk to my dad. Why did I choose the Chubby 1 over the Conk? I liked how it felt better and therefore it made my shaves more enjoyable. The Conk was a little scratchy since it was pure badger. Did I get a closer more comfortable shave? No. In fact I was able to make lather just fine with my Conk brush. Hence, they will all get the job done. Now I have read people really like their C&E brushes, and had I started with that one maybe I would have never bought the Simpson. Who knows though as with this wetshaving thing ideas pop into your head making it seem like the next brush, razor, soap, cream, aftershave, etc will finally make you receive the perfect shave.

    In all honesty though you can get a great shave from any number of excellent set ups. If you are tight on money owning one C&E brush, a couple soaps/creams (for variety), one reliable razor, and one or two quality aftershaves/splashes is probably the way to go.

    I wanted to emphasize that brushes only give you incrementally better results and the law of diminishing marginal returns sets in. Too often newbies focus on what brush they have, when the products they use are probably more important. Again as to not offend anyone YMMV.

  7. Austin

    Austin Member

    I agree.

    I am not a method shaver but I understand the concept. The type of brush used is one of the most important implements for method shaving. Certain Simpson brushes work well but most will not.
  8. Jack Bauer

    Jack Bauer New Member

    Austin, How would you know what Simpson brushes work for method shaving if you have not method shaved? I have method shaved for a while and my Chubby 1 worked fine. I am assuming that the C&E BBB would work fine as well. It may take a little longer to whip up the mix but the end result should be pretty close.

    Chas Roberts recommends that most beginners start off with the Cube and a Paste, which works just fine. This is the most cost effective way to sample method shaving. If eventually one should decide that he/she needs something a little more, then by all means try another brush.
  9. Jack Bauer

    Jack Bauer New Member

    Razorbourne suggest that if he doesn't like method shaving he will use the Shavemaster with traditional creams/soaps. My point is that his current brush will work just as well with creams/soaps as the Shavemaster. So my recommendation is that he 1)try hyrdolast products with his C&E brush, and 2) if he decides that this is the method he would like to go to then go ahead and buy the Shavemaster.

  10. Queen of Blades

    Queen of Blades Mistress of Mischief Staff Member

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    This thread seems to be taking a nasty turn. :(

    Let's keep things cool, guys. Putting thoughts into written words can be difficult at times, and I would hope everyone would look beyond just what is written and try to see the intent.

    Case in point, this is a horribly written post, and doesn't fully convey my intent, I'm sure. But I hope y'all know what I'm getting at. :ashamed001
  11. Austin

    Austin Member

    It's based on face to face talks with Charles. I have seen him demonstrate MS three times while I was at his shop. No I have no interest in MS and Chas. knows it but I am eager to see it demonstrated. Chas. has informed me that certain Simpson brushes work better than others. I believe he mentioned that the Harvard, Emperor, Duke, etc. work best. He said that Tulip, Chubby and another I can't remember don't work as well. Perhaps it's a matter semantics that Chubbies and Tulips can work.
  12. murchmb

    murchmb Member

    Method shaving pre-dates Shavemasters. I believe Charles sold Simpson's brushes before his own brushes came out. I recall a fire sale towards the end.
  13. drP

    drP Shaving Brush Stockpiler

    That's correct. Before the launch of his Shavemaster the next Simpsons were recommended by him: Chubby, Polo, PJ, Harvard. In fact, he was completely lyrical about the Chubby 3 in super badger before he came to the conclusion that his Shavemaster would give him more commercial benefits...

    So i ordered a CH3 and PL14 Manchurian from him in those days....:D
  14. Will

    Will Nevermind

    Get the cube and the paste, give it a shot with the C&E Best. If you like it, try the Shavemaster.

    If you get the Shavemaster and dissatisfied then put it up for sale.

  15. Crag

    Crag Member

    Having been a Method Shaver for quite some time I know that the C&E BBB is not of a high enough velocity to ensure a good wet mix with the CAR products. I would also like to say that the Shavemaster brush will work very well with any other soap or cream, and runs circles around the C&E BBB, so it is not 'as good' as the Shavemaster brush at producing lather... For one, the C&E brush is not nearly as dense which means it holds less water, second, the bristles are 2 grades below those of the Shavemaster, and lastly the C&E is too floppy to work well with most soaps.

    It's one thing to recommend keeping his existing brush since he's not sure about Method Shaving, but comparing the C&E Best to the Shavemaster as 'just as good' is rubbish. That's like saying my Yugo is 'just as good' as your BMW just because it has 4 wheels. They are not equal, although the Chubby is a good alternative to the Shavemaster, as stated previously.

    If you do buy a Shavemaster and don't like it, send me a pm, and I will buy it from you.
  16. Razorburne

    Razorburne New Member

    Thanks, Crag....I will let you know what I decide. Which Chubby are you talking about? How much does it cost?

    Thanks to everyone else for all the input!
  17. Razorburne

    Razorburne New Member

    Is it the Chubby 3 in Super badger? If so, I just checked em's's almost $300! If price is a factor, and the Chubby is a good stand in, I would be crazy not to get the shavemaster at $200 less for the 100 version.
  18. PalmettoB

    PalmettoB The Old Guard

    Gents, I appreciate your passion and your willingness to help a newbie. While I see no reason to close this thread at this time, and you have mainly kept your comments confined to the qualities of the various brushes, I won't hesitate to close this otherwise instructive thread if this devolves to ad hominem personal attacks.
  19. Crag

    Crag Member


    The Chubby 1 is the brush that I used prior to Charles introducing the Shavemaster series. I liked it because it is small & dense, but at $185, the price-point is not as good as the Shavemaster, and that brush is designed for working with a hard soap, hence it will be incredible with soap and an astounding cream brush. So my recommendation is to buy the Shavemaster. Even if you decide you don't like Method Shaving, you are still left with an awesome brush for the money.

    I would like to add that shaving is probably the only thing that a gentleman will do to pamper himself...We don't get our hair 'done', we don't do our nails, (although a nice gentleman's manicure is always a pleasure), we don't wear make-up, so spend the money you would have spent on all those other activities on you brush and razor. The Brush and Razor can make your shaving experience a LOT more pleasurable, as can high quality soaps and creams.

  20. Sejanus

    Sejanus New Member

    Sound advice overall! I have heard nothing but good things revolving around the Shavemaster, not only as a Method brush but just overall. I don't think you will be disappointed plus the price is quite decent.

    Though I would say that Men do have quite a few options outside of shaving, however they tend to be bonuses that enter the realm of luxury at times.. but they are there if you want them. :D

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