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    brush tins1.jpeg

    Pictured are 2 shaving brush containers that are typical components in the Gillette Traveler and Combination Sets, but the 2 larger containers are quite puzzling. I believe they might go with Rubberset Brushes.

    brush tins2.jpeg
    brush tins3.jpeg
    brush tins4.jpeg

    In the 3 images above, the large silver container matches the dimensions of the container for the Rubberset B-3 shown here

    Based on the similarities between the containers not made for the Gillette sets, I am prone to guess the brass/gold container is also related to Rubberset somehow. Beyond that, I am asking for insights and welcoming best guesses based on legitimate resources. Hopefully @BladeShark will also see this post.

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  2. brit

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    very cool sir..
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    The larger containers might also be for shave sticks.
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  4. Rev579

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    I’m not too sure about the thin container, as it lacks the ability push a stuck stick out. However, I’d love to see what went in it.
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    Pretty neat! Where I did you find those?
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    I can’t recall where the silver container came from, however the gold one came from the auction site. And looks to be an ideal match for a homemade ToOBS shave stick(pictured with the silver container).
    2A93968B-004B-4C7D-A70E-AF1E209E5DBF.jpeg 5DBBBDF7-15F4-489B-B842-743386DF7D0D.jpeg

    You’ll notice there is more wiggle-room or play when the shave stick is in the silver container.
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