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Discussion in 'Shave School' started by Wantedteen, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Wantedteen

    Wantedteen New Member

    Hi there,

    One of my friend is looking to "Shave His Head for the first time". I want to know that which one would be prefferable, clipper shave or a razor shave?

    And if it is a razor shave which would you suggest, A straight razor shave by a barber or a safety razor shave by a friend?
  2. moviemaniac

    moviemaniac Tool Time

    I don't have any expertience on that as I love the hair on my head :D
    But it is suggested to first remove the hair with an electric clipper as close as you can get and go from there with a DE.
    The usuals apply here too. Use lather from either shaving cream or shaving soap (NOT the gloop from the can), shave with the grain and don't go over the same part for multiple times in the same pass. Use a moisturizing AS/ASB afterwards and he should be fine.
  3. PalmettoB

    PalmettoB The Old Guard

    Yeah, I would definitely go with the clippers first, maybe two passes, with no guard on the last pass. Then maybe a DE, or a Sensor if a DE (double-edged razor) isn't handy. And like Klaus said, try to find some real shaving cream, rather than the goop in the can. Even Williams mug soap would be better than foam. Then follow the rest of the steps Klaus mentioned about "with the grain" and single-lather, single-pass.

    We don't have too much action in the "headshaving" thread yet, but check out the headshaving thread on this site. Maybe we could move this thread there, mods?
  4. bearbeard

    bearbeard Right Guard

    I always go to the barber and tell them a "zero" then I go home and shave with a razor. much, much easier this way.

    If it is your friends first time to shave his head he might want to just get a crew cut first. then he can see if his head is worth shaving or not. Some people just can't do it. way to many bumps and whatnot. With a crew cut it will take alot less time to grow back out and it hides those bumps alot easier.

    Using a badger brush on the head is totally freakin' awesome though!!!!
    So good luck. I also recommend getting some really shiny stuff to put on your friends noggin. prefferably something with sunblock, as any sun exposure is likey to give a major sunburn for a head that has not seen the sun.
  5. qaswer

    qaswer New Member

    As e is going to do it first time so it is being supposed that he will has a lot of hair . He should ask a friend to help for using clipper first and then he should go for a safety razor shave .

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