Should it stay or should it go now

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Keep or sell last TTO?

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    That's a great link. You're not comparing a Gillette Slim to these gorgeous antiques are you? ;)
    My wife chastises me because I do NOT have any attachment to "things". I even sold my high school yearbooks to a second hand store.
    The only thing I cling to is my wife and kids. Everything else...I don't care.
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    Well, I'm a fine one to speak on this, considering my "wanton destruction" of Gillette razors as I convert them to slants, but there is an end to the finite supply of vintage razors, and I have seen both the selection and quality of vintage razors on the market decrease over the last ten years or so, and the prices increase as more information on the razors becomes available. On the one hand this is good, as they are more readily identified, but on the other it is bad, because the knowledge drives the prices up.

    Either you feel a duty to preserve the past for future generations, or you don't. I try to avoid any large purchases of items I know have a limited lifespan. I try to buy things that are user repairable/maintainable. This often means buying things that were made in the 1950's or earlier. Those "gorgeous tools," being one example. It’s bad enough that I'm forced to replace a $500+ cellular phone every 5 years or so. I'd rather not have to do the same for all of my appliances too.

    I recently acquired two North Brothers Yankee 1530A and 1545 drills, and the two together represent the pinnacle of hand powered drilling. It might mean a bit more work on my end to use them, but these nearly 100 year old tools will still be functional 100 years from now. I cannot say the same for any of my battery powered or electric power tools. Currently writing an article on these mechanical marvels. A Gillette Slim is at least as wonderous a mechanical marvel as those drills. I've yet to see a modern adjustable that is as complex and well designed as the old Gillette adjustable razors.
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    You and my father would have gotten along, Ryan. Go for it. :happy088:
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    My father was a machinist of the old school, and was proud of the fact that he was skilled enough to machine things to a five millionth's of an inch tolerance, remarkable in the time before CNC machining; and he passed on the concept of proper care and appreciation of tools to me, if not most of his skills, nor his tools, unfortunately. He also passed along his tendency towards narcissistic behavior to me, though unlike him, I accept that I have those traits, and do my best to suppress the worst aspects of my narcissism.

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